HOSTAGES, part 5

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************(flash back)*************
she was still on top of me struggling to slot my dick into her pussy i decided to carry her straight to bed so i can get a convinent sex with her i got on top of her and she e
expand her legs wide open i dip my middle finger in her pussy she moan a little i dip it in again this time i was fingering her and she was enjoying it for about two munites i could feel her wet pussy all over my hand i removed my hand and i slot my dick into her pussy this time it wasnt tight as before she moan again she wanted to shout but i slow down the pressure at this time i dip it down to end and was fucking her in and out for about 5munites she just slept off i load off into her pussy it just happen so fast i quickly removed my dick from her pussy while she was still sleeping i tapped her legs
me:hey wake faith
me:faith wake up jor lazy girl
me:faith watin do you now no wine me oo
me:ah modaran yeeeeee i don die faith wake up ooo pls dont kill me oo pls faith eh water
faith didnt wake up ooo i searched all the whole house for water but i couldnt see water i was clueless after few secounds i remembered that i didnt finish my pepsi so i quickly picked up the bottle of pepsi and opened the cover i pour the remaining on her face as she gasp a little but it wasnt enough as she was about to go back half dead again i gave her hot slap taaaaaaaa she returned back to live coughing
me:faith look at me look at me where is your water
faith:coughing !!!
me:talk to me faith pls
she point to the other room her elder sisters room i quickly ran into the room i saw a jug filled with water i took it to her and she drank from it while she was still fully naked i took the hand fan on the chair trying to create some air for her now my mind is at peace that she didnt die what would have been my explanation
it was past 11pm i was still in her house i knew her parent can come in at anytime
me:faith how are you feeling
faith:am ok now
me:i was afraid faith i thought…
faith:stop !!! dont think that way nothing will happen to me
me:you know i really love you and i wouldnt want anything to disengage us
faith:its my first time of having sex and you are the first person i had sex with pls dont let me regret this
me:you will not regret it i promise you i love you so much i cant afford to loss you
faith:i love you too
me:its late let me start going before someone catch me here
faith:yes thats true you can pass through the back door
me:i will call you
as i got up walking down to the door i opened the door i cant believe my eyes her elder sister was standing in front of me we looked at our selves with surprise
temi:what!!! what are you doing here in my house who invites you here
faith came from behind she was still half naked but had wore pant and bra she was covering her self with a big pillow this is a bigger problem
temi:oh my GOD so its you faith i cant believe this you came into my house and you raped my sister
me:no ooooo rape keh i didnt rape her ooo
temi: shut up bloody bastard i will deal with you
me:its not like that faith say something pls
faith :big sister (coughing)
***********(coughing continues)********
she fell down and hit her head on the door step i and temi quickly rushed her both of us quickly careied her while temi was shouting
temi:ah you have killed my sister you bastard you raped her i will make you suffer for this (crying bitterly)
we rushed her to a nearby hospital that night temi and i was standing in the reception waiting for feed back from the doctor i couldnt look at temi in the eyes i was frustrated i was half dead if anything should happen to faith definately i am going to jail
12pm midnight we where at the hospital the doctor didnt show up my fear keeps growing tears has began running through my eyes the song of death was ringing in my heart faith is dead faith is dead temi was also crying sh sat down on the floor i was speechless i dont know what to say to her my mind flashed through many things
******************flash back ***************
i remembered when i used to visit faith in her shop she would tell her friend am her bf and they all liked me the normally cook indomie for me play with me i also remembered when i kissed her for the secound time all this created more tears in my eyes i prayed to GOD making a convenant to GOD that if faith should live i will marry her this strive my body the fear gripped me once again that i have made a convenant which i must fulfill may GOD help me on this convenant TBC…

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