GIST: Things all women need in a relationship

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Women don’t open up because men aren’t giving them what they need. Women feel disappointed and resentful; they are suffering. When women suffer, and they feel like they aren’t being seen, they close off to their men.

Men and women are different when it come to emotions. But majority of men fail to penetrate their women, and most women do not open up to thier men, cause they fail to understand their woman’s emotional needs.

Fortunately, you can learn the right tools to be able to more fully penetrate your woman. You can give your partner what she needs, allowing her to feel seen and appreciated so that she can open up again.

Here are the 4 things that all women want in a relationship.

1. She Wants To Feel Loved

When women are appreciated and feel loved, they relax and open to us. The arguments dissipate, the sex is abundant, and their nurturing feminine energy flows throughout our lives.

If she is unhappy is because you have failed to make her your friend, or she’s upset about her day at work, or there is lack of communication because you have distanced yourself from her, then the cause is most likely her not feeling loved enough.

See through her words, actions, and moods and see what the real root of it is.

2. Women want to feel seen.

Women love it when they are been heard, and also love it when you are aware of her emotional state.

If she is sitting across the room from you and you aren’t picking up on the fact that she is suffering emotionally She will start feeling like “If he can’t see that I am hurting now, how long will it take him to figure it out? Will I be suffering for days or weeks before he is aware of it or cares enough to help me through this? I guess I have to rely on myself for my own emotional support.” i bet she start trusting you less with time.

3. She Wants To Feel Safe

She want to know if you can handle her emotionally, whether she can trust your strength, She wants to feel like you can handle whatever she shows you.

By creating a safe space for your woman to open up to you emotionally and sexually, you will be giving her a very powerful gift she has always dreamt about- you allow her to grow within your relationship and undo old emotional damage from her past.

4. To Be Allowed To Be Nurturing

Women want to see the cracks in our armour. They want to see that we trust them enough to open up to them. They want to be able to help us through our sadness too.

Just as masculine energy has the need and abbility to protect, feminine energy has the desire to nurture.

If you are a guy reading this, have you ever held open a door for a woman because it’s the polite thing to do (but more just because she’s a person and it wasn’t even a gender-based act) and she chews your ear off for it? “Oh what? I can’t open the door for myself because I’m a woman?! You sexist pig!”

That is a pure example of a wounded, unbalanced woman who doesn’t want to accept help from a masculine source. This is exactly how it feels to your partner when you push her away when you feel the most vulnerable. “I don’t need to lay my head down on your chest and tell you about my feelings because I don’t have any!” That is a lie. It’s a lie that serves your purpose of not letting your partner in. This lack of vulnerability and authenticity is what is making you and your partner suffer.

So let her in. She wants to love you.

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