LARABA (where love never ends) episode 14

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Chapter 14

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She didn’t feel any if remorse for striking her blood sister with a spear. Her mind was so made up to the point she wouldn’t bath an eyelid to shed more gills of blood to achieve her flagitious motives.

Ryan beheld Luciana with the bowie knife and groaned despairingly. Death was humming obstreperously. If any traces of petite truth could be found in Alzarius’s word–then he was good as dead at the touch of the blade. There was nothing left more to do than to stare at Luciana like a snared swine.

“Do I need to remind that tiny dumb brain of yours that I’m the alpha here–so you can’t compel me. Stop staring like you are going to compel me. Your compulsion would do nothing” Luciana nickered viciously feeling assured that was the end for almighty Ryan.

“You are going to kill me fine, but how sure are you it’s the right thing to do ? What makes you think my death could alter the prophecy as you’ve claimed ?

“Because you are the chosen one to give birth to the last sentinel that will end our kind”

Ryan scoffed. “And what makes you think the prophecy would be altered after my death”

“Well I can only provide answer to that after your death.”She said as she raised her right hand clasping the bastioned blade, ready to plunk it deep into his neck. Ryan closed his eyes ready to confront his death since it was something he had long been waiting for. However, as Ryan had expected an acute pain to enshroud him–nothing happened except for a scummy whimper that made him open his eyes.

He noticed his feet were now touching the ground– and most surprisingly Luciana had vanished out of sight. The whimper was getting louder while Ryan realised it poured out more from his left flank. He made to see Luciana, far away from where he was standing, dangling in the mid air–Same way Alzarius made him before–Just that the only difference was that he noticed Luciana’s own was indorsed with choking. While Luciana was struggling in mid-air, he was also struggling to respirate.

“You w-ill re-gret this” the smothered words rasped out of her mouth.

“No I won’t” Came the blatant reply. “I need your help Ryan. Help me.”

Everything became clearer to Ryan. Alzarius had used her last power to remove the spell she used on him and cast it on her sister. What a twist of fate and burlesque display between two blood sisters. He was astonied to witness the travesty going on between two of them.

“I doubt he is going to help you sister. Few minutes ago you were about killing him” Luciana said jeeringly amidst excessive glob of coughs and muffled voice.”You don’t expect him to be a clod as you are”

“But I least expected him not to be a betrayal as you.” Alzarius quickly replied her sister.

“Oh really, you think I’m betrayal here ? You think saving my kind is an act of betrayal to you ?

“I think striking your blood sister is more brutal act of betrayal”

“I did that to protect my people and my kind. Alzarius, you still have enough power to end all this. Release me and let me kill him now or you can also do it yourself before you die. That will save you enough blessing from father when you meet him in afterlife.”

“I would rather kill you in a snappy to quickly meet him so he could scold you on your failure and deprive you of his forgiveness in afterlife. It would do me pretty goodness seeing father lash you with words of disapproval” Said Alzarius sneerily.

“Father hated you while he was life, dont make him detest you more when you meet him over there.” Luciana replied, evidently she was enjoying the repartee between both of them.

“I don’t care Lucy! If I die now. I would be happy I made the right choice in my entire life. The choice to keep my only son alive”

“Go on and sputter more gibberish to justify you insane act you witch” Luciana cussed mockingly. “You the black sheep of the family”

“Enough of your banters” Ryan who had been watching with keen interest yelled at them. He seemed to be tired of the fracas between the two sisters, as he lurched towards where Alzarius was still laying to help her. Truthfully according to Luciana’s words, going through all the cruelties Alzarius melted on him in the past, Ryan wouldn’t want to saver her. He would believe the witch didn’t deserve to be saved–But albeit all the brutalities she had done, Ryan still chose to save her. Ryan wasn’t only powerful and charming, still he remained the a man who was bestowed with a heart full of benignity.

He looked into her eyes –and he felt the pain dwelling deep inside Alzarius. The pain was so crispy and snazzy that it looked like she was panting for her last breath. Nothingness Ryan knew what to do to save her.

He lifted Alzarius from the ground, and hauled her on his shoulder then he whisked back to Locksley town. Immediately he got to the town, he cut his wrist and fed her enough blood to heal the wound on her body. Then he searched for Alzar to undo the compulsion from him, so he later returned the young lad to her mother.

“I’m sorry Ryan. I’m sorry for everything I have done. I was just being obstinate and consumed by my myopic mind.” Alzarius begged.

Ryan smiled munificently. “No problem. You just have to be careful now that you have a vampire’s blood in your system”

Alzarius nodded and thought contritely. Her stubbornness had pushed her to the verge of becoming a vampire–finally stamping her as an archenemy to her sister and dead father. She wasn’t only becoming a witch now–but a witch-vampire.

Ryan left Locksley and returned to the cave he left Regina. He was unhappy at thought of how he had failed to fulfill his promise to her. He was even more pained knowing Damien’s death untowardly happened because of him. He regretted ever compelling Regina to leave Locksley. The mirage would forever haunt him like a wraith.

“Where is my brother ?” Regina lunged forward to meet Ryan immediately she caught him in sight. “Ryan please tell me you brough him back to me”

Ryan shook his head. And that was enough acrid reply to her question.

“Those monsters killed him right ? They killed him! Oh my God I hate them. I swear I’ll avenge his death… I will cut them limb by limb to pieces to pieces” Regina snuffled, hurting Ryan more and more. Torrent of water spritzed out of her eyes. If there was anything he could take back, that would be the death of the young boy. At least to placate Regina troubled heart.

“I’m sorry Love” He said as he moved closer to her to hold her in a tight hug.

Ryan was using all the force he could muster to resist the urge to compel her and make her forget the pain. He believed it was her decision to keep the memory afresh or blur it away from her memory lane because it held a strong stem in her life–and he wasn’t going to deprive her of that choice.

“I promise to love you like no other. I’m ready to heal your pain love.” He cooed her more. While Regina held him tightly and cried on his shoulder, mumbling indistinctly on how she was going to amerce the death of his brother by killing all the monsters responsible.

Those words were resounding clamorously like a church bell on Ryan’s mind, also doing pretty good in awakening his long dead desire.–And that was the desire to moult away his supernaturalism to become human. Ryan hearing those words that flew out of Regina’s mouth made him believe Regina wouldn’t accept him being a vampire and werewolf. She would label him a monster. He would be scorned forever–topping the list of her favourite foes–and perhaps she would stop loving him immediately. Those were the things he couldn’t brook to happen. He just couldn’t afford to loose such a girl again after eventually having her back.

Ryan swore that very moment to return back to human being so he could retain the love between him and Regina.



“What!!!” The monk exclaimed, drilling a look on Ryan. Look that could core Lake Balaton in jiffy. His expression depicted that of person who was given a bowl of preserved poop to swallow.

“You head me right, Lazarus” Ryan replied calmly.

“No I didn’t. Seems my eardrum has started malfunctioning”

“Ok then. Think I have to reiterate what I said in a suitable then.”Ryan said, stepping closer to where Lazarus was. “I said I’m dam tired of being a hybrid. I want you to help me back into my human form”

“Ryan don’t be silly. That’s insane.”Lazarus exploded

“Of course I’m not”

“Ryan you’ve got to stop using your heart to reason when your head is staying idle.”

“But what about the situation when the head is dumb and couldn’t feel what the heart feels.” Ryan prated taking tottery steps away from the monk. “My friend” he called out.

“Ryan I’m here”

“All this while have been making decisions with my head but now let me try this one using my heart. Only my heart can feel this, my head cant. I’m in love friend. I’m so in love”

“I know. You are in love with Regina right ?”

“How did you know that ?” Ryan asked surprised.

“Think about this Ryan, she was the only living thing that could infiltrate the groyne that was used to debar entrance into your cabin. Both of you are bonded together and fated to love. But Ryan ….”

“Pls exclude the but Lazarus” Ryan blurted “Don’t start telling me gibberish like you believe in the horseshit that I should let her go if I truly love her. I must say the chap who coined that line must have been a nincompoop who would have preferred the whip of hell to the bliss of heaven. Because I don’t know why I should forsake something I dearly love just to prove that I love …”

“Just shut your gut and let me talk.”Lazarus yelled at him.

Silence came down.

“It’s true you are fated to love each other but the love is short-termed. You are fated to love because you both have a mission to carry out. I don’t know whatever the mission is all about but one thing I know is that it doesn’t worth you shedding away your supernaturalism. And moreover there are lot of risk surrounding this”

Ryan gave a massive smile at the last phrase that poured out from the monk’s mouth. “You said risk? What is the risk?”

“Brutal”Lazarus simply replied.

“Tell me more”

The monk seeing how obstinate Ryan was moved closer to him and dragged him to two wooden stools while they sat on each of them. He was ready to unveil the virulent truth about how he could transform back to human being.

“You were created with an Original with the spell of Eden right?” Now there is only one way to reverse the theurgy.”

“Spill it, Laz”

“We will have to undo the spell from you”

“Then I can contact Alzarius to do that, hum ?”

“It’s not as easy like that. Before the spell can be undone you have to do something important” Lazarus suspired.

“And what’s that ?”

“Listen carefully Ryan.”The monk implored. “This is the crux of the whole thing. Before the the spell can be undone — you have to abstain from using any of your powers within a period of 25 days. However this is after you might have been given a protective talisman. The talisman would be on your neck for the period of the 25 days. The talisman is to hide your power for the period of 25 days. But if unfortunately, the talisman was removed, then you would be exposed to using them and if you eventually use any of them–even the slightest compulsion then you are in a big mess.”

“What is the mess ?”

Lazarus pointed to a short spear hanging closely to the wall of his cabin and said;

“You have to stab Regina with that”

“And why should I do that ?” Ryan blurted, prying his face outward and contorting his jowl like someone who just gulped a teacup of lysergic acid.

“Because she is the reason you were going through the transformation. And if you failed to stab her instantly, you will vanish from the face of the earth. You will be dead. Gone forever Ryan!” The monk clamoured

Hearing that, Ryan sighed.

“Are you still willing to go ahead and risk everything all for a girl. All for Regina ?” Lazarus asked expecting Ryan to shake his head to enounce he was going to withdraw.

“Yes I am.” He maundered

“You are willing to risk your life for a girl ?” The monk said, almost mistaking Ryan for an harebrained patient who just missed his dose. “This isn’t called love. This is called stupidity.”

“I know it’s a stupid decision but I’m still choosing it. I’m following my heart and hope it won’t fail me this first time of doing it bidding” Ryan replied precipitously, totally oblivious the decision was the beginning of his end and the birth of a prophesy.

Story continues..

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