Health: what you need to know about sleep paralysis

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Have you ever heard of sleep paralysis?

Some of us may have and some not while others may have experienced it but don’t know what it is or maybe think it was from their village witches grin grin grin.

Episodes of sleep paralysis normally occurs when someone immediately wakes from sleep, the person will be unable to move his or her body, the person won’t be able to utter speech or do anything.Also,most times the individual hallucinates or hears voices.

Sleep paralysis has nothing whatsoever to do with voodoo magic and might be the scariest thing ever but it is relatively harmless.

NOTE:The first time I had it, I thought I had died and my spirit was leaving me.
Sleep paralysis is a parasomnia disorder where the body and brain aren’t exactly on “the same page” during sleep. This means that the brain still thinks the body is in REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) .

REM sleep is the deepest stage of sleep where most of dreaming occurs. During dreaming, the brain paralyzes the main muscle groups of the body to prevent us from acting out our dreams. It does this using neurotransmitters known as GABA and Glycine. So when the effects of the neurotransmitters are still in play (the transmission from REM sleep is not smooth) and you gain consciousness, you won’t be able to move your body.

Reports also show that sleep paralysis is hereditary and may occur from rarely to frequently (I am sure I’ve had up to 10 since January). It can also occur from a range of few seconds to some minutes.

So sleep paralysis is nothing to be scared of for all ye who pop anointing oil and visit prayer houses because of this.

It can either occur when you are about to go into sleep or when you just get out of sleep.

Here are some 13 facts about sleep paralysis.

1. It feels kind of like you woke up dead.

2. And it’s way more complicated than a nightmare.

3. It happens when you’re falling asleep or waking up.

4. Sleep paralysis can involve hallucinations.

5. You can’t just wake yourself up.

6. Sleep paralysis is actually a natural occurrence and can happen to anyone.

7. It’s probably related to being sleep deprived.

8. So avoiding sleep paralysis might be as simple as getting better and longer sleep.

9. But really, there is no definitive cause.

10. Seriously, people have been trying to explain this weird phenomenon for centuries.

11. And it probably explains whatever is going on in this very famous Renaissance painting.

12. People have blamed sleep paralysis on everything from witches and UFOs to giant ghost dogs.

13. However, there’s really no evidence that it’ll kill you.


1) Try not to fight it, because fighting it can increase the intensity of the state.

2) Relax and flow with with it, it will surely pass.

3) If you find out a part of your body is movable, usually a finger or toe is slightly movable, focus on it and wiggle.

4) If you have a partner, give the person signs to be associated with sleep paralysis such as heavy and irregular breathing.



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