Hostages part 13

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Yes my criminal life started early in the morning around7:00am where we were held hostage by the notorious segun.we were sleeping on the floor in that empty room where they kept us as i heard someone burst into our room i knew its definately segun the criminal
sege:Hey wake up idiot it is time for the mission
Faith:niyi dont go he is manipulating you he is a devil
(segun slap faith with so much anger)
sege:you know my good side back then doesnt mean you can talk to me anyhow am incharge here nah so girls go dey talk rubbish for mouth if i should get hold of you am gonna fuck the hell out of your ass
i got up in anger Faith did the same i Drew faith closer to me i step forward to look segun in his eyes
me: this should be your last time you Will ever say those words to my wife or else i am gonna destroy so many things Beyond your control
sege:oh i see!!! niyi and the GF ahahahahahahah you have no power under me fool and the foolish GF look at her she look like a whore
as segun wanted to walk away i drew him back i punched him in his nose he punched me back as we both fell down on the floor i quickly got ontop of segun beating him as much as possible i made sure that i beat him very well so i was. happy i wouldnt suffer in vain i saw one of his gang coming to hit me with stick i got up and bent down again he waved the stick above my head he waved it again as i stretched my hand the stick hit my Palm painfully but i never panic i drag the stick from him and i got possession of it i quickly hit him in the head twice in his head he fell on the ground i defeated 5of his men until the sixth Guy came in with a gun pointing at Faith i dropped the stick and i knelt down on my knees
me:pls kill me
sege(IN PAINS)you Will regret you were ever born(COUGHING)
seguns men grab me like paper if you see the kind of beating they offered me in my life i Willnever fight planty people again and i Will advice you guys too to never fight your enimies when you are in the ghetto (chai Dem beat me oooooo my brothers and sisters)
faith was just always crying (crying always)i was just having headache i was nowhere to be found faith family would be in grief even my family though my Father and i no too Gree for our self. he dont call me and i dont call him so i no get family except my mama and faith.
*******************************************THREE DAYS LATER**********************************
after i was beaten like hardened criminal i regained my strength they gave us food for the sixth time after so many days both Faith and i rushed this food like an animal we continued eating the food as segun came in he brought new clothes for Faith and i he gave it to us
sege:change your clothes niyi and you faith we have seen anough of your bra and pant go and put this clothes on and lets get the mission done we have no time anymore before thing gets out of hand
both of us entered into that same room we were sleeping to change our wears we Bath together in one bathroom nah so my Dick come dey rise small small as i see faith back side oooo chai fucking things can lead we men to hell i swear but no be our fault. girls are just toobeautiful to ignore
as i look around i know say no one fit come open door for our head nah bathroom we dey before i talk anything i no know say faith was thinking the same thing.
she opened the shower down on our head as she came closer to me she held my firm dick in her hand oh shhhhhh my body vibrate me she kissed me in the Belle i carried her up and SHE rapped her leg on my body as i pushed her back to the bathroom Wall while the shower was making noise i knew there no time to play lovesex i just use my left hand take insert my Dick from under into her pussy as i dey fuck she dey Kiss me i no know why some girls like kissing and fucking sometimes u go dey fuck Dem Dem go dey sleep ithink those sleppy girls during fuck or the kissy ones are either the new fuckers or shy ladies some girls go cover their eyesif Demo dey fuck but Faith just like to Kiss me always i just dey fuck dey go none stop now she was giving some sweet tone like
faith:ahhhhhh shhh uhnnn (kissing continues)AH shhhhhh hnnmmmmm hnnmmmmm ohhh ohhh ahhhhhh
(laugh Wan kill me die)we fuck for like 6munites before i release my sperm inside her she still continued this Kiss
me:Faith its OK Lets have our Bath before segun burst in
faith: hun thats true.
we continued our Bath after like 2munites nah so my Dick rise again (LOL)
as Faith lookedback she saw my Dick standing SHE (SHOUT)
faith:laye laye you Wan fuck me again i no Gree she opened the door Sharp Sharp she jumped out of the bathroom naked
(chai i no fit laugh oooo)
i followed her and we dressed up head back to seguns main Strong room filled with about 12guys they all looked at us and started laughing
sege:nah fuck una dey fuck since abi e good Sha just know this is your last for till you get back. with Lillian or consider your wife to be dead same as your mama
me:but i have not seen my mother since you kidnap her i need to see her before i go TBC…

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