LARABA (where love never ends) episode 10

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Chapter 10

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“Who the heck are you and what do you think you are doing ?” Alzarius peered at Lazarus who restlessness pervaded him all over. The monk’s countenance was indeed sullen as he kept darting his eyes from the witch to the beetle-browed wolf staring at him with the world most scary scowl.

“Are you deaf you old oaf ? I said what the heck are you doing here and why are you bent on escaping my prey” Alzarius sputtered, but Lazarus ignored her tantrum as his attention was solely focused on how to get to where his talisman laid. The four elements imbedded deep inside the talisman seemed to be the only saviour to save him from his foes. All he had to do was to get hold of the talisman, then summon the elements to come to his rescue.

“Are you deaf or something ? Or you expecting me to spill your blood before you mutter who you are ?” Alzarius neighed raising his two hands aloft ready to cast a spell.

Lazarus didn’t give a reply instead he began to crawl backward, trying his best to conceal his aim from the two saboteurs bent on lynching him to death. So he crept on the floor, putting on his harlequin mode, while also douching out bouts of laughter just to confuse Alzarius and the alpha-wolf.

Alzarius looked disconcertedly at the monk as he continued laughing doltishly like clod. Slamming the whole of his stubby frame on the ground, spittle sloshing from his tiny mouth, and the bushy whiskers dancing to the antics of his bearer, all this made her think the monk was not bothered by her scourge. Perhaps, the old oaf was not just an ordinary being that could easily cower under her magic.

“Bwuhahahaha hahahanaha” The laugher dragged on totally deluding Alzarius, as Lazarus continued laughing while he carefully crawled backwards to where the talisman laid. If there was anything he could pray for at that moment, then it should be on how to stay cozen till he got hold of the talisman.

However on getting to few inches away to pick up the talisman, Lazarus heard a howl. The howl unmistakably came from the alpha-wolf standing beside Alzarius. Lazarus stopped laughing and rested his stare on the wolf, the wolf amerced that with another ear-splitting wrawl then it prodded towards him and stopped. That was the signal it needed to pass across to him that his antic was not deluding enough. Lazarus realising that knew that it would only take not less few seconds before everything became clearer to Alzarius as well so he braced himself for the worst. He watched as Alzarius stared at him puzzlingly before she passed the stare on the wolf who had never stopped grunting ceaselessly, then she traced the wolf’s stare to an object lying inches to where he was. Her stare became gauzy as she peered on the object. It was a talisman. Then she darted her eyes back on him, again on the talisman and lastly back on the alpha-wolf and nodded thank-you. Definitely she now understood the antic behind the irascible laughter of the monk. He was sorting a grotty escape for himself.

Lazarus realised his cover was blown–because he knew Alzarius and the wolf already knew about the talisman, he knew they also knew about his antic and furthermore he knew they knew he knew they knew everything. So he decided to cast he last dice.

Lazarus lurched upward abruptly to get hold of the talisman but he was halted when he felt a scrag. The scrag was so intense that he couldn’t inhale or exhale anything. Alzarius was doing well in choking him to death. Lazarus held his neck tightly, trying hard to have the smallest drop of oxygen inside of him but he couldn’t.

“Don’t do this please, don’t kill him. You already have me please let him live” Ryan groaned out as he watched the pain lurking inside his friend’s eyes.

Alzarius gave him his reply by controlling a knife Lazarus used to slash his skin to summon the four elements, the knife rose in the mid air and maneuvered is way to where Ryan was trapped and plunged itself deep into his back, injuring his spinal vein. After she noticed that she had shut him up, she continued casting the spell that scragged Lazarus. The monk writhed in pain and finally dropped dead later on. Now they were pacified as the two sisters headed back to town. Luciana was sure with Ryan dying anytime soon and the capture of the stranger plodding into Laraba’s town. The Lamiae never seemed to be getting just a glimpse of victory over them.

The pack of wolves had formed a bulwark around her–so there was no place to run to. Regina cowered under the roaring of the wolves. They had stopped lumbering towards her except for one of them who moved very close to her. She watched as the one that moved closer but leaving a considerably amount of space to her started transforming. The horror daubed on her face as she watched the animal body-part coalesced together and take on human form could scare even the devil himself away.

The human form that had just transformed walked clumsily to her to close the space between them. Then he blurted;

“So you are the stranger ?”

Regina couldn’t respond. And that was evident her voice had snuck out of her vocal cord. Regina was surprised by the statement the werewolf uttered. Of course she was a stranger–but what she didn’t quite understand was how being a stranger approved being treated hostile by clump of monsters in a town it locution screamed “Where love never ends”

“You’re a stranger” the voice didn’t sound like a question this time. But Regina nodded still. The werewolf instantly spudded claws out of his fingers then grasped her neck, dug the claws inside Regina’s flesh paving way for blood to seep out. Nothingness while he was gnawing at Regina, a strong hand lifted him and hauled him away into the midst of the remaining wolves, grasped Regina and fled the scene in a speed faster than bolt. All these were something that happened in less than fleet seconds. That even the wolves were gobsmacked by the astute feat that just played right in front of them.

” Me-meshach how were you able to do that?” Regina said after their slight repose in the wood. Meshach’s eyes was bloodshot while his long fangs had sprouted out in substitute for his canine and molar.

“Listen to me Regina, listen “Meshach said ignoring the piddling question Regina asked. He moved closer to her ready to compel her” You will leave Laraba right now and never come back. Go to a very far forest and settle down there. You will be saved from the Larabas in the wood. Please go” He compelled her, feeling restless as Regina sorbed the compulsion and left him. He was sure she would be saved from the tangles of the Larabas if she could live a recluse life.

Ryan watched as his friend slumped down lifelessly. And for the umpteenth time he felt wholly responsible for the his death. He wished there was a way to avenge his death, but he couldn’t. Because he was also trapped down preparing to receive his death. The thought of also dropping dead without avenging the cruelty melted on then was getting him queasy.

All the blood in his body had drained away forming a sump around him. The pain was getting more excruciating while his death was still slow in approaching. If only it was possible to stop his heartbeat himself then he wouldn’t have gone through this pain that could equal the one that was melted on Jesus on calvary. The pain was sickening and it couldn’t even be compared to the person that was impaled with blistering object.

Ryan was weltering in his pain when a particular smell in the air bathed his nostrils. The smell was so enthralling. It was a smell of blood. Ryan appetite became grounded as he summoned his last ability to mind-control whoever or whatsoever was carrying the luscious blood. Even though there was a slim chance the carrier would pass through his doorway due the invisible groyne debarring entrance into the cabin. But at that particular time, Ryan mind was made up to the point he couldn’t be discouraged by anything –he didn’t even care if the carrier was human or animal. He wasn’t bothered if the situation should request him to loose his humanity. All he needed now for his freedom was blood! He wasn’t going to bath an eyelid on who would be on the loose end.

He closed his eyes and mustered his inner mind to do the searching. He could feel his prey was a lady. His inner mind gave him the opaque picture of lady looking very knackered and worn out. The lady had blood gulping out of her neck and was struggling for life. Ryan was elated, as he instructed his inner self to maneuver her way to his cabin. It was successful as the lady careened clumsily like a wino through the woods down to his cabin.

Ryan opened his eyes to see the lady passed through his doorway effortlessly. To say he was bedazzled would be an understatement! What kind of creature the lady was to pass through the balustrade a whole Alzarius stationed at his doorway. He waited patiently as the lady stepped further to where he was trapped, his fangs had already sprouted and his eyes greenish-gray. He was ready to bite and suck the blood to gain his freedom. He controlled her to stoop down so he can do the bite but Ryan was shocked when he saw the lady to be his prey was Regina. The girl he compelled because he loved so much.

To be continued..

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