Fausa Eleja season 7 episode 2

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Me: it was later after we departed I realized what I did to her

as very as crummy indeed………………………..
Femi: but daddy, can you narrate me little about the story
Me: well no problem, but I am not just telling you the story only for fun o, I want you to lesson from it and also not to follow my step toward whoever you love i.e. my daughter (temi)

Femi: lol, don’t worry sir, it will be fine and nice to learn from your past sir.

Me: it happens back in my university days when I was admitted into Funnab, it was called unnab then, I saw a girl which I wish to make my girlfriend when I was in 100 level, after some days of suffering, Seyifunmi accepted to be my

girlfriend ……..we decided to be living in the same compound

and we love each other so very much, it happens then on our first date, that I carried her like a baby on her back entered my room which we both didn’t know it was a taboo in their

family norms……………………………………. I didn‟t know she had

later gotten the information that it was a taboo, which she kept all alone within herself………………….
Femi: hmmn (much attention)
Me: one day a girl called fausa along with her friend hawk fishes and pepper to our compound, and from there we started rapping and seyifunmi even love the girl more than I do, she will advise her about her school affairs, inorder to obtain jamb and chose our school, (Funnab) for her programme…. fausa

agreed and she was later admitted into our school after all entrances examination, though I tutored her some aspect that she said it help her a lot, she was very happy the day she was

given admission into our school and she came one day to celebrate it with me, it was that day fausa told me she love me so very much and if it happens I was single at that time, she wish to have me as her boyfriend (I took that word as a chance inorder to get advantage of her) meanwhile my so called girlfriend (seyi) was not allowing me to have sex with her not knowing to me that she was doing it on

purpose………………………………………… before I continue, I

remember you talked about one man called JOHN JEREMIAH and his wife….. how do you know them???? What is the

relationship between you and those people???????????????
Femi: daddy, it is a story on its own jare, I will tell you when you rounded up your own story,

Me: (I asked this question because I don‟t want him to know that I knew them, and also I don‟t want to fall into his hand

once I didn’t know what transpired between them before I tell him everything, @well even if I tell him everything, he won‟t know who I was talking about, once my own says was a story and beside the names are common, I can deny it at later on,

that I didn‟t know them@ so I continue with my story) so is it after my story your story??????

Femi: yes, we have enough time today, today is Saturday, and thank God none of us has anywhere to go
Me: ok ooooooooooooo, no problem (I continued in order not to

give a room for suspecting) seyi didn‟t allow me to have sex

with her during that time in which I thought she was intentionally doing it, not knowing that she was doing it for me in order to become somebody in life

Femi: somebody in life? What do you mean?????????
Me: she later told me after all the incidence that she went to an herbalist in their hometown and asked about my future, she

said the man said I wasn‟t destined to be rich in life so my seyi

decided on her own to have a swap of destiny with mine since I would be her future husband, she later told me all this when she used styles to collect back her glory from me

Femi: haaaaa so amazing, how did she collect back her glory, when glory its not a money you collect and you

Me: lol, not everything I tells, just know the fact of it…………………… it happens like that in the past even still

happening and it will continuing happening in the future once

the herbalist are still intact on earth……………..

Femi: funny sha………… ok if you don‟t tell me sha…..but what

happen between you guys??? Why did you leave her
Me: you remember the girl I told you about?
Femi: yes fausa that hawks fish, but now a student of your school

Me: yes…thanks for following my story, she came to me on

that day, after she altered everything I told you before, I counted her words as opportunity for me once I never have sex with any lady before, and I wish to give it a taste to a girl

that was willing to give me her toto willingly…………………… I

followed her word and pretended that I also love her, from there on, we had sex together and its tasted so good to me as it was my first time, it was that time I realized that when a virgin guy tasted a kittycat for the first time at his early age, he will be willing to have it continuously likewise young girls

too………………..in short I fell into her sex trap and I was so

much in love with it, to short the story, I started hating my life savior (seyi) and I built another affair with fausa alongside with seyi but as the time goes on, and the much I was falling

into fausa‟s sex service, the higher I was hating seyi…………………….. fausa later asked me to suppressed the

relationship between seyi and I, by the time she had discovered that she had won my heart intoto, in which I did

the day seyi was freed from the hostage of “not having sex”

because of me, I broke up with seyi and move together with

fausa in her self-contain apartment, though I didn‟t know seyi

had been freed the time I went to pack my load, but she later

told me everything…………. Though fausa satisfied me with

enough sex but there wasn‟t an happiness in a single day, she

started from having affair with lecturers, later switch to one of

our school excos …………………… from there, she was raped by

cultists and later she ended up with a man who had already

made her a sex slave under the same roof with me…. He was

called ennhhmmmmm (should I mention this mr. john name??????? hope there wont be any implication to me???) eeeeeeehnnnnmmmmmmmmm is name is joshua………… and she ended up marrying him

To be continued next week.

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