Hostages part 9

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part9:***********************flash back**************************
big problem for bisola and i if my father should catch us there was no way i could put on my clothes before he gets in i dont even know where they are.
my father was about to open the door of our room when he realized that he forgot the bread he bought on the tank of his motocycle he drop the door and he head back outside to carry the bread called masters bread.he got to the motocycle bisola quickly rushed out of the room while i pretended to be asleep on the bed he came back inside he saw me sleeping then he changed his clothes head out again i opened my eyes and thanked my stars that he didnt caught me in illegal act this was how my sex life began with bisola every blessed day we fuck each other except if my parents are around
while i was in school faith had visited me more than 50times in 3months sometimes segun will excuse us for about 20times segun will always excuse us but later faith and i had nothing to hide from him cos i believed segun is part of my family so we normaly play love in front of segun we kiss play cuddle in front of him but he never minds us he will always find something to do maybe watch film on his iphone7 dem no born me well make i use or touch that phone of 350thousands then talkless of having it but segun will always buy expensive things i never knew where this money came from oo he is the one feeding me all this 8months in school oo chai .
********************(the secound sex encountered with faith)********************
i was in my room in school with (segun sege)
sege:who dey there
********************KNOCKING CONTINUES***********
sege:who be that mad person wey no fit talk self you wan break my door ni
me:na wa ooo you no get name
sege: go check the idiot wey dey for door
i got up i went straight to the door and opened the door as i was about to abuse the visitor again my eyes got a clear view seeing faith standing in front of me
me:jesus i don die !!! segun na faith ooo na my gf ooo
segun:yeeeee i no talk oooo
faith: ehn ehn so am the mad woman thats disturbing your peace you guys are calling me names hnn i see is that how you attend to visitors
me: am very sorry i never expect to see you i thought its one of my lunatic friend wey we dey follow waka about(laughing)
faith(laughing) na you sabi
me: no vex jawe so how far nah
faith:wouldnt you let me in first or you have another girl inside
me:oh sorry my mistake jawe come in my lady
she entered
sege:hey faithy faithy welcome bae how you doing
faith:am ok sege hope all is well
sege:yeah things are cool here
she sat down on the edge of our bed droping her bag and some other stuffs she brought she pulled her top and she was left with singlet on her body me and sege look our self sege winked me i laughed small and compose again so she no go feel awkward
sege:eh eh niyi i don forget say i wan reach ATM make i collect money oooo i dey come faith i dey come
me:okay brother
faith:hmmmmmmmm boys ehn
me:whats that
faith:i get sense nah which foolish money he wan go collect abi he just wan make we dey alone for here
me:lol ehn he fit wan collect money too nah
faith:comot jor dey deceive yaa self their
me:hmm make i get fanta for you
i rushed down the street i bought fanta from labake the girl i have been sighting since i got to that house just across the street shes got a big fat ass and pointed boobs i came back and gave her the drink she drank all of them na so we start ooo
faith:you know its been a while we did it now its almost 4months
me:wetin be dat one
faith:funny you i mean sex
me: ehn no be me ooo i no want trouble again oo
faith:why; oh you havent forget about the other day we had sex last
me:i no forget ooo
faith:that cant happen again jor
faith:oya jor
me:whats that
faith:your shakara too much self i go find another person wey go do am
as i ear this my mind jumped up
me:laye laye no be me you dey follow talk
faith:so come closer
she used her her middle finger to call me she sat in the middle of the bed i walked up to her i was and sat on the bed close to her she drew me at the back of my head closer to her she gave me a first kiss in 3months we were kissing passionately on my bed facing each other the kiss was going so sweet segun just came in from nowhere he caught us in the middle of the kiss
sege:oh (coughing) make i rush drink water this cough don dey disturb me
me:(smiling)hun abeg waka jor
sege:hmmmmmm;;;mmmmmmmmm i don waka oooo
we got back to each other continued our kiss till we finally end up in having 2rounds of sex she slept on my bed while segun and i slept on the floor till the next day i followed her to where she entered a bus from ibadan going to sango heading to ogbayo i got back home very early that morning as i got into the passage at the feont door of my house i heard a strange voice
male voice: segun you are wasting time on this package just take th damn target mehnnnn
sege: easy make we do the job neat make i know the family first
male voice:brother be fast we dont have time
the stranger approached the door i quickly ran back to the entrance staying at the back door that leads outside i could ear his legs walking toward the door way to make his way out i never knew he sensed that i was behind that door he opened the door and he saw me behind the door he was looking at me with anger all over his face but he later changed his face i wondered what kind of a man is this he is older than us with the look on his face h smiled at me
stranger:i thought someone broke into this compound i never knew its yoy niyi
me:(surprised)how did you know my name have we met before
stranger:ehn…oh yes…i mean no segun told me about you
me:and where did you see my face to know that i am the one hiding here
i dought it cos you have never seen me before
stranger: well dont act like that i have seen your picture where you snapped selfie with your girl friend faith
me:(surprised)faith!!! did you know her name
stranger:yes segun told me all
me:hun i see
stranger:i have to go now young man have a nice day
he left the passage i got back inside i ask segun and he explained exactly the way the stranger did he told me his name (mr rubben)
sege:he is one of my relative in sagamu
me:oh ok nah
i never think bad about segun i trusted him with my whole life i never knew my best friend maybe my worst nightmare TBC…

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