Jokes: Adventures of Akpos episode 26

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Episode 26

‘’Nigerian teacher
A Nigerian teacher was sent to China to teach. The first day he entered the class and was called the roll.
He called the name, “Sheng”, a student stood up and answered “Present sir”.
He called the second name “Chu Muon”, another student answered “Present sir”.
Suddenly, he sneezed “Hatchia!”. One student seated at the corner stood up and said, “present sir!”
He surprisingly exclaimed, “Hmmm”. All the students shouted “Absent sir”.
At this moment, he got confused and said, “Chai”. Three students immediately stood up and said, “Which of us, sir?”
The teacher became even more confused and asked, “What is wrong”?
A student stood up and answered, “Sir, I am not wrong. I am called Wong”.
Now the teacher could not help it but laughed out, “Hahaha…” A girl stood up and answered, “Present, sir!”
The teacher collapsed in laughter….

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