37 hillarious superstitious beliefs

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Superstition is the belief in supernatural causality that one event causes another without any natural process linking the two events.

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Superstitious beliefs are always part of the culture of every society. Some superstitious beliefs were actually used to instigate morals and etiquettes in children. Nevertheless, superstitions help to preserve the cultures of a society from one generation to another.


These list highlights some of the superstitious beliefs in Nigeria:


1. If you put your eyelashes in your parents shoes, they will forget the offence you committed.


2. Don’t drink coconut water, else you become a dullard.(I’m still somehow believing this)


3. Don’t whistle at night, you will be inviting snakes.(Nothing dey apun joor)


4. When the sun is shinning in the middle of a storm/rain, it means a lion is giving birth.


5. Don’t let people jump over you, lest you become short.


6. Don’t eat food that has fallen on the floor, Satan has eaten it already.(lolz..Na. Today?)


7. If your tooth pulls out, throw it on a rooftop, a lizard will take it and give you another one.(Tried it 1ce tho)


8. Kill and cut off a Lizard’s head and bury it; after three days, dig it up you will see many coins (money). #kayefi


9. If you kill a duck and bury it, it will transform into a snake in seven days.



10.If you wash a dog’s face and use the same water to wash your face, you will see ghosts.


11. Don’t sweep your house at night, you will be sweeping away all your riches.


12. Once your eyes starts to twitch, someone is talking about you.


13. If someone bites you, rub chicken poop on the area, the next day the person’s teeth will become rotten.


14. If your teacher annoys you, soak garri for 3 days. As the garri swells, your teacher’s hand would swell.( U go juz use overfeeding kill urself)


15. In a football match, bury the egg of a lizard at your goal post, your opponent will never score.


16. If your palms are itching you frequently, money is coming your way soon.(I hear it works for some people)


17. A pregnant woman should not visit the zoo, else her child would look like an animal.


18. Don’t eat a fowl anus, else you will start gossiping about.


19. Don’t stand in front of a mirror at night, else you will see evil spirits (demons).(Curiosity had made me try dis 1ce, Guess wah? Nutin apund)


20. If you want to faint after your teacher flogs you, put beans under your armpit and you will faint.


21. If you’re obsessed with the head of a fish. You’ll be a dull student.


22. Don’t ever fetch water from the well at nite, ____________. (Mtcheew, I stil do am this week)


23.Don’t ever beat a male child with a broom, it’ll affect his potency as a man. (I used to bliv this)


24. Don’t sleep with ur legs touching the wall, you must be in a meeting with witches. (Haha..preetythicksme over to u)


25. Don’t sit on a pestle, you’re risking ur mom’s life.


26. Don’t sleep in reverse positions/orientation with someone else on the bed/mat. (Smh).



If bird poop lands on ur head, money is coming ur way. (I swear! This apund to me once)


28. When u cut ur fingernails, make sure it’s disposed thoroughly or ur destiny is at stake. (This one stil gets me somehow).


29. If someone crosses over ur leg(s) whilst pregnant, the unborn child will look like that person. (*yawns*)


30. Don’t let anyone else step on ur saliva, you’ll av throat problems.


31. Don’t eat food in the pot, it’ll rain heavily on ur wedding day. (I wonder who blivs this sef)


32. Don’t eat food whilst in cooking mode, ur ass will really be dark-complexioned as u grow.


33. Eat beans regularly, you’ll be as tall as you’d desired. (I totally blivd dis)


34. You must cover ur hair, as a lady, in the marketplace.(Ondo ppl I hail)


35. Do not sweep the top of the table with a broom else you become hungry always/glutton.


36. Do not eat on the road else you wont get satisfied with the food. (Lolz..What if i buy 5loaves of butterfield bread?)


37. The more you intently gaze at a cherry (agbal

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