fausat Eleja episode 3.

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Though there is somthing i dislike in deji which i have been trying to stop from him. Deji had always been a girl player, He changes women like a lady changes cloths. Am sure the Fausa will accept him. Because deji was endowed with sweet mouth. Moreso, She’s an indigene of abeokuta. Another major reason deji wanted to date her apart from the sex was for free fish. He will be getting free fish to be drinking his garri and cooking food; that was what he said.
Indeed he was getting the free fish as time went on. For one week, anytime Fausa comes around, deji and the other guys might not have money to pay, but fausa won’t disturb them. Fausa became a familiar face in the compound, we tagged her, “Fausa Eleja”.
This particular Wednesday, I had returned from school earlier, seyi was yet to be back.
Immediately I came back, I went to bed to sleep. I was deep in sleep when I began hearing people talking and shouting; I heard a guy and a lady’s voice. “meoshee” meaning “I won’t do” the lady’s voice was saying. “Kilode” the guy’s
voice echoed. The guy’s voice became louder; I woke up immediately. The voices became more clearer to
me, it was deji’s voice and fausa. I opened the door and went outside the room. I met both Fausa and deji quarreling. From what I could deduced about their quarrel, deji grabbed Fausa’s breast and she didn’t like it. He was trying to have sex with her but she refused. Deji almost slapped her but, I grabbed his hand and suspended it on air. He began pushing her away to leave. Fausa said she was not leaving
unless he pays her the money he’s owing. She said he and the other guys were owing up to N3,500. Sometimes they would collect fish from her and will not pay her. Omo this one na wahalaooo; N3,500, me no dey too they follow them dey chop finish. She started crying, I tried to pet her so she could go, but she refused. Deji wasn’t ready to do anything about it. His anger was that fausa refused to have sex with him. I begged till she finally carried her fish and left. Though deji was kind of shocked that fausa didn’t yield to his advances, because other indigene girls he had tried this antics on, all of them
fell, but fausa didn’t. Maybe the girl was not like other girls. Too make the story short. The girl left after my pets.

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Two days later, I was the only one back from school in the flat. I heard a knock on the door. I went out of the room to the door of the flat to check who that was. Guess who?

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