Jokes : Adventures of Akpos episode 27

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AkposEpisode 27

‘’Warri Bible
Sample version:
ENG:- As it is written in the Bible.
WARRI:-As them yan for Bible.
ENG:- Jesus entered the boat with his disciples.
WARRI:- Bros J cum enta canoe wit him padi dem.
ENG:- As the boat was sailing, there was a great storm.
WARRI:- As the canoe dey move, na im yawa cum gas.
ENG:- The storm was so great dat it was like a
WARRI:- As the yawa dey gas na im kasala burst join.
ENG:- The disciples became so afraid that they shouted
Master! Master!!
WARRI:- Na im liver fail him padi dem, na im dey begin
dey hala…Bros eh! Bros eh!!
ENG:- Jesus got up and calmed down the wind.
WARRI:-Na so Bros J get up com arrange the mata.
ENG:-he turned to his disciples and said, oh ye with little
WARRI:- Na im Bros J com look him padi dem shake
him head, com provoke…“O BOI UNA FALL MY HAND”.
ENG:- The disciples replied and said “WAT MANNER OF
WARRI:- him padi dem com hala “SHOOO…Bros J,
which levels naa? U be winsh???…….

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