Hostages part 18

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my Bros started the shooting,he was firing from distance including his men.
Lillian and i got in the boat she starts the engine she twist the staring recklessly,i quickly sit tight my ears was ringing like heavens bell
Bros ade and four of his men got into a boat while another four was in different boat
they followed us with full speed still shooting at us i was so weak when isaw my Bros shooting at my direction as i took the AK47 i saw Jumbo leading the other men in different boat coming closer to us the anger in me mount like a mountain the fear in me dissapeared i pointed the gun towards his direction i fired the gun with no Mercy
(gagagagagagagaagagagagagagagagagaga)(RETURN FIRE)
we all still on the river as at this point we got dipper into the ocean
na so fear begin dey catch me oooo chai
this Lillian must be a trained girl cos an ordinary girl cant be bold as she is
me:Lillian where are we going(loud voice)
Lillian:no time to talk just concentrate and dont get shot
i turned back fired the gun once again the bullet went straight into his head the Guy beside Jumbo he drop dead into the sea instantly they increased their gunshots after they realized how dangerous i am Lillian and i bent down while she was still driving the boat
i swear this girl is an expert. i got up again i shot another bullet it penetrates through another persons heart he summersugar into the sea,i points the gun to the driver i shot the driver from far distance standing in an 80degree position as the bullet drops in his arm he turned the boat staring in happened so fast as the boat tumbled all the men fell into the sea while the boat sank instantly as Bros ade saw this he turned the boat back to save his men he never got the chance to get hold of us.
we drove away for like an hour then we got to the edge of the sea close to the road we quickly got off the boat we took a Sharp turn by the left and we head to a train station we mixed with people around there as we sat close to each other i was looking at her as she rest her body on me
lillian:niyi i Will never return to my father again i want to spend the rest of my life with you
me:Lillian i am afraid your father Will Hunt me down
Lillian:he Will never find us
me:how do you mean
Lillian:we Will settle down far away where he Will never reach
me:wait Lillian i dont have money for us to settle down. i have nothing i am damn broke Lillian
Lillian:do not worry i have 40million naira with me safe,we can use it to Start a life
me:blood of Jesus!!!(everyone was looking at me)my goodness you mean you have 40million with you how is that possible
Lillian:its not so easy getting the money my father kept 35million in his room i took the money and i also have 5million savings so i withdraw it cos i know my father Will block my account after i have run away so now i am the only living soul who know where the money is
me:chai (TWO TOUGHTS IN MY HEAD)am i begining to love this girl or am i loving her money this is getting out of hand am here for a mission now that Lillian is with me i have just two choice and i Will be left with one and the consequence
take Lillian and her money Live happily ever after
or deliver Lillian to terrorist save my mom and Faith but Will forever be a fugitive and a criminal and Will be a disgrace to my family now viewers how should i play this game i dont want to loss my mother and Faith and i have a girl who is ready to offer me 40million naira can my mother accept this for me

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the answer is yet to be answered.we were still in that train station i saw a boy coming to my direction hold a paper on his hand as he got to where Lillian and i was he handed me the paper while Lillian was already asleep resting her head on my laps i unfold the paper to read
well done!! well done!!! niyi AKA the lover boy now i see how powerful you are now you have to deliver the senators daughter to me immediately now enter into that train it Will move by 2:45 stop at laser estate where we Will make the exchange.NUMBER TO CALL 09037864841.
i checked my time it was 2:00pm chai just 15munites left the train sounds its horn about to leave i woke Lillian up as i hold her hand i walked down to the train we both entered then the train started moving i sat beside the window to confirm every train station Lillian began to question me
Lillian:where are we going
me:somewhere safe
Lillian:do you know anyone around
me:no sorry i mean Yes
Lillian:no Yes which one
me:Yes i know a friend we can manage with for sometime
she stopped talking after about an hour we got to laser estate,we got down i looked around there wasnt much building it looks like a village or some kind of a town both waited and watched the train moved again i stand still looking furiously before i know it an helicopter was coming our way i saw land jeeps coming our way i mean the war jeeps not the modernized jeeps.
they got closer as they parked their jeeps while the helicopter was still on air Lillian came closer to me she was afraid when she saw those terrorist coming out of the jeeps with different kind of rifles some of them were dressed inform of soldiers they were up to twenty of them.
segun came out he bowed down for a man beside him pointing to my direction i guess segun wasnt their boss i think the man was the boss segun and the man came closer to me
man:weldone niyi weldone you have done your part now hand over the girl
Lillian:niyi what is he talking about who are they
segun:oh you never know he planned for you we sent him and we monitored all his move he dosnt love you Lillian
Lillian:what!!! niyi is that true
Lillian:tell me niyi am i into trap
segun:there is someone else he love we took her so we can use him to get to you and now here you are
Lillian:(tears)no! no!! niyi i tought i have found the love of my life.niyiiii(screaming)you never loved me despite all i sacrificed for you (crying)i never know i have loved the devil you betrayed me (CURSE)GOD Will punish you for what you have done to me
me:(tears rolled down my eyes)(i had no choice)
i cant bear the agony if i ever loss my mother and i love faith so much.segun took Lillian from me i stood in front of him with full anger
me:now where are they
segun:relax niyi (nacho bring them out)
nacho went into the jeep he came back with my mother holding her hand tied with rope i looked around but i didnt see faith as they got closer to me i ran to my mother hugged her very tight
me:mommy i missed you so much am sorry you had to go through this
mom:(CRYING) niyi!! niyi!!!
me:(crying)am here now mom
mom:(CRYING) niyi faith is … (coughing)faith is..
me:faith is what!!!
mom:(coughing continues)..
she was bending down as i tried to carry her up i had no strenght to carry her alone they were all looking at me struggling to carry her alone she fell flat on the floor
me:mom!! no!!! dont die now am here mom pls i dont want to suffer in vain pls mom
she looked at me as tears rolled down her eyes she smiled a little and she gave up the ghost in her body i could see clearly for the first time in my life that she is dead.
i lost control its a tragedy my mom died in agony
me:no mom!! mom!!! noooooooooooooooo(screaming)noooooooooooo what have i done GOD nooooooooooo GOD whyyyyyyyyyyy why why whyyyyyyyy
i sat down facing my mom as i heard segun voice
segun:you came back late now you lost your mother and also faith was killed two days ago she was raped to death well by my men so she couldnt bear the pain i cant risk my mission so you must die also
i got up quickly i Drew out the gun i saw from one of his men he had no clue,i was too fast before he knew it i got possesion of the gun i knew this Will be the end of my life i pointed the gun on his chest i shoot him immediately (GUNSHOT)
i made sure i shoot him five times before i stopped all his men returned fire immediately they fired me continuously i was about to die i knew it but i shoot as much as possible i killed about six to seven of them.this time i had no strenght anymore i fell on my kneels facing up on of the men points the gun in my head he fired me i fell down and i gave up the ghost in me i died a callamity death

segun:niyi niyi wake up wake up
segun:what is that why are you shaking
me:blood of jesus it was all a dream
i narrated the story to segun he burst into laughter
segun:ahahahahahahahaahahahahahah niyi the james bond so na me be boss abi you dey craz ooo abeg make we go class jor
this is my first story and i hope to write more pls comment so to know what i lack in this fiction of mine but some of this episodes is real episode 1234567 is both fiction and reality most especially episode1 byeeee

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