Hostages part 14

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my mother is the best mom in the world i cant just afford to loss her.
he got up i can see how angry he is as he walked closed to me looking straight into my eyes
sege:hun you wanna see your mama
me: i want to see her
sege:fine, zico take this idiot to his mama
zico:ok boss
he held my hand and i followed him as we step out of the building we turned around the building then i saw another building at the bck of where i was held captive we both entered the building i didnt expect to see as much as i saw i could see about 40guys in that building including girls (what the hell are they doing here)
they were all high smoking and drinking every where was so hot.
finally we got to my mom she was sleeping in one empty room i quickly ran to her
me:mom!! mom!!!
mommy:who is that
me:mom its me niyi
mommy:(shocked)omoniyi ahhhhh (crying)nibo lolor(where did you go)this evil people took me captive
me:(crying)am so sorry i never knew it will end like this they also kidnapped me mom
mommy:but why what have you done are you part of them
me:no mom they want me to work for them
mommy:no never you must not work for them
me:mom they will kill you and faith
mom:i prefare being dead than seeing you work them
me:mom i have no choice they have been plotting attack on the senator and bros ade is the one guiding him and her daughter now they want me to penetrate trough bros ade they knew i am the best option so they used me now i have no choice than to do their will
mommy:its too risky ploting an attack on your family Will Bros Ade ever forgive you if he later finds out
me:mother,i Will run away and Will never return
mommy:no no what would be my gain in this world if i cant see you anymore
me:it is better for you to be alive and you Will also have it in mind i am alive somewhere in Nigeria here than you being dead and for faith also being killed i Will be the one to loss both of you. i cant afford that mom
*****************(GANG MEMBER INTERUPTS)******************
Guy:Hey you have seen your mother now lets go
i got up from where i was sitting telling my mom i have to go she started weeping again as i was leaving.she prayed for me on my way out that i Will succeed by the Grace of GOD
well its not my happiness to do this job and GOD also Will never support it but what choice do i have,i cant call anybody i cant share my feelings to anyone my mother and faith life is on the line.
he took me back to segun in the other building he odered me to sit beside him
sege: now this is Lillian and the senator together in this picture and this is Lillian personal picture take both.
sege:now you Bros the commissioner is the main reason we need you for so you can penetrate through him the senator is currently in abuja but her daughter is in Benin your Bros is the chief security in charge so take this mobile phone it is untraceablei Will send the location for you when you get to Benin
me:what about guns and some other weapon
sege:you dont need that there for now idiot when the time comes you Will get guns
me: OK pls can i see Faith one more time plssss
sege:hunn Jumbo take niyi to faith lock them in her room and come back right now we should plan on our next move
i went to faith and we griefed for each other as if we were both dead i left faith in that room as i got out of the building a car was outside the man at the front seat ordered me to get in, i complied to his commandment i entered and sat at the front seat.
he blindfolded me with Black sack and he drove off…

i woke up as i had a loud noice i then realized that i was still in the car heading to an unknown location
driver:now remove the sack on your face where are now in Benin city
me:oh OK so what do i do now
driver:call the commissioner now tell him you wanna pay him a visit
me:and what if he doesnt want me to pay him a visit
driver:then we Will do it my way
me:what way?
driver:just make the damn call and pray to creator he lets you in
i collected the phone from him and i dialed bros ade number09094350449
bros ade:hello who in on the line
me:sir its me niyi sir
bros ade:whose niyi is this
me:aka niyi
bros ade:oh!!! niyi how have you been i tried your number days ago but its not available
me:yes thats true i lost my phone so i got new line and phone
bros ade:but thats your special line,what f people closer to you want to call you there will be difficulties just like i tried calling you
me:its true i will retrieve it soon but for now i will use this line
bros ade:ok son so hope all is well in school
me:yes sir but we are on school break(SEE BIG LIE)
bros ade:school break ???
me:yes sir we didnt get proper holiday the last time they gave us mid term break
bros ade:ok that fine then
me:emm(frightened)sir i will like to spend my break at your place
bros ade:realy thats fine i will be glad son you are free but am now in benin city so i will have to send home address
me:ok sir thanks sir
driver:very good now the game is on you have just a week left.get out of the car take this money stay in an hotel till tomorrow so he will think you entered a night bus
the driver left me standing beside the road in an unknown location in benin i was wondering all alone till i finally meet someone to direct me i got an hotel i relaxed and got very comfortable then i slept off TBC…

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