Fausa Eleja season 7 episode 6

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///EPISODE 6///

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Garuba: oka, e don be like minimum of 4 times I have caught

MIG and Miss oke our packing department secretary………having sex in the office, during and after work………..
Me: you mean you have caught them several times?

Garuba: not only secretary oooooo, and also like 2 times with the accounting officer

Me: are you sure of this????

Garuba: and also he always sleep with whoever that comes to

apply whenever we call for recruitment…..

Me: is that all….??????

Garuba:….also I cut in the conversation that looked like a

misunderstanding between the MIG and the PIT manager over the issue of percentage to a money it seems it doesn’t belong to them……..
Me: are you sure of this??????

Garuba: yes oka, even presently they were planning along with

the secretary in your department sir…..

Me: but what are they planning?????

Garuba: I don‟t know ooooooooo oka (boss) but it seems I

heard when the secretary is telling them that she knows the

signature of madam………
Me: are you serious???????

Garuba: yes oka

Me: ok don’t worry, all will be fine soon
Garuba: haaaaaaaaaaa oka (boss) you have passed my area ooooo, just wait for me to alight here,

Me: ooooohhh hope we haven’t far much???

Garuba: not atall sir…..

Me: alright, goodbye
I started the car engine after he had alighted and I drove home, on my way home, I saw seye’s beep on bbm, but I couldn’t reply at that moment because of driving, I got home and I started chatting with seye………
Seye: baba olowo, how are you now?

Me: ore I am living fine oooooooo

Seye: I knew that already now, I heard sey na you dey run multi companies locally and internationally now

Me: lol…..ah beggy jur

Seye: you no even tell me anything again

Me: ahaaaaaa am sorry ore…….you know I am no more young

so I need to think on my own now…and besides you have your own problem you are facing over there, so I don’t want to include my own
Seye: lol……that’s very funny…..even if I was busy, is it gonna

affect me????

Me: don’t mind me jare……why are you not coming home

atall?????? Why did you decided to stay there for life?????

Wont you come home again?
Seye: very soon bro but may be this coming weekend sha, I’m coming for a programme this week in lagos so I may come your side this weekend, howfa about fausa and her daughter‟s issue????? Have you resolved it?
Me: resolved ke……………………….
Me: ooooh sorry, I have resolved it jare
Seye: what is going on, because the way you are smiggling doesn‟t shows you heeded to my advice from forgetting everything about fausa ooooooooooooooooo

Me: bro I have forgotten everything jare………………… bissme is


Seye: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, what happened????????

Me: she committed
Seye: why could she do such a thing??????? Is that the solution?

Me: you won‟t believe bissme is my biological daughter

Seye: what!!! Your what???????? How would that be possible?

Me: fausa told me after her death
Seye: do you now realized what I said about fausa as a witch now???? How could she keep something like that from you

since all this while? Wait.. your biological daughter or what did


Me: yes now

Seye: is she her first daughter or other daughter????

Me: does she have another daughter?

Seye: I just guess

Me: her first daughter, I heard she have 2 daughters
Seye: oga ooooooo, this fausa of a kind is a confirm devil, how could she keep all this for that while?

Me: I wonder ooooooooooooooo

Seye: what‟s now happening?
Me: she doesn‟t want me again and I have erased everything about her in my life diary

Seye: that is the best for you jare ore………………. Please make

sure you avoid anything that will join you guys back again

ooooooooo… that girl will eventually bring sorrow to your happiness oooooo

Me: I understand ore………………………….how is your


Seye: she is fine ooooo

Me: what about your children?

Seye: they are fine
Me: so when are you coming to lagos to greet my family???????

Seye: family???????

Me: yes now, my wife and my son

Seye: your son????? Am I dreaming????

Me: lol, you are not………….. I am now daddy ayomide

Seye: are you kidding me???????

Me: this is reality

Seye: but it has not upto a year you told me tolu didn‟t get

pregnant for you so how possible you are now a father of a boy
Me: oooooh, I haven‟t tell you anything, tolu is no more my wife….we have departed, it was our maid which I played game

with then, that gave birth to ayomide

Seye: oooooohhhhh, but how didn‟t you know this before
Me: it was tolu that sent her packed of the house without my consent, and nobody including me knows she was

pregnant………………………………………… I searched for her

everywhere but all avail……… but I later found her in lagos

controlling millions of Naira
Seye: what did you just say???? Millions of naira????An ordinary maid?????

Me: that is just the work of God ooooooooooooooooo, infact

we are running the companies together, that‟s why I am living


Seye: ooooh I thought as much, I know something must behind your riches

Me: lol, she was the one behind it oooooooooooOooooooooooo

Seye: but where did she get her wealth from??????

Me: we will talk about that when will see
Seye: alright bro, but please be wise ooooooo, we gonna see and talk weller this weekend as I submitted

Me: alright bro………….. I will chat you later……………………

I ended up with seye, and I put a call to femi

To be continued….

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