Fausa Eleja season 7 episode 13

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///EPISODE 13///

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Me: yeeeeeh mogbe oooooooooo,

Suzzie: (quickly rose on sit position) what’s that dear????

What happen????

Me: haaaaaa temi bami…….. I hastily got off the bed,

searching for all my attachments, putting them on one after the other, after finally garbed; I took the phone to check on the messages
Suzzie: baby what is happening???? Why all this sweat????

Me: just wait, look at the time, the time says 11:17pm………this

hours enjoyment mustn‟t ruin my endless built home oooooooooooo otherwise I’m gonna die

Suzzie: do you fear your wife that much?????? Oh my gosh. She nodded

Me: you can’t understand….haaaaaaaaaaa I’m doomed, you

cannot understand!!!!!!!!!

“Hello dear…..why are you scaring me this way????? Please

pick up your phone”

That was amoke‟s first message………
“Baby, please am so scared, what has happened to you?????? This is unusual of you……please pick up your call”

That was the second message…….

Me: lobatan, what can I do now……
Alabi, this is getting out of hand, I can’t understand you anymore, why did you decided not picking up my calls after gotten information from your secretary that you left the office

so early this afternoon, where on earth are you??????please pick the call I can’t sleep”

That was the third message

Me: haaaaaa temi bami, 35missed calls of my wife….what will

I say??????, what can I do????? What will I give as an excuse, suzzie please safe me from this…..

Suzzie: why are you doing like a baby?????? Can’t you sleep

over and let cook up a lie together before tomorrow…..

Me: haaaaaaa I can’t oooo (looking at the time, 11:30pm)

haaaaa suzie, I can’t wait any longer……bye…….
I carried my briefcase, my car key, my phone and I left the hotel room…….I walked through the stepcase and ignored the elevator lift because a custom moves is faster than an

automatic programmed mover…………..I went down the reception, and I got out of the entire hotel……..I was inside the car thinking of what to say when I get home……..how to start what to say and how to back it up……….where was I coming

from????? what do I went to do??????? Why by this time of the day am i just coming home???????? What has happened to me since afternoon I left office??????????? I was thinking of lies

to tell……..nothing flew on me at that moment

atall……everywhere was totally dark, no movement, no

wandering, no single human, no pedestrians , talkless of cars in some kilometers journey to my resident, I was driving so speedy……………and was carried away in thought, I never heard anything until I heard “poooooooookaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”


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