Fausa Eleja season 6 episode 7

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Doctor: that is exactly what we also wondered about, it really even baffling our mind, infact we did your own test for like 2 times and we even sent it out of our hospital to another lab for more ascertain but they were all the same thing

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Me: what are you talking about maam (turn back, get sited again, feeling little relieved)

Doctor: check it yourself, ‘she forwarded my result to me……at this point in time, I didn’t get myself again, infact can’t even say if it was joyous mood or moody………..

I collected the third envelope and I tore it, I opened it and my eyes went straight to where I saw positive on bissme’ s own hoping the same, but inversely different, unbelievable, my own is negative,………

Me: how could this be negative and not positive??????????? This can’t be true, am I dreaming?????

Doctor: so amazing, like seriously I too don’t understand

Me: is this a miracle?????or was it not properly tested? Because if you could remember I said she is my fiance, and we have been together is not a 3month relationship……..this month will be 8month old of our relationship……..so tell me how would she be carrying HIV for that period and I wouldn’t atleast noticed a single HIV symptom from her???? And I wouldn’t have contracted this from her?? So doctor, I think this result is fake….a confirmed fake indeed

Doctor: infact like I said earlier, we did the test severally, just surprising, and amazing, even all the doctors and nurses didn’t believe this also, even some says, may be you usually use condom whenever you have sex with her and some says, may be you are using charm or you are not human being……….

Me: “Not human being” funny sha,”condom”? I hate it with passion, all I do is flesh-to-flesh and not even to only her, to anybody fuckable…………I don’t enjoy sex with condom on…………

Doctor: haaaaaaaa but mr alabi, that is a great mistake ooooooo, please this is another chance for you, make sure you employ the use of condom whenever you want to have sex, because having flesh-to-flesh sex is very risky.. please oooo

Me: thanks doctor, but I can’t believe this, this can’t be my result…..

Doctor: that is your result, though it seems the age of her own infection is not that much old, it seems she just got infected not quite long, it can’t be anything less than 2months… but once you said you are her fiancee and live together, there shouldn’t be any second mind, you must have sex her after she got infected, so that was really surprising me and the entire hospital too.

Me: that’s right and even was doing me as if I was dreaming

Doctor: same to me oooooooo, but I want you to think very well, there is something you did or you are doing whenever you are having sex with her or and with other ladies that prevent for you the contraction of the virus or any diseases……..

Me: lol……nothing doctor, but all is well sha, thanks to you (I felt almost half relieved) I stood up to take my leave

Doctor: please you must make her happy always and make sure you didn’t allow her to think for just a moment, don’t even give a distance to her side, inorder not to harm her retainance and also the child, immediately she got fully better, tell her to report back to the hospital, there is something we will do which will prevent the child from gotten infected by the virus and also some drug she too will be using for a longlife….

….Turn back to the doctor…..

Me: are you serious the child won’t be infected????

Doctor: sure I am, the child can never, I have already told you that

@….Now finally relieved……… So I can claim my child after delivering and send bissme away………..once I didn’t know any of her parents@ thank God atlast……………

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