His little secret episode 5

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My dad shrugged his shoulders and perched on my study table. ”Well, since you want to know, I will tell you. You see, few weeks ago, I came home to pick a file I forgot. There was no light that day. As I passed by his apartment, I saw his front door open and wanted to say a passing hello to him since he was always home anyway. To the shock of my life, I saw what I had never seen in my entire life.” Dad said, shutting his eyes as if shutting out a bad memory. ”Darling, what did you see?” Mom prompted, her nervousness as glaring as mine. Dad looked at us, one to the other, sighed and then continued. ”The first thing I saw was a couple in a coital session. At first, I was shocked to see him doing it with his door open. Didn’t he think anyone could come into the compound? It was none of my business anyway, so I let him be, came in to pick my file and left. On my way out, I stole a glance and saw he was done. My eyes strayed to his partner and I…I saw it wasn’t a woman but a man! A full fleshed man!”, Dad continued despite the shock on our faces. ”Unfortunately for him, he saw me and after that, he came to beg me not to reveal his secret. I told him off! I warned him not to come close to anything that belongs to me or I’ll report him. That explains why he ran out the way he did the other night” Dad finished on a sigh.
I was too dumbstruck to say a word. My mind flashed back to our conversation. Now, I understand why he said he would never get married..at least not in this country. Mom kept repeating Jesus over and over again. Suddenly, my brother rushed into my bedroom, wide-eyed. He said something about the police arresting Mr. Isaac. We all rushed to the window and saw Mr. Isaac being led to a police van by two policemen. He was handcuffed and wasn’t even resisting arrest. Before the van could move, we rushed out. Dad stopped the policemen and asked what the matter was. Mr. Isaac’s other two friends were already in the van, handcuffed. ”Well, if you want to know, these three men have been on the run for a while. They are very hardcore criminals who have been on our wanted list for robbery and murder.” The policeman said before joining others in the van.
We watched the van drive out of the compound. All four of us, Dad, Mom, Ope and I, at a loss of reality.
Ever since that eventful first semester break, I have grown suspicious of overly beautiful men. Perhaps my Dad was right after all. Fair people cannot be trusted. In fact, I do
n’t know if I should trust any man at all. Beautiful or not.
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