Gist: overcoming fear of rejection around women

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There are a number of men who do not approach women because they fear that they will be rejected. Some of these men hide this fear by constantly hanging out with guys and some hang out in bars wishing that by some stroke of good luck a girl will walk up to him and express her interest. Well life does not work that way. So here are a few ways to overcome the fear of rejection around women.

Take the chance
Stop thinking that you are not good enough and that she is too beautiful to want to hang out with a guy like you. Look at people around you. You will notice a number of gorgeous women hanging out with very average looking guys. This is because those men did not hesitate to go out there and get her! Your world will not come to an end if she says no but your day will certainly be made if she says yes. So, go out there and take that chance.

Look good, feel better
When you look good you feel better. This reflects in the way you conduct yourself. Also the chances of a woman rejecting a well dressed guy as opposed to a sloppily dressed one are far lower. Dressing well also shows that you care about your appearance and women relate very well to that.

Have an honest conversation
When you are able to get talking to a woman try and have an honest conversation. Don’t be superficial when you speak. Instead, use your intellect to build a stimulating conversation. Women very rarely reject guys who they can talk to and those who do are not worth pursuing.

Learn to listen
Listening is an art that most men are not good at. And women are on the look out for a guy who can listen to them. They know when you are listening when you follow up their statements with related questions. This also helps in getting to know a person better and build an interesting conversation.

Learn to be resilient
No man has a 100% success rate with women. All men at some point in time in their lives have been rejected by someone or the other. Remember that it is all right to fail and be rejected. Just because some woman rejected you does not mean that you are a loser. This resilience will help you in your quest to meet women.

Be confident
Confidence is one quality that women find extremely attractive. It is confidence that separates the average guy from the alpha male. If you are confident of yourself then you need not fear any woman rejecting you. Also if they do then it is really their loss and not yours.

Be humorous
Humor is a quality that can get a person out of any sticky situation especially if it involves getting rejected. If you have been turned down by a woman, remember that she is equally uncomfortable rejecting you as you are getting rejected. If you use humor to make her comfortable and lighten up the situation, then chances are that you might find her getting drawn to you!

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