Fausa Eleja season 6 episode 4

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Doctor: eeeehhnmmm mr alabi, you can come forward please……she pointed to a chair where the woman left and I also sat there waiting for my own result…….

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Me: (@God what might this be??????, what did they use my blood for?????? Or does bismme keeping an insufficient blood and they stylishly get mine for her????? But what’s the little of blood they took going to do with her shortage? and beside how would our blood compatible??????was it a test?????? Can someone tell me the actual test it was????? Was it an HIV test??????? But I didn’t request for an HIV test now……how could they test me without my knowledge????????? It mustn’t be HIV test…………was it blood group test or blood compatibility test?????????? But who requested for it? Was it me or bissme who was unconscious??????) @I was on this thought when I heard a bang of a hand on the table

Me: ooooohhhhhhh

Doctor: mr. Alabi, what is happening to you?

Me: nothing maam

Doctor: there must be something because have been saying many things you didn’t give a single reply to

Me: haaaaaa what are the things maam, I am very sorry for that

Doctor: that is the reason I asked what might be the problem, because I have been attempting to handed you the result of the test we made so far but you were so carried away

Me: I am sorry maam, I was just thinking what the test might be, and what the result you are talking about means

Doctor: lol, why are you so frighten with just little thing or is there anything that is frighten you already???????

Me: nothing maam

Doctor: do you think the result might be HIV test and positive??????

Me: doctor..please tell me what the result is about
Doctor: ok ooooooo, the result is HIV test oooooooooo and we did it because of what we discovered and for a cleared clarification

Me: HIV?????? What for???? Who told you I am HIV career or might be?????

Doctor: nobody, if atall you happen to be positive, mr. Alabi what will you do?????

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