LARABA (where love never ends) episode 12

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Chapter 12

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“He is not dead” The witch said grimly. Then she watched the disappointment brewed on her sister’s face. It wasn’t her fault in whatsoever. She had performed her necessary duty stringently so she shouldn’t carry the blame for the flop smirching her efforts.

“What did you just say?” Asked Luciana, her face carrying cloggy crinkles. Alzarius’ confession was the most crappy thing her eardrum could consume at the moment.

“He didn’t die as expected. Ryan is still breathing fine”

“What!” Luciana yelled.

The news was indeed too bitter to hear. As a matter of fact that was the second caustic information to be greeting her eardrum since her arrival from hunting Ryan. The Larabas soldiers who went on manhunt to capture the stranger that just plodded into the town had inveighed to her on how the Lamiae had hijacked the stranger from them and planted her on escape route. That at first was disheartening. But she still found consolation at the thought of knowing Ryan would be dead anytime soon. But with the recent revelation coming from Alzarius that Ryan Jericho had also escaped the death’s brail, it was certain her body’s sconce was just too frail to accommodate the news.

“I’m sorry about that sister” Alzarius pleaded.

“Don’t give me that s–t!” Luciana barked back.

“You need to calm down Lucy. It wasn’t my fault”

“I don’t care!” She riposted angrily.

Alzarius was taking aback by Luciana’s outburst. She watched the crinkles on her sister’s face accrue gradually taking the form of a white thick fur. Her sister was transforming–that has been her queer way of reacting to any emotional discharge. She was inclined to loose control of herself that always birthed her impromptu transformation.

On seeing the scenario, she quickly moved to her and patted her hairy-face.”Trust me little sister we will find another solution. You need to calm down right now and rest your nerves” she cooed into her ear.

“Are you sure ?” She said trying to gain control of her transformation. The fur appearing on her face had waned down bringing her face back to normalcy

Alzarius nodded. “I’m sure Lucy”

“Ok so how is that going to be possible ? Cuz I’m sure we already we lost them”

“Of course it is” Alzarius said. Her face gesturing certitude enough to simmer her troubled mind.

Alzarius could perceive something wasn’t right. Her clairvoyance could make her sense Ryan and Regina had found each other. Also, she could sense Regina was responsible for breaking the spell she casted on Ryan and that alone had proven to her Regina was indeed thechosen one to bear the powerful hybrid predicted to destroy the Larabas. Something she was not going to accept. She was ready the fight the battle along with her sister even with her very last drop of breath.

“I think they have both found each other” she paused to confirm the quizzical look on Luciana’s face. “Ryan and Regina”


“Yes sister. I can perceive that also. But never worry sister. I can draw them back to Laraba here. Or if not the two of them one of them will surely come.”

“How are you going to do that ?” Her face primed in confusion.

Alzarius only smirked and responded;

“Do you believe in the power of magic?”

“Yes I do”

“Fine Lucy, just put your trust in me” She tried to enliven her sister’s distressed spirit. “I think we still have the pawn and we gotta make use of it to our advantage”

“What are you talking about ?” Luciana asked, still very confused. She could feel the assurance exuding out from Alzarius appearance but couldn’t decipher the source. She noticed she wasn’t deterred as she ought to and she was sure that was helping in lifting her troubled self.

“The soldiers still have the boy with them right ?” Alzarius asked.


“That’s good news then” she nodded. “Then maybe is high time we used what we have to get what we don’t have”

Luciana raised an eye brow. Little tittle of hope was dragging back on her face. “How are we going to do that?” She asked.

“Just get me the boy, then I will cast a spell with his blood. The spell will undoubtedly lure Regina back to us and trust me, she wouldn’t come alone”

“Are you sure this will work out ?” Happiness seemed to staple on mind. She was determined if at any possibility her sister’s endeavour should work out well she wouldn’t dare miss use it this time around.

“It will little sister. All you have to do now is to summon your soldiers for the upcoming maraud. Make sure they are girded and prepared. They shouldn’t allow any slip that could make them loose our targets this time around.” She monished strongly while Luciana nodded.

Few minutes later a young a haggard looking lad was brought to Luciana and Alzarius. The chap was in bondage. A strong leash was placed round his neck while a chain was connected to a fetter that held tightly to his ankles. The lad a had gaunted look that beckoned to anyone who cared to know that he was been taken as a hostage.

Luciana passed a contemn look at him from head to toe searching for nothing in particular or perhaps the reason why she so much detested the little ugsome lad in front of him. She felt like wolfing out and snagging to pieces every bones and gristles residing in his body. But the thought of using him to lure back his sister kept her at bay.

“What’s your name you rotten pig?” Luciana slammed at him.

“Damien” he replied surly rather like a gormless toddler whining after a candy.

Her face grew scowls. “So stupid name for a twerp” She spat. Then Alzarius moved closer to the Damien and said;

“You sure your name is Damien?”

It took the little boy all the 22 chromosomes in his body to muffle a befitting reply that would sound exactly like “No I’m Bin Laden. Osama precisely”

“Yes I am” he finally replied.

“Good” Alzarius breathed. “You mind collecting something of epic importance from your body ?”

Damien didn’t reply. Not even a slight gesture.

“I will take your silence as a go-ahead” Alzarius said as she delved out a small trench-knife from her. Damien flinched at the sight of the knife.

“Calm down boy, your death is not today at least, perhaps tomorrow” Alzarius pierced the knife into his shoulder till blood gushed out. “I’m sure you are related with that lady you both came into this town the other night right” She asked now collecting the blood into a tub. “You need not to answer, I already carried out my research and it was positive” She said after it appeared to her that Damien’s mouth had been whelmed with pain from the cut her knife caused on him. “I’m sorry it that pained you but I must say you should be prepared for much greater that precedes your death tomorrow” She finally said and carried the tub away while Damien was forced back into a coop.

Luciana smiled gratuitously. She was happy she was giving the second chance to nab Ryan and the stranger destined to ruin their posterity. The second and only chance she wasn’t ready to let slip of her hand. She had decided to increase the army that will partake in the maurud. The defense measure would be well taking care of as well as the onslaught. About 50 adepts and high skilled archers with their bows and arrows were insidiously on standby. Shields, arrows, grenade and swords would be provided for each of their skilful wielder. While the ones who are fledged enough to transform–the werewolves among them would come out for the battle. Luciana was sure that not after all her epical preparation would Ryan and the stranger slip off her hands again if they ever stepped their feet on Laraba.




“Because you like me ?” Regina asked befuddled. As matter of fact she couldn’t deny she hadn’t started to feel attracted to hunk who never stopped applauding his utter exquisiteness with his smile and coyly look.

“Yes I do” Ryan replied.


“Please stay here with me. You are save from the dangers loitering outside there” Ryan pleaded repressing the whim to compel her. He had resolved never to use compulsion to get anything from her.

“I will stay” she finally said half whisperingly. “But it’s not because I want to be save from anything out there”

Fresh wrinkles assembled on Ryan’s face. As he stared sheepishly at Regina.

“What do you mean ?” He asked.

“I’m staying because I like you as well and I will love to stay by your side”

Ryan was bedazzled by what Regina said. So the love was still there. It hadn’t actually strayed away like he envisaged. The love was secure, safe and sound.

“Oh really ?”. He introduced that smiles that brandish his perfect dentition “Our feelings is mutual I guess”

“Yes I guess so” Regina said shyly “Call me Regina”

Ryan almost said he was already aware of her name before but later decided against it. Telling her that could exhume all what he chose to bury from from her.

“Alright Regina” Ryan moved closer. Holding his breath.”I don’t like you again Regina. I don’t want to like you. Not anymore.” He spilled softly, that statement that caused an eruptive silence that pervaded the atmosphere.

Regina face furrowed in disbelief.

“But I love you!” He confessed.

The words had not fully plopped out from his mouth before Regina hauled herself at him and the two embedded in a tongue wallowing kisses. Their two mouths was lurked in the bondage of the ecstasy and that had increasingly nudged the passion burning inside of them. But unfortunately! The two was not yet satiated when Regina broke free from the kiss.

“Regina what’s wrong?” Ryan said amidst trying to sip in enough breaths the snog had seized.

“It’s Damien! My brother! ..oh! Stupid me ? I-ca-ca-ca-n find my brother an -nnd I am here,..” Regina babbled on. Her face holding disquietedness. “Ryan I can’t find my brother. I gotta go look for him” She said struggling to break free from Ryan’s hold.

“Look at me plss. Look at me. What happened to your brother and where is he ?”

“He was kidnapped by em- animals.. No monsters .I don’t know. All I know is I need to look for him.” She said, her struggling intensified.

“Where was he kidnapped ?”

“Laraba town.”

Ryan could see how desperate Regina was to leave for Laraba town. She was obviously acting way passed being normal and that had surmounted an intuition something eerie was about to happen to her. So he had no choice that to do what he promised to abstain from. To compel her.

“Regina, you will stay here while I go to get your brother for you ok? And always remember I love you ?” He compelled her

“I will stay here while you go to get my brother for me. And I will always remember you love me” Regina reiterated.

Ryan nodded.”Alright Regina. I’m coming back to love you” He muttered as he prepared to go to Laraba to rescue Damien. But little did Ryan know he was actually stumping towards his death.

Story continues ..

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