Jokes: Adventures of Akpos episode 9

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Episode 9‘’ What Is A verb
TEACHER: What is a Verb?
CHIKE: A Verb is a valve found in bicycle tyre.
TEACHER: What are you saying?
CHIKE: It is a complete sentence sir.
TEACHER: Are you mad?
CHIKE: It is a question sir.
TEACHER: Don’t be stupid.
CHIKE: It is an advice sir.
TEACHER: Stop that nonsense.
CHIKE: It is a command sir.
TEACHER: You’re an idiot.
CHIKE: It is an insult sir.
TEACHER: Get out of my class.
CHIKE: It is an order sir.
TEACHER: Oh! Goodness, What a boy!
CHIKE: It is an exclamation sir.
TEACHER: May God have mercy on you.
CHIKE: It is a prayer sir

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