Hostages part 7

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part7: segun:you are now involve in my case
me:are you crazy which case i dont understand you
segun: well i havent tell you anything about me its high time i have to tell you but we leave here and go far away as soon as possible and we must put a stop to this education
me:what!!! am going no where how would i stop my studies that is not possible
segun i know what am telling you its for your safety
me:ok give me one good reason why i should leave that house
segun: am a damn monster(screaming loud)
me:what do you mean
segun:am not the guy you think i am
my mind flashed back to the picture i saw earlier where he was puting on full black up and down black gloves black socks black head warmer full black gun
me: you are a harmed robber
segun:my case is far from robbing i robbed for 5years i have killed severaly i am an assasin
me:what!!! blood of jesus assasin !!!
segun:(sobbing)at first i was happy doing this job but i think am in the evil side of the world
me:pls dont tell me anymore
i opened the door i step into the passage with my loads in my bag trying to walk my way out of the building i heard a loud sound and a bullet speed pass close to my cheek it marked my cheek a little i could have been dead that day it was definately a gun shot i turned back imediately running back to our room i meet segun loading a gun ak47 and a lot of bullets on the table i ask him
me:what the hell are you doing
segun:we dont have much time we must leave this hood right away
me:they will kill us for christ sake
for the first time segun jumped up to me he points the gun in my face
segun:coward(shouting)no one will kill us we will not die today
me:will you shoot me !!!
segun:take this gun and be brave a man i cant take them all but with your help we can escape this night and go some where safe
i looked so frightened i have never killed before and i cant pull the trigger on someone but i took the gun from him cos i knew at that moment is either you kill or get killed it was a pistol and he was about to teach me how to shoot then i displayed th gun in a professional way he was amazed
segun: can you handle a gun
me:yeah i once lived with my fathers brother bros ade he is still a commissioner so he taught me
segun:thats good
(gun shots taa taa taa)(footsteps)(approaching)
segun:do not esitate to shoot first come first serve
segun:now lets pass trough the kitchen
he led the way while i was in his back we got to the door i was about two inches away i heard footstep from my back i turned on motion he was about shooting me segun is already of of the building i bent down pressed the trigger (taaa)(gun shot) i shot him in his leg he was about to shoot again i pointed the gun on his head and shoot him without hesitation he died instantly i couldnt move from that spot cos the sound of evil is ringing in my ears what have i done i just killed a living soul about three guys was coming again which i had no clue at all i already lost my self segun returned back into the building at the end of the kitchen he drew me out of the kitchen door way he opened up the gas cooker before we left the kitchen we ran for about 30secounds and shoot straight into the kitchen window boom the kicthen eas on fire but not the whole building we saw three of the assasin ran out of the house looking for us but we where long gone this happened between 1:30midnight
we got into an uncompleted building then we slept off till the next day
we got up around 4am segun took the gun from me and hid both of the thm inside his big one sided bag we stopped an okadarider we sat down and he drove away now i know i cant go to school anymore i have lost my school opportunity segun has bring forth a burden on me which i cant carry all my property passport school identity card is in that building i am doomed i will soon be wanted by the police segun took me to a place very far from our school the building was silent buildings are not much in that area
me:segun pls who are you you have ruined my life i trusted you as a friend what have you how do i arrange my life what about my parents i am ruined segun why i never knew you are a criminal an assasin for that matter
i could see it in his eyes he was so angry at me he said to me

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segun:why did you kill him why!!!
me:he was ready to shoot me but i was faster than him i had no choice
segun:you shouldnt have done that
me:so you want him to kill me
segun:no you are too impotant to be killed
me:what do you mean am too impotant
segun:never mind just stay here do not call anyone do not go out of this building
he left the building i never knew where he went to untill after some hours i saw him in an suv car worth about 5million naira they where 5 in numbers they got out of the car with different types of guns in thier hands heading my way i look at them and they where the same guys who attacked us last night my precious GOD whats happening who is segun what is he planing i saw someone in form of a girl not too tall she was covered with a black cloth sack in the face so i couldnt see her eyes they got to where i was standing segun was the first to hit me hard with his fist (gbosaaaaaaa)in my cheek the other guys came closer one of them held my both hands the othr four was pounching me in the belle i was screeming and shouting they beat me for like 15munites i was about to gas out then they left m alone on the floor many though was ringing in my hearts
me:(thinking)what have i done is segun my friend or my enemy who is he really working for have i done wrong in the past who are these people
segun came closer to me and said to me
segun : you fucking killed my man scapor you killed him you will regret this boy you will wish tou never lived take him away
three of his gang took me to a more safer room they tied me a very tick rope and hung me up the silly fan my two legs was almost off the ground which make me more weaker now what is happening this is all a setup from segun but what does he want from me

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