Hostages part 10

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*********main story continues****************
segun and his gang locked me up in more safer room i had no chance to untie my self,the blindfolded lady was in front of me i could not get up she was Also tied to a chair at first i Was crying she was also crying her mouth was also covered she couldnt talk after about like 3hours in that room with that unknown lady i talked to her to see if i can get a little information
me:hello lady what happened to you how did you get here
lady:(talkless) (but listening to me)
me:i know you cant talk right now but you should give sign if you can Ear what i am saying
she nod her head to show me she understands me.
i talked to her for so long i told her not to panic that everything Will be OK.
************footstep approaches************
guy:1:yes young man now the game has begun very soon am going to pay my tithe
me: hun tithe; can GOD accept your sinful tithe
guy1:what did you just say to me did you call me a sinner
(walking closer to me)
he got closer he punched me on my belle three times until segun came in he faced me touched my head and he said
segun:give this fool water
guy1:ok boss
sege:so niyi have you figured out who i am and what i want from you
me:what do you want from me segun.
sege: you dont have to blame me for this
me: the you know i have been here for 3days my parents will be looking for me
sege:exactly!!! this is what i have been waiting for i need your mom and dad to come look for you in campus then am gonna kidnapp them so after then i will send you on a mission which you would not be able to risist
me:segun why will you kidnapp my family why are you doing this to me segun pls what the you want from me
sege: its not yet time when you mama and papa is in my custody thats when you will do as i will command you. by the way the you know this lady in front of you
me:i dont know her
sege:hmmm the lady here is your girl friend
(he untied her face and i could see faith clearly)
me:what!!! noooooo why have you done this segun why!!!
(seguns phone ringing)
segun:oh i have to take this you two can talk as much as possible
he left the room to make the call outside i was looking at faith with tears rolling down my eyes
faith:what have you done niyi what have you got me into i tought he is your friend
me:i also thought he is my friend i never knew i was living with my enimies
faith:my family will be looking for me (crying)they will never find us he will definatly kill us after he is done with us
me:no we will find a way out faith never give up not now faith i just dont want to loss you
(segun rushed in from behind saying to us)
sege:which is why you will have to go on a mission for me
me:(shocked)which mission is that you fool
sege:wow you just called me a fool now you are geting prepared
he pressed my neck down to my knee i couldnt breath in or out normally
sege:are you ready to comply with me
me:yes yes yes ahh pls stop
sege:very good since you have no power here now you mother is in my custody we couldnt locate your father
me:(tears all over my eyes)(deep tought)(why is this happening to me GOD why!!!)
(why is it that the one i love most was the one captured why i it my mother)
sege:look up niyi the mission has just began take a look at this picture see the lady in that picture thats the senators daughter her name is lillian
me:meaning of this
sege:you are to get closer to her then you will kidnapp her and bring her to us in other to be free and free faith and your mother from this place
me:my GOD this is sucide mission a whole senators daughter how am i suppose to get close i dont stand a chance at all you should better kill me now cos am going nowhere
sege:no i wouldnt kill you but i can kill her
me:no pls its my burden let me bear it pls segun dont shoot faith
faith:niyi i know you love me its not your fault if i die if thats wht GOD wants let him kill me
me:faith he wouldnt kill you i promise you this
sege:good you have to fulfill your promise now listen to what i have to say your uncle or who ever you call him is a commissioner mr ade
me:(surprised)how did you know him my GOD since when have you been ploting this attack on me
sege:thats none of your bussiness mr ade is the commanding officer in charge of the senators house he guides lillian always; we had no way through so we are going to penetrate through you
sege:here is the plan you will live with your uncle then kidnapp the girl either by force or by peace just bring her to us in just one week or you will loss your mother and faith i will prepare you tomorrow for the mission.
well this is how i realized that segun was ploting an attack on the senator withing my family but the question is will i succeed in this mission or not TBC…

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