Hostages part 8

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part8:*******************************flash back*********************************
after 20hours which is the next day Faith was still in hospital Jesus what have i done i imagined again that night we had sex came back to my memory i was talking to my self
me: ********************************(talking to my self)**********************************
me:what have i done why did she faint but my Dick is not big i got small dick or is this girl a sickler
i unziped my trouser to check my dick again so i imagine if my dick is not big then definately she has a tight v***gnal i never knew i was speaking out loud a lady in my house taped me from behind
lady:what are you saying
me:saying as how
lady:lol i can ear you saying you have a small dick,her v***ginal is tight
lady:bad boy who are you having sex with
me:see eh i know we dont really talk too much cos you are new in this compound and you know i live with my parents i need to ask you something
she told me to ask her anything i explained everything to her she was surprised but sh wasnt shock she said
lady:dont worry niyi she will get well soon she just had her first sex wrongly by you and her
lady:well both of you never had sex before so you never knew how to deflower her
me:oh maybe i rushed the sex
lady:exactly both of you where in haste
me: hmmmmmmmm that means you are an expert in that case
lady:am not an expert but i experienced such but mine was easy and smooth
me(took a deep breath)hmmmmmmmm
lady:whats that
me:whats your name
me: well bisola Nice meeting you for the first time we talked to each other in this compound
she. looked at me in a sensational way and she walked away turning her ass both left and right my body vibrated straight down to my Dick WOW she is awesome i looked at her till she went inside while i sat at the edge of our passage
the only thing that saved me from faith s father was that they were not at home and her sister had calm down for me Faith came back home her sister never told her dad anything about us
my love for Faith was uncomparable the first girl in my life the girl which i felt like i had already get married to in every thing i do i just think about Faith i really had Faith in her she also had Faith in me she loved me so deep i dont really know how to explain this love guys if a girl love you i swear there is nothing so beautiful than the love of a lady in a mans life she does things for me like a mother like a wife like am her King i was swimming in love with Faith now i have nothing to hide for her sisters anymore they all loved me so much and. i loved them too but i never saw what was coming my way.
July 18 i got admission to university of ibadan while Faith was still learning a tailor work she had one more year left to finish her work this was somehow difficult for me i never wanted to leave Faith for a day but i had no choice
i was in my room one evening watching Robinhood season3 i heard someone knock. on my door
me:Yes come in
i first of. all saw fresh pair of legs ouch my heart skipped a little
bisola:hello niyi
she came inside and sat on my White chair beside the bed where i laid
this. time i knew something Will surely happen
me: eh bisola do you need anything
bisola : hun i am bored in my place so i had to come your House to watch film
me:*********************(melting already)*********************
me:OK nah feel free
i was afraid to talk to her or even change position on my bed for like 15munites
bisola: niyi why are you so freezed on bed
me:you mean me
bisola:Yes you for like ten munites now you have not say a Word
me:yeah i just focused on that film thats why
bisola:oh i see (she touched my head)
me:(vibrate from head to toe)
i look at her she smiled i continued with my film
she took her hand down to my chest WOW i was like sinking
i wanted to adjust but she pressed me down by the chest she got up with full momentum she got on top of me on the bed
me:bisola what are you doing
bisola;stop pretending
she lean on me her boobs was touching my chest which made my dick more eracted she was squizing me so romantically pressing and flaping her body to mine she kissed me on my breast and on my lips she focused on my dick stroking it inside my short football playpant my dick was so hard which i couldnt risist her she took of her clothes leaving her pants only she undressed me too totally my firm dick was facing the silly she got up to me and whispered to my ear
bisola:niyi am gonna take you where you have never been before
me:pls just take me anywhere
she got down on my dick for the first time in my life oh my gosh she took my dick into her mouth as she suck my dick i was vibrating as if electricity shocked me she was sucking up and down my dick playing with my balls wow i was the one sounding like an animal she was the one performing the miracle i laid flat in passion as she got on my dick she slid her pant over to one side and she sat on my dick very slowly and smooth i felt like i own the universe under v**ginal oh my brother she was riding fast like bad badoo badest omode metta nshere she fucked me for like 15munites till i splash my sparm all over her v***ginal she got up cleaned her body cuddled with me for about 5munites inside my fathers room ontop my papa matrimonial bed ooo nah so i ear my papa okada from outside yeee gbese my father is back from work
me: i am finish bisola my father is back dress up be fast get out
bisola:ahhhhh yeee moku oooo jesu ooo
me: take you pant you have forgotten it
bisola:just hide it no time to wear it
me: okay okay kkkkkkkkkkkk
i kept the pant which my sperm was alk over it i kept it inside my younger sisters bra and pants basket and my dads handkachief too was stored there same as my mom underwears and handkachief as bisola was about to get out of my room she opened the net and she saw my dad in the passage already coming inside (gengen fire on the mountain)she returned back inside no way out i was still naked oooooo

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