HEALTH: Methods to protect chronic prostatitis

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Chronic prostatitis can severely affect male patients’ health and influence them both physically and mentally. Some patients even can not work and live normally. If they haven’t taken efficient treatment in early stage, it will induce many complications later, thus, the disease can be more difficult to cure. Here are 3 methods of health protection for chronic prostatitis .
1.Keep a positive attitude
As we know, the treating course of chronic prostatitis is usually more than three months, some patients may even suffer this condition for years. They usually spend much time and money on curing this disease but have no obvious improvement. Thereupon, many patients will lose their confidence on curing it. The long-term feeling of frustration can greatly affect their work and life quality.
If patients can pay more attention to the disease, they will find that the fluctuation of the chronic prostatitis symptoms have something to do with emotional and mental state. When patients are in a pleasant mood or concentrating on the work, they will feel the symptoms are relieved and even cannot feel the pain; On the contrary, if they are down in spirits, they will feel the pain and discomfort aggravated. And the worsening condition will make them more depressed. Then, it will form a vicious circle and causes long-term low spirits. Therefore, patients should try hard to adjust their mental state and keep a positive attitude toward the treatment.
2.Keep good living habits
In daily life, it’s very important for patients to keep a regular lifestyle. Patients should have enough sleep to ensure a good mental state. Over fatigue will cause the decrease of immunity so that the body can be easy to be infected.
In diet, patients should avoid alcohol and spicy food. Besides, the concentration of Zn on partial prostate areas will be decrease when the inflammation appears, it will reduce the disease resistance of prostate, so patients can choose food that are abundant in Zn, such as sesame, peanut, and apple. In the same time, patients can take some vitamin C and vitamin E to relieve the symptoms since they have the properties of anti-oxidation and eliminating free radicals.
Urination can not only help to discharge the prostate secretion, but can also prevent the occurrence of repeated infection. Therefore, patients should increase the intake of water to have more urination.
Moderate physical exercise is beneficial to adjust the mood and the recovery of the body. It can promote the circulation of prostate blood, dispel the inflammation. Since long-term sitting and riding bicycle can cause the prostatic congestion, patients should have a good rest after work. It’s better not to have continuous cycling for more than half an hour. If the journey is long, patients can have a short rest on the way.
3.Keep moderate and regular sexual life
Many chronic prostatitis patients are afraid that the pathogenic bacteria will spread to their spouses or sexual life will aggravate the prostatitis symptoms, some patients accompanied with painful expulsion and they seldom have sex. Therefore, a large number of patients avoid sex during the treatment. In fact, can increase the secretion of prostatic fluid, if sexual excitement is frequently and without expulsion, the prostate fluid will accumulate in the prostate. Thus, it will be easy for pathogens to grow and breed. On the contrary, moderate sexual life and masturbation can help to discharge prostate fluid and improve the blood circulation. Thus, it’s helpful to the recovery of chronic prostatitis. It can also improve patients’ life quality.
However, “Each coin has two sides.” Excessive sexual life and frequent masturbation will cause prostatic congestion which can make the condition worse and weaken the effect of medicines. Thus, patients should avoid excessive sexual life.

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