Jokes : Adventures of Akpos episode 2

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Episode 2 “Human

ANGELS: Father! We are tired of these Nigerians in heaven.
GOD: What have they done this time?
ANGEL: Everything! They don’t listen to instructions. They don’t obey traffic rules. They don’t wait for their turn in anything. They are completely reckless!
GOD: Then we better send them to hell!
(Calls the Devil). Hello..
SATAN: Hello my creator and master, pls call me later. There’s an issue I’m trying to resolve.
Ten (10) minutes later:
GOD: Hello Lucifer.
SATAN: Your Lordship my father! I’ll call you back.
The issue has turned into a crisis ooo!
An hour later:
SATAN: Hello?
GOD: What’s going on over there?
SATAN: It’s the Nigerians I have with me in hell oooo!
(He stammers), they… they… they have quenched the fire in hell and installed air conditioner….

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