Jokes : Adventures of Akpos Episode 29

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Episode 29

Wife: Woooooooooow!!,darling I have a very big surprise for u,I can’t believe this.

Husband: wow, ok pls I will call u back,I’m about to receive a contract of N30 million.

Wife: Darling,it’s a good news but this one is very urgent pls come home now,pls it’s VERY URGENT.

Husband: but I’m about to……….


Husband: em……. pls my wife just called me for an urgent thing.Pls grant me d access to go and come bak quick.

Company: Well,if u leave,I’m afraid of what might happen to d contract..
After few minutes The man quickly went home……..

Husband: (Seriously sweating) honey why this urgent surprise,when I was abt to receive a contract worth 30 million?

Wife: Honey,our troubles are over and God has finally answered our prayers.

Husband: are u pregnant?

Wife: Haba honey is more than pregnancy, if it’s just pregnancy I wouldn’t have disturbed u in ur

Husband: Wow,so what’s d surprise?

Wife: (Being happy) Honey, I can’t believe this,u knw we have been praying over 6 months now?
God has finally answered us.
That Big rat that always disturb us in the kitchen is finally dead,I called u to remove it,I’m afraid of touching rats.

What will you do if you were the husband????

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