His little secret episode 4

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I couldn’t get Mr. Isaac and his eternal bachelor idea from my mind. I didn’t know if he was celebate either. At least, for the two weeks I had spent at home, I have never seen any lady coming to see him. The only guests he received were the two men I saw with him on the day of my arrival. They would come to his apartment, sit outside to discuss while they eat and then they would go out. Mr. Isaac never leaves the house during the day. Once his friends come around, he ate with them and then they leave together.
It happened that Mr. Isaac’s sitting room and my bedroom was separated by a thin wall. This made it very easy for me to overhear most of the things said in there. Actually, there was hardly anything to overhear since Mr. Isaac was alone most of the time.
One night, I woke up to the sound of his voice.. I had slept rather early because I had a fever. I couldn’t understand anything he said at all. Everything he said sounded like a chant..or an incantation. The only thing I made out of the whole thing he said was Isaac, Toye, James. Then I heard another voice asking them if the guys were ready. After that, I heard nothing more. I was greatly disturbed. Mr. Isaac was chanting?? Making incantations?? I tried picturing him in a herbalist’s regalia but all my brain could sum up was a funny character. I could hardly sleep the rest of the night. I got very scared. Who would have thought that that handsome young man could be a fetish man? But I have seen him attend church. In fact, some Jehovah’s witnesses had come to preach to him on different occasions and he listened attentively to them, contributing to whatever they said. I knelt down to pray, casting and binding every evil forces surrounding the house. I was till awake when he came back in the early hours of the morning. I listened intently for any sound..anything at all but I heard nothing.
The next morning, when my mom came to check on me, I told her everything. Mom was, to say the least, shocked out of her bone marrow. She screamed for my dad who came rushing in to my room, not bothering to knock–something he usually does. When he saw me quietly seated, he exhaled deeply. Apparently, he thought something had happened to me. ”Darling, why did you scream like that? You scared me!” He said. My mom apologised before going directly to retell what I had told her. To my surprise, Dad was not shocked. Instead, he said ”I am not surprised he does that too.”
”Dad, what do you mean by ”he does that too”? What else does he do?” I asked, alarmed.
”Yes, dear. You have to tell us today. What have you not been telling us !” That was my mom. We both raised expectant eyes at my dad who stood staring down at us.

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