LARABA (where love never ends) episode 11

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Chapter 11

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Seeing Regina again was like colliding with the ghost of a dead lover. As much as mouldy feelings of sadness was trying to arrest him, some part of him was still enjoying the happiness. Seeing her was like a curative balm doing wonders of healing to her wounded heartedness while some ail was becoming stubborn as they still stuck deep inside him. It was a bittersweet experience.

Ryan was making a growling sound, a perfect sound to be placed as soundtrack of a horror movie, listening and watching Regina as the veins in her pulsated–trickling thick blood that looked right well as the most epicurean meal of all time. With each drip of the lush liquid on the floor, Ryan suppressed his urge to use his last strength tempting to hew Regina raggedly and swig all the blood in her body. He knew definitely well there must be a way to get the blood trickling inside of him to liberate him from the spell without hewing or snagging the love of his life.

Regina was still squatting right above him as he mind-controlled her, then Ryan noticed the blood oozing from her neck was dripping right above his head. That was the perfect vantage to get the blood without any killing. He summoned his last energy to stretch out his tongue to the spot the blood was dripping since all he needed was just the tidbit of it to touch his tongue.

Finally his attempt was successfully. As reasonable droplets perched on his tongue. Immediately the blood touched his tongue, there was a tough brisance sound. The sound was accompanied with the sky turning shoal and pitch dark. Eyes-cladding darkness bathed the atmosphere while a very fierce wind resurrected from the cabin–the wind that was enough to carry the heaviest pongid arose in the cabin, formed a cesspool around the cabin for some times before teeming out of the cabin. The spell was broken. The invisible groyne debarring entrance into the cabin had been removed. Ryan had returned to his supernatural self. All the lesions in his body healed and the throbbing pain had wilted.

Ryan was still in his riant mood when Regina slumped down like lifeless tree. Ryan quickly moved towards her, hauled her up on his shoulder and sped out of the cabin. He sped pass shrubs and mountains down to a cave located at a nook ambit in the wood. He placed Regina down inside the cave, then caressed her unlined face that had obstinately earned a soft spot in his heart. He knew it was a matter of time before she awakes–and he wanted to be by her side when she did. Regina had fainted due to the side effects of being controlled–so he had moved her to the cave because he felt that was the safest haven for him at that time since Alzarius and the wolf-alpha already knew his cabin.

Ryan left Regina inside the cave and sped back to his cabin to complete a mission. To resurrect his friend. Lazarus.

He got to where the cadaver of the monk laid in front of his cabin and examined his body if there was any trace of life in him. He strained his ear to pick any sound of pulse in him. He later heard one in him and that prompted a smile on his lips as he bit his wrist lightly enough for blood to seep out. As it is widely known that vampire’s blood possesses the ability to heal any form of illness. So he quickly fed his friend not too excessive amount of his blood before the cut healed and waited for him to return to life.

The monk later jerked back to life panting incessantly.

“Welcome back dear friend. Happily to be the second Lazarus who escaped the death gaol ?” Ryan gurgled.

Lazarus only stared at him. The stare with which Lazarus drilled Ryan, would core the earth and strike stream of water in seconds.

“How come?” Lazarus finally asked.

“How come you came back to life or how come what ?” Ryan deliberately feigned ignorance.

“No! how come you are still alive. You should have been dead at a perfect timing. So tell me how you broke the witch’s spell”

Ryan explained all what happened to Lazarus. The monk was taken aback at the point where Ryan explicated how Regina sleighed into the cabin without being debarred by any invisible knoll or whatsoever. He knew what that meant but decided to keep the insight to himself for sometimes.

“Thank you” said the monastic, finally.

Ryan placed his hands on his shoulder, “I should be the one doing the thanking, you know for trying to save me. If not for my lumpish self in the first place you wouldn’t have experienced that. I’m so sorry for everything. For the pain I caused on you, and most importantly what you’re about to become”

“What are you talking about ?” Lazarus raised an eye brow.

“My blood is in your system. A vampire’s blood. You will soon become one of us. A vampire –a monk vampire” the word belched out like a volcano from Ryan’s mouth, detonating Lazarus mind.

Regina flicked her eyes opened to meet the serenity in the environment. She looked around to ascertain where she was. It was a cave. She tried to remember how she got there but she couldn’t. All she remembered last was how she careened to the woods with blood seeping out from her nape. All the part where she was been controlled by Ryan had been wiped off her memory. Even her previous ordeal with the wolves and Meshach in Laraba was not coming clear to her mind.

“Sleeping beauty you are awake” A demulcent voice rang behind her. She swerved round to take more dose of it.

“Who are you an-nnd what did you do to me?” Her vocal cord fluctuated immediately her sight caught Ryan. For he was deucedly handsome with proud taut cheek and dark-blue eyes. His handsomeness had proven to her how Almighty had replaced the clay he was supposed to use to mould him with a silvern type. His skin was radiating and jubilating under the glorious sun. He was a perfect sample of an angel. That’s if God created a vampire version. What Regina did not know was that that was the second time she was meeting Ryan.

“I’m Ryan” He said with a smile. Ryan mousse smile could melt the average woman’s ear-wax, but Regina’s ear was not melting.

“What did you do to me” She asked with a face carrying cussedly look.


“What am I doing here ?”


“You said?”

“Nothing” he repeated.

“What did you mean by nothing ?” Regina lurched forward to Ryan. “I woke up here in the middle of no where with hunk smiling loutishly at me while he kept yelling “nothing” at any question thrown at him. Could you please tell me why I got here or why you kidnapped me ?” Regina blurted

Ryan slapped his forehead and groaned, he was getting frustrated. Regina was succeeding in getting on his nerves. He suppressed his anger. And it was like gulping a mouthful mixture of poop and urine.

“No-thing” he muttered again. Bringing rivers of wrinkles to flow down the corner of her eyes. She was feeling irate–and Ryan had detected that. He knew with the look of things her anger was boiling to hundred degree centigrade.

He knew definitely well that Regina was still under his compulsion reason she failed to remember him and he wasn’t ready to remove the compulsion out of her. As a matter of fact he had decided to use the situation to know if the love he saw blooming in her eyes before the compulsion was true and real.

“I gotta leave and you are not stopping me” Regina stated and made to leave.

“Don’t go” Ryan quickly held her hand. Ohh! What a suave feeling exuded from the touch of his. A tingle charged through them and it was palpable because it seemed the time had waited for this as it froze for them to finish the the unfinished mission.

“Don’t go please. It’s dangerous out there” He begged and it looked like that was working wonders on Regina. “I didn’t kidnap you. I saved you. I saw you roaming about in the woods so I had to bring you down here to hide you here because this is where I stay and I want you to stay here with me. This is the safest place you can stay for now. Please stay with me” Ryan implored.

Regina heaved a sigh, evident her anger was fast evanescing. “I don’t know you and you want me to stay here with you. But why ?”

“Yes I want you to stay with me because I want you to be by my side”

“Why ?” Regina muttered, and that jolted Ryan to place his second hand on her cheek.

“Because I like you so much” Ryan said with that mousse smile of his and the world became a better place.

To be continued..

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