Hostages part 11

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this has just begun segun came the next morning he gave me the picture of lillian senators daughter he ordered me to get up from the chair i was sitting while he untie me from the chair i looked around and i could see about 4guys in the other room playing cards and smoking SK drinking strong hot into their system with guns and bullet on the table
me:segun why are you doing this i believe there is part of you inside there that is good you are not meant to be like this besides we are both students a time will come where there would be no strenght for us pls stop this evil act
sege:hahahahahaha what did you say to me? you see am not a student
sege:i was never a student i finished my studies in 2010 i had no job i lived in hunger till i finally met mr black who introduced me to this bussiness so i earned a lot of money up till date and this mission you are heading to is gonna be the biggest and largest of all time after this mission i will settle down
me:then i will hunt you down
sege:ahahahaha aahahaahahah you are right you will try hunting me but you cant hunt me down
me:even if you run from me you cant run from GOD never
(the look on his face was so strong i knew he was very angry with me)
he drag faith from where she sat and he pushed her to the boys in the other room he said
sege: i want you to cry and and suffer for killing my man
me:what are you doing
(the boys from the other room got up started laughing at faith) the tallest guy among them took faith he carried her so lightly and droped her on the table h was in the middle of faith laps
(faith shouting)
*******###########SHOUTING CONTINUES******##############*****
me:stop pls (crying)pls stop i beg you pls
*****************SHOUTING CONTINUES*****************
me: plsssss segun i will do anything for you pls stop them
faith agony was ringing in my ears what a tragedy moment… the other 3 held faith hands and legs while the tallest of them all was tearing her clothes she was left with bra and pants on her body the boys where shouting fuck! fuck!! fuck!!!
me:(on my knees)(begging) segun pls dont hurt me pls she is the one i intend to marry segun pls
sege:(…) (phone ringing)
sege:hello boss we are set yes boss the yellow van is ready we have less than an hour
(shouting continues)(screeming extremely loud) my heart is as if its on the floor lifeless cos i had lost control i was looking at faith being disgraced in front of me i couldnt bear it anymore my eyes where turning as i fell on the floor i hit my head on the floor the last thing i saw was that segun coming my way and he was shouting water water.
i opened my eyes in an open hospital every where was white shining i looked around and i saw segun beside me i wanted to shout but i remembered faith my mother and i were hostage in his hands i asked him
me:where is faith
sege:relax man
me:(shouts)where is she
sege:she is in my custody
the doctor came in seeing segun and i exchanging words
doctor:hey whats going on here why are you both arguing hes weak let him rest leave the room for him

segun left the ward i saw him leave the ward to the reception the doctor asked me
doctor:is there any problem
me:no sir there is no problem at all
doctor:ok rest for now and prepare to go home
me:why? i dont want to go home pls
doctor:you will be discharged today you are well now you were only in shock earlier but you are ok now to go home
me:oh nooooo going back to danger
doctor:what do you me?are you facing any difficuly
me:(quickly changed my mood)nothing sir am ok i should rest now
the doctor left the ward as i slept off till evening i woke up seening segun and 4of his gang coming towards me they dressed normal in a way that no one will suspect them cos they had no suspicious handled on them for now but i was still very afraid of them
sege:now we have come to take you home kiddo
me:you all will pay for all this one day
sege:we shall see to that someday
i got up from the sick bed and i followed as they comanded me to.we went out of the hospital i had no idea where i was until we got into their yellow van i always had this feeling that they are not just working alone they must be working for a powerful man in this we got to a certain junction where police stop vehicles for check up they where checking every vehicles when the police got to the car infront of our yellow van
sege:you know i dont need to tell you what to do if you make any crazy move your mother is as good as dead so as faith
sege:guys oya make una compose and let me do the talking
guy12345:ok bossssss
the police got to our yellow van we where in one side of the road one policeman went to the driver while two other police came to the entrance segun opened the door.
surprisingly the police shouted
police3: what look at them here they are some of the gang terrorising this area
sege:sir what do you mean
police2:shut up move out criminals
guy12345:oga we no do anything nah
alaiye wa which kind parole be dis nah
make we no waka for road again ni
police1:no they mustnt leave the fan we are arresting them with the van now all of you get in the van
the policeman drag our driver out of the driver seat he made him join us at the this time i was very afraid of what will happen next if we get to station they will eventually know for sure who they are and they will implicate me. three police men at the back with us one driver making four its very obvious that nigerian police need to be enlightened
some of this nigerian police are just after money some of them are willing to serve the country but lack training and special tools as we embark on the journey to the police station i saw welcome to osunstate what the hell am i doing in osunstate from ibadan to osunstate
we proceed on the journey till we got to a certain place i could see segun shaking his head giving sign to his gang while the police had no idea infact one of the police is dossing but didnt doss too much i knew something is about to happen i was afraid cos i dont know what move i am goona make if something goes wrong before i could figure out whats going on one of seguns gang used his elbow to punch the police at his back in his nose blood was gushing out the other police heard HIM SHOUT segun held the police neck in his front the other four guys rushed the other two policemen including the driver.the van was about to tumble on a high speed as they drag the staring with the policeman i was just in the van i dnt know what to do the next thing i saw was a trailer coming in the other side of the road the police man drove towards the trailer while still draging with seguns men the van hit the trailer ***********************(GBOOOOOOAAAAAAA)**************************
everywhere was black out TBC…

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