Fausa Eleja season 7 episode 19

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Amoke: alabi………(Tapping me at my back) why are you

silvering and sweating????

Me: hunmmm??? (Sounding as if I’m not well)

Amoke: talk now, you weren’t like this 10minutes ago, so what happen

Me: I’m not fine atall, I don’t just know what fell on me


Amoke: you better be fine, we have a lot to discuss about oooooooo

Me: what is it??????

Amoke: not now, rise up and let go to dinning

Me: haven’t you eat your food?????

Amoke: how will i eat when my so called husband is lying in pains on bed?????

Me: haaaaaaaaa but you should have eaten now, since morning, do you want to kill yourself??????????

Amoke: do you care atall if I die or alive???????

Me: why the question?????(My heartbeat heavily)(what does she upto???? what does she meant?????why did she ask a such question????)

Amoke: I just ask now, because we have never discuss about such before! Have we??????

Me: no, but let talk about that later
Amoke: but why did you shocked when I asked such question?????is there anything you hiding from me???????

Me: hiding as in???????????
Amoke: you are acting so strange this days…..
Me: you think so, but not so…………….it might be because of

my unhealthy……………..

Amoke: ok oooooooo, stand up and let go and eat……

She helped me off the bed, and assisted me with my walking to the dinning……….still with my phone, and many thought

were running through my mind, letting a snort at the same time, we got to the dinning, she served the food, she went to the kitchen for water to rinse my hand and the one we are going to drink, I started my food. she stood up. went back to bedroom to get me my drugs, I breath so heavily that I didn’t know whether I’m still alive or gone………..she arrived back to

the dinning, drop the drug’s sachets along with my phone on the table,………..I ate little out of the food and ignore my phone

as if I knew nothing happened inside……….

Amoke: sorry dear, how are you feeling now?????
Me: better thanks dear…I appreciate you much

Amoke: who am I? when my husband is no more?????

Me: (hummmmnnnn)
Amoke: you are the only one I have, and I can never look after your death………so whatever pains that comes across you also

affect my health too…….

Me: thank you dear….I so much love you and I pray we have no

one to ruin our marriage……….

Amoke: that remind me….ehn

Me:(yeeeeh temi bami, which issue she wanna raise ooooooo)

Amoke: ehnm don’t you think we should have a formal wedding ceremony????????

Me: but both of us are orphan now, so who will seat for both father and mother?????????
Amoke: lol, that’s a small thing now…………….do outside there not having marriage atall?

Me: not saying that, we will need to adopt people, (pretend as if I choked up due to the discussion inorder to suppressed the discussion, so she won’t brought up any other one again)

Amoke: haaaaaa sorry dear, take water,
I drank finished and she wanted to continue while I stopped


Me: hey, let do this later please……let follow the eating habit


Amoke: ok no problem, but less I forget, you have a call from someone you saved with “suzzie” but hung on me after she heard the receiver was a female……
Me: did you picked it???????

Amoke: yes now, shouldn’t I pick it?????

Me: not saying that……..but I guess the woman banged the call on you because the voice wasn’t her expectation

Amoke: thor………………..but not even saying a word

Me: she is a coordinator of the business partner sent to us,

that I should give the proposing contract……….

Amoke: contractor???????????????? Heyah, also, you have a message from the same person after she banged the call on

me………..check it yourself……she dropped the phone, packed the plate to the kitchen and went inside straight from there…………

I picked up the phone, unlocked the keygaurd pattern and met the message opened at the end point she left it………I hurriedly

scrolled up the screen to get the full story from the beginning….the message read thus:

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