He caught his wife cheating with a neighbour's husband

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Professionally, I’m a journalist. I specialize in minding other people’s business, so it’s not surprising that I get saddled with a lot of hassles. On Friday, December 2, 2016, I was sitting in my office, minding my damn business, when I got a letter. I didn’t know the writer. Sighing, I opened it, and this is what I saw.

Hi, Tyokunbo, I know you’re not the person to come asking for advice, but I’m in a fix. I’m ashamed for myself, as I find it hard sharing my problems with other people, not knowing I’ll have to do so one day.

I’ve been married 6 years now, to a very pretty woman. She’s been faithful and loyal, always fighting my battles, and I told myself she would always be my woman. The love we share was so deep, but suddenly, I had an issue with my job as a chemical engineer to a multinational company. In short, I was laid off just before the present economic recession. My company saw it coming and decided to bail out of the country.

It pains me so much to narrate this painful story, but I have to do so, tell someone about my challenge, to make me feel better, get it out of my chest. In fairness to my wife, she consoled me, telling me things would be better, that life goes on, that I would find another job. But things only got worse, the recession had set in.

I felt so bad about losing my job, especially as I didn’t have any savings. We spent so much taking care of our extended families. I thought about killing myself, since life became so tough. But my wife stood by me, she was that type of woman. She never gave up on me, told me the pendulum would swing the other way. She told me that suicide wasn’t an option (we had two kids to take care of.) I didn’t go out much, had to stay indoors, since it was practically impossible to get a new job, because of the damned recession and all that poo. Besides, most companies needing my specialized service as a chemical engineer were taking their business to South Africa, Ghana, and Kenya.
Now, when I lost my job was the time all my plans went to hell, life wasn’t rosy anymore , because now I had no money. When I’m at home my wife was out on her teacher job and on and on and on like that.

The situation really pissed me off, with my wife always consoling me. Sometimes, I believed her; at other times, my sadness didn’t allow me see any light in the tunnel. Unfortunately, my woman has one fault – she was paranoid about paying our house rent (which is really a good thing), but not so in this desperate situation. The rent money was due, and the landlord kept pestering us. My wife was really scared, thinking about where we would find the money. One day, I went out to look for money but came back early, to see my wife and a neighbor’s friend doing the old business on our matrimonial bed.
After a very big fight, I sent her packing, along with the children, throwing out her things. She wrote me a long letter later. I wanted to tear it, but I read through out of curiosity. To cut the long story short, she said she understood my actions, that perhaps we should give each other a break, so I can try sorting myself out and balancing my life. She told me she did it because of the rent, that our neighbor’s friend promised to give her the money. She told me she hated doing it, but she couldn’t face the landlord throwing out our property and all the other poo. She said she didn’t want to face the shame, hence she did it. She said she was writing me not to return but for me not to see her as a bad person as she really loved me.

I’ve been thinking and all since I read the letter, and it’s really affecting me, because I know she was telling the truth. I remember how scared she was about the landlord and all. Right now, my life has fallen apart, with the landlord still harassing me and the recession biting harder. My woman is the only one who can console me (because I’m a kind of guy who has few friends, I have trust issues). I don’t know how to put the shattered pieces of my life together now I sent her away. We were so close, and she’s the only person I can tell my innermost secrets. I don’t know what to do now I understand why she betrayed me, because she’s a great woman who stood by me and wanted to protect me from shame. Let her go because of what she did? I just don’t know what to do.

I wish there was no recession that made her fall into the hands of our neighbor’s friend.

Pardon me if my details aren’t enough, don’t be mad at me. I’m just too confused about what and what not to put in the letter.

Thanks for all cooperation,

I folded the letter and placed it on my table. Normally, I can’t stand women who commit adultery. But in this case, I’m confused. What advice should I give to this man?


Credit: towncry

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