LARABA (where love never ends) episode 15

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Ryan left Lazarus’s abode and slogged back to his cave in a broody state. The thought of the risk involved to shed his supernaturalism away occupied his mind. But he was determined to take it. At least for him to be able to be with the love of his life–to come out flawless before her. He so much loved Regina. He loved her more than oxygen. He was ready to do anything to have her completely. He’d would steal Queen Elizabeth’s casket if she asked him to–that’s if the latter was dead. But of course he would want to know who she wanted to bury before he purloin such a costly coffin.

Ryan entered the cave and saw Regina laying comfortably. She was fast asleep. He heaved and smiled at the sight of how resplendent she was even at her state of stupor. Her xanthous eyes had been covered with her eyelid –but two strands out of dark mane hair still lingered to her face dashing her the good resemblance of a sleeping angel.

“Who are you ?” She flittered her eyes open and a blur image formed in front of her. It took three flicks of her eyelids for her dizzy sight to capture the figure of Ryan–her prince charming.

“Ryan” Ryan simply replied.

“You are back?” She said accommodating a blob of pout curving her mouth. “What took you so long?”

“Yes I am back sunshine, and I’m back for staying long” Ryan crooned softly. Bringing his face closer to the sleeping-beauty while a fleck of smile scat through his lips.

Regina still hosting the moue on her mouth rose to sit down on a very big stone. The stone was flat and long like a bench. And it possessed a tempting looked that always seemed to invite derrieres to come and sit-down upon it.

“Here–come sit beside me” She patted the space left on the stone she was cobblestone she was sitting.

Ryan obeyed.

“I want to ask questions” Her face became stodgy.

“Go ahead” Ryan nodded more like a typical lacertid lizard doing push-up to garner strength to fudge ahead in it cruising round the fence.

Questions–he heard Regina right and his mind had started doing a brief mapping on what could be so crux on her mind that could have bore the stodginess on her. Whatever it was hope it had nothing to do with his nature. He wouldn’t be comfortable at lying to her.

“Who are you Ryan ? I mean what are you … ?”

Yucks! That was it. The darn question he was trying avoid. His eyes flustered. Of course his hermit life really called for questioning and he believed it really took Regina a long time to quiz that from him. He had expected her to question him about it prior to this time. Even though Ryan was expecting–he hadn’t given it a thought to lie to her and neither had he considered coming out echt and honest to her. But now that the question had been shot out like missiles, Ryan was flummoxed at what response to give.

“…that made me fall for you this way.” She continued, repressing Ryan restlessness. “I’m so in love with you Ryan. I love you so much but I don’t know why or how ? What are you ? What are you doing to me ? I don’t know much about you and yet my my heart beats a trillion times for you. And ohh! I love it. I love the feeling to the point that I hate to hate it–in fact I don’t want it to stop but I still find myself wondering what you did to me ?”

Hearing that, relieve bestrode his face. He smiled at his dense reasoning. He was so dumb to have thought otherwise. So Regina was truly in love with him just as he was. Did he just think he would pilfer Elizabeth’s coffin if she asked him to ?–Well that’s just to batam to appreciate the kind of love she felt towards him. He would rather slice out his heart and roast it to a kebab beef just to feed her for brunch. Dam! He was so much love with Regina!

“Sunshine I’m in love with you too and No words from my mouth would describe that”

“Are you sure ?”

“Yes I am”

Regina stood up from the cobblestone and began to undress herself. She removed every pieces of cloth on her body and stood buck naked before Ryan. One word for Regina’s body; Magnificent! Her body was characterized with grandeur. She was a perfect creature; her silky and smooth skin seemed to glow under the glare of the sun penetrating the cave, and the curves stood proud and conspicuously handful. Ryan ogled at her–and started drooling instantly. The spittle slabbering from his mouth was enough to form another Mississippi River.

“Then make love to me Ryan. I give you all my body” Regina said, passing a staid stare at him.

Without wasting any more time, Ryan scooped her up and carried her to the innermost part of the cave illuminated by stark darkness. He lowered her down. Yanking off his cloth too. He undressed completely. He could see how young and beautiful she was, the flawless light-complexioned skin, straight full b—–s with large hardened n—–s, the rise and fall of her abdomen, the long triangle of the soft pubic hair.

Regina was lying back on a berth now, watching fascinated as he walked towards her. She worked herself sideways and he was beside her. Regina caressed and s—-d her b—–s passionately for some minutes before pushing himself to his knees. She looked at him as if he was her creator, licked her dry lips, lifted her knees, and spread them apart.

Ryan was over her and between her fleshy thighs, and into the vaginal opening, slowly and slowly, and deeper and deeper between the clinging lips of the v—a. It was delicious, this entry, and as he slid back and forth he was aroused to a bursting point. He thought that he might come right away, so he slowed, fighting the urge to ejaculate, until the wave passed, and then He settled down to a steady, relentless rhythm, giving it to her straight and hard.

After a few minutes her hips began to rise and fall with him, and make undulating circular movements that quickened and heaved, and she began to emit throaty orgasmic sounds. He was ready, and suddenly her fingers dugs into his shoulders and she was ready too. She opened her eyes and began to come, and with that he pumped mindlessly, felt the perspiration in his eyes, and then he came big. She was slack beneath him, gulping air, and he rolled off her.

His hand went down to her c——s and massaged it briefly until she lifted her hips and came again. After that, she had three more orgasms and wanted no more. He lay with his head between her b—–s and her fingers played with his hair.

“I love you, Ryan.” She said, still stroking his hair. She had said those words countless of times before, but the way she said them now was so genuine and emotional; her voice was both soft and deep, and he could feel the tremor behind those words. Regina loved him totally, entirely, and without remorse. She didn’t love me for him looks–even though he possessed the best physical outlook, she didn’t love him for the sexual regatta they just experienced, she just loved him naturally.

“I love you, too, Regina. I will always love you.”

“We’ll be together forever.” She replied. Then she reached down and brought her soft lips to his, kissing him as he had never been kissed before. It was paradise on cave.

Then he suddenly felt an involuntary movement between his legs. This had happened very fast. His hand found her b—–s and he fondled them, rubbing and sucking the large n—–s of each, feeling them grow under his fingertips and tongue. She came around on her side, felt his growing erection, held it until her hand was full and able to take only part of its hardness.

She pulled him to her and raised her knees and opened herself to him. He rose above her and comfortably entered her once more, resuming as if he had done it with her all his life and it seemed like a dance they had always done so well together.

This time it was even better, the best. His body was slick with sweat and her skin slippery from his when she came in one long-drawn-out eruption, and seconds later he came too.

He managed to push off her, and they both lay there exhausted.

Now that the love between them had been sealed with massive love making, Ryan was convinced that risking his life to be with her for life really worth it. He wasn’t going to back out till he achieve this. All he had to do now was go back to Alzarius to undo the Spell of Eden from him.

After some few minutes, he looked over at her on his side. She was breathing shallowly, sound asleep. He watched her beautiful face til it was time for him to leave. Ryan sneaked out of her side, put on her cloth, picked up the talisman Lazarus gave to him–and began to walk down to Locksley town–to meet Alzarius. To alter his fate.


“The s-x was great right ?!” The young man plaudit himself as he rolled away from his wife–Luciana. He was grunting lividly like a fagged pig. If there was something Luciana hated about her husband, it was definitely his stertor habit.

Salmad was the Alpha’s husband. Her betrothed hubby actually. And the two had been together right from their puerility age before the death of Luciana’s father. It wasn’t as if the two loved each other so well, and they didn’t pretend to do. But it at least they adored each other. And that enough was to splice them together as man and a wife.

Salmad was also a werewolf like Luciana,–but his strength didn’t match up with her. One feature only glinting on Salmad was his muscle and macho body–such features could only be as a result of heavy weight lifting. However despite his machismo body, one unbalanced thing about him was that he was a slim type. Salmad was sparsely slim.–So unbeautifully slim that he would look like a bottle of beer putting on suit if possible being dashed one.

“It was.” Luciana replied tersely, standing up from the bed and putting on her cloth. Unhappiness surfaced on her face.

Salmad lurched to her, Still naked. “You are not looking bright” He said. The s-x was great, no doubt–but Salmad was expecting the aftermath of it to still be radiating on his wife. Not this stale look she was wearing.

“Why should I ?” Anger blazed on her face. “You’ve only gotten delight to hump me without the slightest care to know a pinch of my innermost despair” She backed her husband.

“Are you talking about the council?” He tried to show concern.

“They are going to remove me., they’re about to remove me from being the alpha all because I have failed to produce the dead body of Ryan. Now look at me, how am I supposed to cope with all these ? What do I do now ? Now that even my sister had become his sidekick now ? Salmad–I can’t take it if the council removed as the alpha. But how am I supposed to catch that b—–d when he is a hybrid and now got the support of my asinine witch sister?” She berated.

Salmad grinned. His grin had always been super-awful. It could be likened to a snake’s grin–or a perfect grin an empty skull would give– because Salmad had lost almost all his dentition including the incisors.

“Calm down” He later said running his hand along Luciana’s back. “No one is going to remove you as the alpha. Because I have my plans already.” He said. Salmad had realised how desperate the Laraba’s council was to oust his wife out of the position of being the alpha. They believed she had failed them after loosing hordes of army just to capture Ryan–So since they couldn’t tolerate another gruesome failure from her, they had decided to oust as soon as possible.

Salmad had resolved to keeping a stoolie around him. He realised the core reason while they had been failing to nap Ryan was because they had not taken proper steps to study him first. And know his tactics and feat. So the stoolie Salmad planted around him had since being monitoring all his movements and even squealed about Ryan’s decision of transmuting permanently to human being.

“And what are your plans ?”

“Let just say Ryan is working into a trap. The trap that will undoubtedly be his end”

“Really?” She turned now facing her husband.

“Trust me. You know I couldn’t help but wonder how your feminine tactics had failed to nap the Ryan twice but trust me Luciana–by this time tomorrow Ryan would be dead!” Salmad boasted while the alpha smirked.

She drew to her husband once more and the two lurked into another passion of bliss to celebrate the advance victory again their foe.

Whereas it was this same time the seeds were laid inside the womb of both Regina and Luciana. The seeds that would doubtlessly nock the commencement of the prophecy. The seeds that would shake the future of the two worlds.

–The Larabas and the Lamiae.

Story continues…

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