Fausa Eleja season 6 episode 6

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I quickly took them up and tore it to get the content inside. the first envelop I took refused to open through the seal and I tore it roughly in anger…………I opened the envelop and it wasn’t my expectation, a name bisodun jeremiah was written at the top and the labeled was the ‘pregnancy test’ it shown in the test result that she was 11weeks pregnant……….I wanted to laugh and stand to raise a praising alert before I remembered that there is still another envelope on the table which I’m yet to know its what about, I was damn shocked when I saw the content of this first letter in the first place and also happy at the same time……………… One side of me was happy but the remaining side was sad which doesn’t allow the happiness to circulate……I dropped that one and picked up the other one, I tore it like I did to the first one and I brought out the content inside, I opened it expecting it to be my own HIV test which is nothing to doubt about rather than my HIV positive result, but to my surprise, I met the same name I saw at the other one and glanced down the middle of the content, while my eyes reaches where the topic of this result lied, my eyes mixed up with different colors that can never be find on the rainbow palette, I saw something “HIV test” as the topic and I saw something positive below and not far to the write-up, it wasn’t that much clear to me and I seek for the doctor’s clarification.@ positive keh, who is HIV positive??????who is HIV career?????, what is happening to me..or am I dreaming?????? Please somebody should wake me up,,,I couldn’t withstand all these in the dreamland again…..so quickly wake me up from the bed please@

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Me: please doctor, tell me what this means, it doesn’t clear to me atall……..

Doctor: but you can see in there a positive HIV result and a positive sign????????

Me: yes maam

Doctor: that means she is positive…..

Me: pregnancy positive or what???????is that how it happens?????? Is that how HIV get into humans just like that??????? Please tell me, I never see anyone in my life physically with HIV virus before, this will ever be my first time,

Doctor: mr alabi, there is nothing we can do than to make the girl happy everytime, so that she won’t choose to commit any suicide…..

Me: doctor, that doesn’t concern me, whether she commit or not, but the most concerning matter to me now is about the infant, doctor please we must do something, this is my life, this Is the only thing I’m left with, this girl is carrying my baby, nothing must happen to my baby because I am seriously in need of a child. atleast if this will be the ending of life to both we the parent………….@hey wait, is this not the end of the life, they said bissme was HIV positive, how am I going to be cleaned out of this???????? Very sure I must also be in the same status with her…………what is going to happen??????what am I going to do, now she is pregnant! But the family will be in HIV…..what is the essence?@

Doctor: don’t worry, to that of the baby, nothing will happen to it, once she pays to all the prescription render by us, nothing will happens to it

Me: please what are you talking about maam

Doctor: make sure she is coming often and often to the hospital immediately she has been released, there is something we would be given to her that will prevent the foetus from infected by the virus….so don’t worry

Me: Really? Are you sure of this????

Doctor: very sure….

Me: thank you maam, I took the letter, stood up, and wanted to take my leave

Doctor: are you leaving?

Me: yes maa (weeping)

Doctor: but you haven’t know yet your own status……..

Me: what else could it be? When my wife is positive! who gave her the belle rather than me???????? Please keep the result with you, because once I see it with me everyday, it will prompt me to commit suicide, just don’t bother to show me atall please…..(Walking off the table)

Doctor: but it will be better if you can wait and hear me out……

Me: @did I need anybody to preach or console an old man as I am???? Please I don’t need lecture on HIV at this moment atall@ thanks maam, please keep whatever it may be with you…….. Bye…..”I took my leave heading to the door handle but her last statement brought my attention back to her”

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