Hostages part 12

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part12: *******GBOOOOAAAAAAAAA***********
at first i knew i wasnt dead but i had no idea if i can survive this incident for like 20munites i Was hopeless i had no idea where i was, i thought i am dead that my spirit is moving around all of a sudden i regained my strength and Was able to stand on my feet i got up and was looking at everybody mostly the policemen they where all dead including seguns men but segun was trying to Stand up from where he was,i looked i saw about two to three guns that was the gun the police men was holding i took one and trow away the gun outside the Van although our Van was upside down cos of the way hit the trailer by the side.
as segun got up i points the gun towards him he look at me in a silly way laughing at me
me:you see segun am damn serious am gonna shot you
sege:haahahahahaha see this idiot you wanna shot me come on go ahead boy
sege:have you forgotten??? unh have you ? come on i have your mother and your wife to be in my custody am holding them hostage dont you get that
me:i Will shot you
sege:if you shot me you Will never see you mama again
me:(tears roling down my eyes)
sege:besides if i dont return in 24hours which means the operation failed your mother is as good as dead.take a look at my phone you see this screen is broken i cant call anyone i cant operate my phone so you have just 4hours you time starts now its your choice kiddo
me:(crying)this is not the end for me i Will make sure you pay for this
i dropped the gun sat down inside the damaged Van crying as much as i could segun got closer to me he picked up the gun and pointed it on my head trying to shot me with anger on his face.
sege:no one points a gun on me and go Scott free but you are too important than me to loss you now lets move before the police backup meet us here
segun and i got out of the Van disposing the guns deep into the bush while the Van and the dead bodies was beside the road at the left hand side of the road we were walking very fast side by side alone on the express way. we waved for bus and motocycles to carry us but no one answered us we continued our journey we have walked about 1hours plus i was geting more frightened cos of the time segun gave me and he also was so worrried he knew if his gang should kill one of them the mission Will be failed.
*finally we saw a motocyclist coming from far distance he waved for him to stop finally the man answered us i was at the back while segun was talking to the man i thought he was negotiating i saw him removed his knife from his shoe sharply he stab the man in his Belle the man fell down and was gasping for air as i was surprised
me:NOOOOOOOOO!!! you just stab him what has he done
sege:he must die i cant risk my plans listen to me carefully we Will ride this motocycle back to my camp so no third party can know about this
me:you are a beast so heartless being i hate you so much
sege:at least you got affection for me either good or bad affection now get on and lets go .
i sat down having no choice we engaged on the journey i still dont know where or which State in Nigeria we are we crossed so many borders sometime i look around,each area looks like village or maybe we are in a town cos we rode from community to community there is no way my relative Will locate me they Will always think am around school area held captive somewhere but i knew am long gone in an unknown location.
It was around 7:15pm we where still on this motocycle riding to darkness untill about 5munites later i saw a building painted butter colour and everywhere was silent like grave yard.
we got down and he pushed me forward to move inside the building i entered into the building he held my hand and took me upstairs as i got inside i saw about ten of his gang smoking SK like say Demo go die tomorrow they got up and hailed segun
gangs:Hey Baba welcome boss highly rugged Baba,Baba go Baba come
sege:oya loyal brothers weldone how the matter the fish nko
gangs:fish dey for Strong room Baba
sege:ehn ehn troweyah this idiot inside
gangs:no lele Baba agbalagba
*one of his gang stood up came to my place he gave me hot slap (taaaaaaaaa)and he held my hand i followed to one room he kicked my ass into the room i fell down on the floor as i roled into the room the badguy locked the door Sharp sharp he walked away iturned back and i saw Faith sleeping on the floor i quickly crawl to her as i woke her up SHE saw my face she was happy but tears rolled down her eyes i hug her
me:Faith are you alright did they raped you
Faith:NO they didnt after you fainted they stopped they didnt touch me till now segun told them not to touch me
me:(i was so happy they didnt rape her )
if they succeeded in raping her it would have been a wound in my heart forever knowing my wife was once raped by kidnapers
me:why are you still on pant and bra
faith:they didnt give me anything to cover my body they said they like to see me this was
me:(SAD) dont worry Faith i Will get you out of this am so sorry you are going through this
me:why are you crying again pls stop
Faith:i came to your House in school to tell you a good news i never knew it Will land me here

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me:what is that
Faith:CRYING continues
me:whats wrong Faith just relax and tell me
faith:niyi (CRYING continues) i am carrying your child
Faith:i am pregnant
Faith:what do we do
me: this is terrible
Faith:dont you want the pregnancy
me: its ok by me but we are all in danger including the baby
faith:niyi am scared i dont want to loss anyone of you
me: i Will get you out of this i promise you faith
we both engage in tears CRYING now i was very exhausted my life is geting more complicated TBC…

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