Faust Eleja episode 6

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In me, my body temperature rose immediately, it looked like electric energy. That kind of energy will solve Nigerian’s electricity problems for one whole year. I thought about it again. Since me and seyi have never had sex since we started dating. She said she’s keeping herself till marriage and I love it and respect her for that. She really loves me so much and I do too. Looking at Fausa that moment, body no be firewood and I must do it now or never, I thought to myself. She was sitting on my reading chair while I laid on my bed. I no wan dull myself. I adhered what my baddest nigga (seye) said about women that women are fragile and changes their mind easily. He said If you notice that a woman loves you, press on immediately and go to her at that time, because if you go later, she might change her mind. I stood up, went straight to where she was sitting and began kissing her; behold she responded, she wanted it. Before we knew what was happening, we ended up on bed and the deed was done. It felt like heaven, I enjoyed it, because it was my first time, she did too even though it was her first time likewise me too. I took out the mattress to wash due to the blood stains. After the act that day, I began falling in love with fausa and also willing to have sex again….every damn moment of my life at that period was a thought about how to sex..this reminded me the way they do thinga in the olden days…….no sex until you get married..so its because, once you sex , you wont dear to give an end to it especially at a delicate age of teenage……. The love I had for seyi began to die. Fausa never seized. She always come back for more. Sometimes I do ask her to come when nobody was around when it comes to sex. In the presence of everyone in the house, we pretend as if nothing was going on, but in secret we do the do. This act kept on going on that the attention I give to seyi reduced, I love seyi with all my heart, but there is something about fausa that is holding me bound, I can’t break the loose; maybe it’s the sex, because I enjoy every moment with her. I find her more jovial and playful. I called couple of the guys in my house and bragged to them that I was screwing fausa but they shouldn’t tell anyone. Immediately I said that, everyone shouted, “heeeeyyyy.”
They were surprised how manage I could do that. Because virtually all of them have toasted her, they made advances on her but she turned them down. They wanted to know how I pulled it that it worked. I told them she was the one that made advances at me and I responded. We all know guy talk nah, everyone laughed as I narrated. One of my housemate, james said that, probably she had already loved me from the unset; I guess so because she had always said I was a nice guy. “How about seyi,” dapo one of my housemates asked. “Seyi dey dia” I said as they laughed; “badooo, badoo of life” they all were hailing and shouting. A week later after Jamb, fausa checked her result and she scored 231. She was so happy when she came to our house. I was the first person she hugged, seyi was there.
I know what seyi may be thinking because fausa no longer move close to seyi as before. Each time she comes to the house, she virtually spends most of her time in my room. I was beginning to get bothered that seyi may discover that something is going on between us. I have warned her several times not to be visiting me as much, but she wouldn’t listen. She no longer calls seyi aunty seyi. She calls her by her name, “seyi.” Big girl things don start be that. She no dey add uncle for my name again sef as before. I and seyi were sitting on a long bench at the veranda when she came in and jumped on me. As she released me from the hug, she greeted seyi, she held my hand and dragged me into the house heading to my room. I turned my back and discovered that seyi stood and was looking at us as we walked to my room. She looked helpless, shocked like someone who is disappointed in me. She should be because I became the fool for not standing by her. I ignored her while fausa took my hand as we left to my room. I couldn’t help it as the love I have for her was dieing down. It looked as if fausa was now running the show. As we went into the room……

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