LARABA (where love never ends) episode 13

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Chapter 13

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The archers were on standby laying in bushwhack. Arrow and bows decorating their hands, ready to shoot at any living biont parading the area. The warriors also had brass knucks on their heads while their hands clenched tautly to spears and swords. The werewolves were not left out. Luciana had lectured them on the best place to do the bite on Ryan’s body. Even though it was cognisant to them their toxin could do less of a serious hurt or injury on him however, they believed it would do massive aid in weakening him and of course confused him to some point when the archers and the warriors would strike.

Ryan chortled the instant he stepped his feet on Laraba. There was silence everywhere. An ear deafening silence permeated with death. Ryan knew death was smacking proudly but he couldn’t back out. Naturally he could have hit the nail on the head by compelling Regina to forget about her brother but Ryan he knew that was totally inequitable. It was unjust. He believed he was the cause of Damien’s predicament–he was the one who compelled her sister in the first place to exit Locksley town and find solace in Laraba town.–Now that the young lad was on bobsleigh to trouble because of him, Ryan had resolved that the best he could to do in remittal of his silly acts was to bring him back alive. He was in indebtedness to save him at all cost.

The first gawp Ryan took made him see the little chap that was undoubtedly Regina’s brother. The little lad was being tied to a large barrel while two blokes possessing a heavy lour face continued to hit him restlessly. Both sides of the Damien were occupied with Alzarius and Luciana respectively. There faces was bedizened with a wicked grin as they watched Ryan prowled down to where Damien was.

Ryan was aware that beneath the short distance to where Damien was, laid a very weighty-fleshy danger. But he was determined to get to where the lad was and rescue him. He continued walking, taking an imminent strides defining how fearless he was.

He got to where Damien was being tied. And with a fleet stunts he launched two dropkicks on the blokes inflicting pain on Damien, they immediately slumped down like a wounded cow writing in pain.

“Well done Ryan Jericho”Luciana voiced accompanying his words with claps.” Two men down already and that’s brave of you. But they are just a tip of an iceberg. Let see how you handle all these ones and escape Alzarius’ spell the second time” She finished talking.. The words prompted Ryan to look back–and he was surprised to see gobs of men surrounding him with various weapons. Of course he wasn’t surprised. He had not least expected it to happened.

He whooshed a gimcracking breath and said;

“I can see you are prepared for me?”

“Of course we are” Luciana riposted

“Alright then watch this”

Ryan released a tetchy nods with smirks, then swerved his face back to the archers and warriors. He intensified his stare on them for some nano-seconds.Every one was oblivious of the feat he just pulled, not even Alzarius and Luciana could get an itty idea of what Ryan just did. It happened so fast that even a blink of an eye was slow-motion compared to it.

The next scene that played in front of Luciana and her sister was bloodcurdling.

Ryan had successfully mind-controlled the warriors and the archers in jiffy.

The army now faced each other with their weapons and was ready to lynch themselves to death. Luciana’s face cuddled nothing but anger. Her whole plan was collapsing. Her army had started attacking themselves with total brutality. The archers shooting at the warriors while the latters were slashing the formers with swords and spears in reckless cruelty. This angered Luciana the more as she lurched forward to where Damien was being tied and pounced on him then snagged to death. Flesh to shreds–bone to pieces.

The grim aftermath of Luciana deed shook Ryan like an angry eructation. His eyes clasped in anger, as he was ready to end Luciana on the spot. But alas! It was so late.

Ryan felt his feet being floated in the mid-air, defying gravity. He felt he was being controlled by magic. He realised definitely well it was Alzarius at work.

Then Alzarius brought out a bowie knife and threw a scowl at him.

“This is the end Ryan. Just give up” She whiffed, brandishing the knife on his face

“With that ?” He asked citing the knife.


“And what made you so sure? You remembered you tried to kill me once but you failed and now I can’t even imagine how dump you are to bring this thing to threaten me”

“That was my mistake but I soon learnt from that.”She turned her scowl to a smirk. “You see this knife?” She waved it on his face. And explained how the bowie knife had been fortified with magic and vervain to the point that just a cut will produce a stinging pain followed by an instantaneous death.

“But you won’t kill me. You wouldn’t want to do that” Ryan said dauntlessly.”

“And what so stupid effrontery told you that? Because to me you are about to kiss the world goodbye”

Ryan laughed irritably getting Alzarius and Luciana more peeved up. They had expected him to to be sullen at the hearing of his death fast coming but here he was feeling riant like it was his birthday and not a death-day

“Because if you do, you would loose Alza”


“Who are you ?” Ryan compelled him. Praying inwardly he had napped the right target. He couldn’t afford to pick the wrong person for the task at hand.

“I’m Alzar the son of the witch Alzarius,” The young chap squeaked like a rattlepated pet.

Ryan was happy. He look at the chap standing in front of him and nodded smugly. He was now certain his plan was going to work out well. The chap bore a striking resemblance with his mother indeed– little wonder it was easier for him to identify him among hordes of chaps in Locksley town. He definitely knew how going to Laraba could be dangerous so Ryan had settled to stratify a subtle backup plan.

Ryan handed Alzar a sword then resumed his compulsion.”Alza you will wait for me to return back to you before the moon arises but if eventually I didn’t–you will strike yourself with this steel and you will die”

The young chap iterated the task he was compelled to do haplessly. He was aware the risk involving the knavish task but couldn’t decline it. That was the power of compulsion–

Feeling satisfied, Ryan strutted to Laraba to get Damien. To face Luciana–and Alzarius.


“So can you now see reason I said you wouldn’t dare kill me ?” Ryan asked in a somewhat razz tone. “If you kill me then you only have till moon rise to bid farewell to your son. Remember no spell, no magic could break a hybrid’s compulsion”

Alzarius couldn’t reply as her face had instantly got sullen–lacking vitality and depicting a pitiful soul in dearth need of vitamin D. Alza was her only son, the only child she bore so and she wasn’t ready to loose him on a flippant ground.

“What are you waiting for witch ? Stab me and finish the job ?” Ryan said derisorily still dangling in the mid-air.

Alzarius shook her head. That was enough response to tell she slackening and ready to give up.

“Don’t do this Alzarius! You need to end him now!” Luciana squabbled from behind her.”Remember a whole race is at risk here. Think Alzarius, you can’t afford to put the whole werewolf kind at risk over a little boy safety. Just do this for me.. Please” She was now begging, but unfortunately Alzarius was unmoved.

“He is not just a boy Lucy. He is my son! My only child! We have to let go. Let go of this impossible effort of altering the future. It doesn’t worth it, a whole army has been lost already and I’m about to loose what stands as the most precious thing in my life. No I can’t do that. I can’t!!” Alzarius spieled

“Then I’m so-rry”Luciana said as she struck Alzarius with a spear. The witch’s face contorted, eyes popped out accommodating the pain and impending death. The bowie knife she held afore fell down and immediately Luciana lurched forward to pick it up and grimaced evil.

“Time to die Ryan.” She muttered.

Story continues

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