Fausa Eleja season 7 episode 3

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///EPISODE 3///

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Femi: married him ke? How? But you said she is your girlfriend while both of you stayed together in the same house

Me: yes you are right, but is it everything you must know? Don‟t worry jur……………

Femi: ok sir, but I will be clearly understood if you can get to the root of the story for me

Me: ok oooooooooo, I have a secret affair with Mr. joshua‟s girlfriend then which later leak into fausa‟s hand, we were

damn unfortunately that fausa caught us the day we went to have form in my friend‟s house and it led to fighting between them, while the girl died in fausa‟s hand, we buried the matter among ourselves I.e. Fausa, my best friend and i, and we buried the girl secretly, but unfortunately, the issue linked out into the hand of Mr. Joshua…….so he started threatened us

over the matter. He demanded to be having sex with my girlfriend if we don’t want the matter to get to the police, in which will agreed upon and later on, fausa got pregnant for him,

Femi: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, so you need to leave her for him finally

Me: well I would have done that with ease but I did that forcefully

Femi: how??????
Me: we planned to make the pregnancy mine, and to kill Mr. Joshua (mr. John), I sent fausa to carryout the operation of

killing mr. Joshua but not knowing to me that she doesn‟t do it…………………….. it was when I fell sick and I was admitted to

hospital while she was told that I need a donor which she couldn‟t help the situation but to run away instead, it was then

I realized that she doesn‟t carryout the operation,

Femi: who now did the donation?
Me: it was my mummy and that was what led her to her demise

Femi: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I‟m sorry about that

Me: its ok……………………

Femi: where is now the woman???????????????

Me: she is somewhere here in this Lagos

Femi: But what about your first love?
Me: she left Nigeria after she broke the bond that joined us, and after she collected back her glory

Femi: how on earth is that possible?

Me: It would also be my first time I would ever seen such a thing

Femi: but how did she do it after you guys are no more???????

Me: after my service, I couldn‟t secure a single menial job, I

hunted so bitterly and later I found myself among the

applicants that applied in her office…………………… from there

will got connected and she took me home to have sex with

her…………… we did, and she later told me she did that in order

to collect back her glory

Femi: do you think its for real?????????

Me: how do you expect me to know that?

Femi: lol, daddy I think its must be trick, may be she doesn‟t

has a single baby in her present husband’s home, and that was

why she did what she did…………………

Me: well I don‟t know as well……and we have never met again

since then
Femi: haaaaa so daddy, someone needs to be very careful and prevent himself from having sex here and there…….. The

ladies in town nowadays are desperate and this so called sex is so powerful

Me: that‟s just it ooooooo…….

Femi: but your own is even simple to some other people‟s

story outside there, you only dealt with two women, so you shouldn’t be called a womanizer.

Me: Lol…… (see this boy, he doesn‟t know anything…….only

the two ke…..what about flora, suzzie, bunmi, tope, bissme,

tolu and amoke) well that is all about the story of my life

Femi; but how did you meet mummy Ayo

Me: lol, must you know everything today?????? Please let

switch to your own jare…………………….it is getting late

Femi: ok sir, your wish is my command sir, will you continue this story in other day we get another chance like today?????

Me: yes don‟t worry, so let hear yours


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