Jokes: Adventures of Akpos episode 7

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Episode 7 ‘’Mathematics Exam paper
*Time*: *3Hrs 30MINS*
*1.* You have dated a girl for *two* years, eventually she drops you for another guy. Calculate the percentage of time wasted. *(20 marks)*
*2.* You bought a phone for your girlfriend and she gave it to another guy. Using trigonometric identities, derive a general formula for this type of love. *(20 marks)*
*3. For Boys* You’re dating around 15 girls and every girl is demanding for a Samsung Galaxy and an iPhone 6s
*(a)* Plot a graph of girls against prices of phones. *(15marks)*
*(b)* Use your graph to estimate your future poverty *(5marks)*
*4.* You are dating other peoples’ sisters yet you don’t want to see any guy with your sister. Calculate the Percentage Error in your Thinking Capacity. *(20 marks)*
*5.* You are a *civil servant*, your wife is a petty trader, your combined household income is less than K30,000. Your daughter who is awaiting *GCE* result is using iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy worth K150,000 each. Calculate the Percentage of your Parental Negligence. *(20 marks)*
*6. *For girls* You’re a girl and you have dated 20 guys with hard labour, use the law of diminishing Return to calculate the substance that will be left for your husband to enjoy. *(20 marks)*
*7.* You can’t give your wife 5k for a pot of soup, but you spend over 500k in bars and restaurant.
Calculate the radius of your ‘stupidity’, take π=3.142 *(20 marks)*
_*BEST OF LUCK!*_=D mathematician ova to you. You have only the family as your lifeline

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