Jokes of the day.

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1. The difference between BATHROOM
and BAFFROOM ……………..
In BATHROOM, one can take a cute
But in BAFFROOM, hmmm
If your soap falls on the floor, just
forget it!
2. Chei! Just because I borrowed a pen
from a cashier and forgot
to return it, I got home now and
received a debit alert of
First Bank! My God will fight for me
3. -When your girlfriend Posts “Real
men are born in
March”, But you were born in October
My brother, I understand . E dey pain
but no vex you never
reach your bus-stop….
4. -When girls run out of cosmetics the
next thing they will update is…..
And you think you are deceiving Me
5.-Borday: I heard u now work at the
Akpos: oh yes. I started last week.
Borday: but you have never brought
any bread home.
Akpos: Your sister who works at the
airport, has she brought
any aeroplane to the house? And
even you who works at the
mortuary, have you brought
any dead body home before?
6. -Can someone please deposit money
into my First Bank Account.
I want to know if my alert is still
7.-When a girl upload a beautiful
photo. Her main boyfriend will
just like
and comment briefly such
like”Beautiful”or “Cute”. But awon
ABELEJAYAN ( aspiring boyfriends)
will be shouting
wow wow wow, wow like police
8.-Some girls don’t go to the gym, but
look physically fit because
of running from one man to
9-Dear Bae, if you want to cheat on
me, please, do it with
someone I can beat…
Don’t hurt me twice….
10 -Onitsha babes are very funny, you
will meet them in a taxi. You
pay taxi fare for them
and buy them Yoghurt then exchange
numbers, And you will watch them
save your name as TAXI
11-Someone updated: “Rape is not a
sin, it’s
just a surprise s-x”. I commented,
your sisters & wife be surprised by
He blocked me.
Did I say anything bad?
12-This is pure wickedness! how can i
beg my neigbour for one
spoon of salt and she told me dat
her mum counted it::::wetin dat
one mean?
13-If u r fighting with an osha boy and
all of
a sudden he leaves the fight and
running around shouting “Nna eeh!
eeh” flee before he complete third
nna eeh..
Don’t say I didn’t warn u.
14-Boyfriend that cannot slap soldier
for his
girlfriend, is that one a boyfriend?
15-First day she leaves her top and
at your place, 2nd day she leaves
and jacket, 3rd day she leaves her
up kit. Congratulations my brother
now have a wife.
16 -That awkward moment when the 5
hotel attendant tells you a bottle of
coke is #1500. You’ll start explaining
and describing coke like “I mean
Not the alcoholic one oo. The mineral
type.. I mean the normal coke that
looks like Pepsi…. The one Coca-
17-Bet9ja will break guys heart.
They will still forgive and play again
But your woman do u
small thing, U tight your mind like
lucky dube dread. # Why?
18-I don’t know why some people
just be making noise about their
You hustle reach Judas? The Nigga
Jesus Christ oh! Which hustle reach
that 1 abeg?
19-Some # Girls are funny sha, you
know you have # Big_Tommy and
you will Wear High Waist Pants and
Tucking your Shirts,
thereby making your shape look like
# Gotv Remote…
20-Your # Boyfriend is on Facebook
telling other # Girls he’s Single
and you here calling him “Le Boo” “Le
Boo.” You are “Le Fool.”
21-If a # Yoruba_Guy , takes u Home to
meet his # Parents and on
getting there they Tap, him to come
inside with them while
you are waiting alone in the Living
Room… # Aunty_mi , just forget it,
you have lost a Husband…
22-Just b’cos of a Fine # Usher_Girl , u
dropped all ur # Money in the
# Ofering_Tray … Now u are looking
for Lift…
23-Hahaha…. Orisirisi…. I just saw #
Aboki doing Conductor @ Obalende
He dey shout “Obuualeyyyndey
24-Seriously # Yahoo_Boys , should be
Celebrated, # Politicians take
our # Money go # Overseas…
# Yahoo_Boys bring it back Home
25-Even # Break-Up is not as Painful as
seeing ur Neighbour having
# Light when u don’t have… # Chaiii
26-You want to be Taken Out every
My # Sister are you a # Dust_Bin ?
27-So, you borrowed ₦100 from MTN to
Vote for someone to win ₦25million
in BBN?
Please, let us not argue this matter
too much, Just give me
your Address, I want to come and
beat you in your house so
you can receive sense.
28-When a # Girl says “Good Night”,
she says Good Night to You
So don’t bother her if you, still see
her Online..
29-Some # Guys , don’t really know
their Girlfriend Face, because they
are dating # Make_Up_Promoters …
30-Abeg make una see me see wahala
“I attended a burial of my friend’s
grand father yesterday but their
tradition is that, at every burial
ceremony, an old man
would come out and announce the
next person to die, so the
old man said the first person to leave
the burial ground will be the next to
die… I tell you since yesterday we
are still here at
the burial ooh and I supposed to go
to work today o….
31-All you married women that will see
a pretty lady standing
under a very hot sun and refuse to
give her a lift, don’t
worry, your husband is coming to
pick her…
32. -At the # ATM after waiting for
2hours on the Queue, and finally is
ur turn den u realised u r holding ur
Voter’s Card…
The # Witches in ur village will just
whisper in ur Ear…
# Is_Our_Work oooO

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