Hostages part 16

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:everyone was waiting for faith to come outside the senator i mean lillian father ordered for her presence quickly two of the guides rushed inside to look for her we waited for about ten more munites,the two guides came back to us
guides:she is no where to be found sir
senator:what do you mean,my daughter is not in
guides:sir,we searched the entire building she is not there
senator:oh my God!!!
groom family:(DISSAPOINTED)murmuring! in group
the senator got up with anger he walked away as we follow him the groom family was embarrassed they all got up in anger and went into their various cars they drove out of the compound.
my bros the chief comanding officer of the entire house ordered for every security.
bros ade:now gather up everybody within 24hours i must see lillian back in this house
all security:yes sir
all security went their way leaving the senator,my bros and i
the senator was so exhuasted my bros was trying to calm him down but the senator didnt listen to him he blast my bros and his partners that he is not doing an accurate job.
this settled into my head i never knew what to do my heart was melting,the man power and the moral i had reduced when i saw the hard work my bros was doing to protect this girl.
i never wanted to break my bros heart once again but i am left with no choice i walked away from where they where both exchanging words i went straight to my room tears was rolling down my eyes my mind flashed back again i remebered that my mother was held and faith is also in captivity i never knew what to do i have spent more than a week no phone calls no massage nothing was clear to me maybe they have killed my family or not i was just in deep tought
its been about an hour lillian was no where to be found i relaxed on my bed i took faith and lillian picture i glued them together so it will remind me of my mission each time i look at faith my mind is at peace then i always turn the picture to the back to look at lillian so i can remember i have a mission i walked out of my room i went back to lillian regular cool spot where she insulted ne earlier i sat there while the search for lillian was still in progress i was in deep tought looking at lillian picture.
i heard this strange foot step from behind as i turned to look back i saw lillian standing behind me
i took the picture down slowly she replied.
lillian:(cool voice) i have been here for some munites i can see you are looking at my picture

lillian:hmm niyi i know i have been rude to you since you got into this houshold am sorry for that.
me:(excited) lillian,did you know we have been looking for you for over an hour now,why have you ruined the engagement
lillian:(sad speechless)
me:you insulted everybody including your father can he forgive you for this?
lillian:(tears rolled down her eyes)niyi you dont know the pains am going through how does it feel when i am living in bondage there is money there is shelter but i have no freedom i have no love,no one love me my life is just in bondage
me:(sympathy)what about this man you are about to engage with?
Lillian: i never loved him its all my fathers doing he wants me to marry his friends son my father is playing politics with my emotion i dont love him i had to hide somewhere in this compound so no one Will find me till they are gone
me:hmmmmmmmm this is bad so what the you intend to do.
she stood infront of me and she held my hands i stop up to match her height we where both standing and looking at each other intimately.
SHE said.
Lillian:i think i have found someone i can love for the first time in my life and i think that person is you niyi
me:(my heart was pounding so fast )Lillian i cant do this you know…
Lillian:pls dont say anything just love me back the way i love you
she rapped her hand on my back i also did the same easily and slowly
the next thing i heard was…
Jumbo:step aside you intruder
Lillian:whats the meaning of this Jumbo
jumbo:ma i have been monitoring his movement ever since i saw your picture in his hand he is evil
Lillian:what!!! no he is not evil
as at this moment the senator was here with us he imediately order for Lillian to be locked down in her room with adequate security the senator never say a Word to me he walked away while i was held captive by Jumbo he took me into a room within the compound which i had no idea where it was then he sat in a chair in front of me trying to interogate me.
Jumbo:who are you and what are you here for
me:i am Bros ade s son dont you get it i came to pay them a visit then i Will return in less than a month why are you keeping me here like a criminal
Jumbo: hnn!!! i smell something fishy here i know you have plans you came for Lillian but i will not allow that
me:and what evidence do you have to execute me
he took the picture out and he showed me Lillian in front while Faith at the back
(chai i have been trapped in Corner)how do i clearify my self
Jumbo:now how do you sort your self out of this i think some terrorist has someone you love in exchange for Lillian.
Jumbo:now you have just ten munites to explain your self TBC…

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