Fausa Eleja season 7 episode 5

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///EPISODE 5///

On getting to the entrance of the office, I met the gateman who was about locking the office gate, I whispered from afar my car was situated, I instructed him to hold on a little while, he obeyed, I got inside the office, I followed the path to the main entrance to the chairman’s office, I entered and I stepped on a envelop at the reception beside the executive circular chair that was there behind the rolling glass at the middle of the reception……..what this envelop may

be?????????????? Hope its not an importance document from partner companies???????????????? What sort of receptionist or secretary are these people employed??????????? How carelessness are they??????????? How would they be careless with such official information….”Those are the

questions flowing on my brain”………I took the letter which

was addressed to the Accounting manager of the organization and I put it inside the folded bag I took along with me, I got inside the office, picked up the sticker stamped I came for and headed back to the gateman, I gave him #1000 note. he was very happy, he initiated a jokes in which it later almost pissed me,

Gateman: oka (boss) wahalahi, you be kood man, you will never lack money in your life

Me: amen, don’t worry, I just give you, I know its small but manage it

Gateman: oka wahalahi I know, see, anybody that is planning

to ruin you down, will die, (he spit) twueeeee………

Me: what do you mean by ruining me?????

Gateman: I know some people will be trying to look after how

the company will get folded…….
but God will not grant them

Me: lol……you are not serious………..
I will see you on Monday

jur …..
Gateman: alright oka (boss) greet madam for me, I pray you go dey forget something everyday and becoming back like this to office at late hour….

Me: (you dey craze??because of #1000???, ), I know want that one ooooo

Gateman: am sorry oka…….

Me: ok bye….or are you going my route????? So I can give you


Gateman: oka (boss) na the street at the back of your street

my house dey……

Me: are you serious?

Gateman: yes oka (boss)

Me: do you know my house?

Gateman: very well oka (boss),

Me: ok, get inside the car
He got into the car, I started the car engine, and drove off the office premises……..I initiated a chat in continuation to our previous discussion….
Me: you never tell me your name

Gateman: my name is Garuba sir,

Me: but garuba, you were trying to clear something to me the other time…can you proceed now?????

Garuba: oka (boss) you must be very careful ooooooo, na 4 diz compiny I realize sey yoruba people na truly devul o…………but

some of them laeke you, are to be laeke a deify or deity we will be worshiping……

Me: tell me what is going on, but before you proceed, how many children do you have now??????????

Garuba: no gud to dey count children for personi ooooo, but na only 5

Me: (haaaaaaa egbami, see this madman, with #20,000 you are collecting) haaaaaaaaaa didn’t you do any family planning?

Garuba: wetin dem dey call that one oka (boss)?
Me: ok, don’t worry, but how are you coping with the little salary you are collecting??????

Garuba: oka (boss) na God oooooooo, sometimes I collected credit ahead my salary

Me: heyah, remind me on monday to give you a letter of increment to your salary…….. I will increase it to #30,000..is it ok by you

Garuba: haaaaaaa me #30k, oka wahalahi, e no go better, haaaa, sorry, e go better for you and every of your endeavor go dey work out smoothly,

Me: amen, don’t worry, take this and add it to the one I gave you before……..I added 3 notes of #1000 to the one I gave him before……
Garuba: chai, for me alone, wahalahi ah go tell you everything

my eyes see today…….

Me: what was that?????

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