LARABA (where love never ends) episode 2

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Chapter 2

11:45pm already. The town was in thick darkness. He puffed out large volume of carborndioxide as he verified the time on his wrist watch. The town was already at sleep. Even the silence and darkness could make a blind man know it was just some minutes to twelve. It was a dead night and good night for him. A good night to kill. – good night to eat.

He had been there since 10 Pm. The derelict part of the town. He initially picked the area as good lieu to carry out his savagery. Locksley had been a cloistered area dominated by the minorities. A good place where a whole lot of brutalities could be carried out without being curbed .A lot of vicious acts had been carried out there afore without any one to probe or check. He thought and to him, it was a perfect place to kill.

He needed it today. He had tried enough to suppress the urge for a week, but now he just couldn’t pertuate any longer. He had grown weak. His body now ached. His countenance was a reflection of a forlorn and so it was palpable that he was famished. Greatly famished. And nothing could sated him more than what this.

He hadn’t tasted it for a whole week. Now he had to feed. Did i say food ? I meant drink. He hadn’t tasted his drink for a week. His drink that obviously gave him the dearth legerity his forlorn body lacked.

He hadn’t tasted blood!

Fine! He never wanted to this. He never wanted to kill. He never wanted to take a life before he could quench his hunger. He tried to stop once but it was not working. He couldnt satisfy his pungent thirst, unfortunately there was nothing he could do. He had tried to abstain from it a whole week, but the urge kept gnawing in him, the thirst to drink again kept surpressing his resolution and now he was about to taste another blood!

“As long as you love me, we could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke” …. That was a ringtone of phone from a passerby still located a long distance away. That song sounded familiar though–that was Justin Biebers. His friend’s favourite song. His girlfriend had played the song octillion times whenever she was with him. He had lost count of the time she even played it this afternoon when she came visiting. Poor little pretty princess was not aware he was a vampire!

He swished a laud breath.

Anyways, that was story for another day. He smirked. He felt happiness engulfing him. That that could be his next victim approaching. His next meal actually. The frosted cold night smeared on his face as he used his palm to rub it off and applied a kind of heat through the friction. He needed to stay alert. He must not flop.

He heard the steps getting nearer, his victim steps sounded like someone shambling along. He couldnt wait to have his fill. To quench his malefic urge. To devour. He shook his head dolefully to render his condolence to his next victim in advance. “R.I.P to you, may your sorry soul rest in peace” he rustled out

“God Lord kindly forgive me, i dont want to do this, but VAMPIRE must SURVIVE!!” He prayed with simper. He didnt want to do it candidly, he was tired of killing, but his nature wouldn’t allow him to be. He got to survive! So he couldn’t stop feeding on impeccant human’s blood.

What a pity.

Now his next meal was just about 20 feets away. He could perceive the scent. She was a female. The air had blown the passer’s deodorant and with the atmosphere he could easily decipher. He swore he knew the name of the fragrance. “Charlie Enchant” he whispered to himself. A familiar deodorant he couldn’t decode.

Well thank God, it would be alot easier to handle a lady compared to a man. Men could be rigid, and that could cost more hassle between them. He was not ready for such at that moment.

12 feets away, his fang had manifested, his claws too was already recrudesced, both giving him the look of a bad type of a crustacean. It was so obvious he didnt want to do it. He didnt want to kill again yet his urge kept pushing. He was tired of chastising his urge. Tired of depriving his body the ecstasy of blood. Only God will forgive him! He was about to KILL again.

Just 3 steps more, he had started drooling, coudnt wait to pounce on his victim and quench his desirous tongue. He used his claw to clutch the wall. Then he blended with the thick darkness. The stark night was even aiding, nobody could notice him, even if the eyeballs were as big like that of Segun Arinze or Empress Njamah. They woudnt see a dam! Only the beam of light could give out his silhouette but was momentarily absent.

Yap! His food finally arrived.

“Thud!!” He pounced on her like an hungry tigress that just that had been starved. A tigress that had failed to glimpse at any sight of food since decade.

“Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllp Meeeeeeee A lady’s voice shrieked loud; upsetting the silence of the night—while trying hard to fight and rescued herself from the bloody impish predator.

Unfortunately, all the efforts attempted to gain her freedom was not match to her predator’s intensity. To her it, It seemed her predator was somewhat like a wrestler. A professional combatant. It soon dawned on her that she already lose the battle. She receded, accepted her fate and embraced her death bravely.

What a pity.

After he pounced on her with a great thud, he had used his left hand to grip her head, then his right hand to hold her shoulder firmly—while twitching it to make it comfortable for his fang to do the bite on her nucha. He never wanted her to feel any pain, everything should be less excruciated. “i am sorry for this” he whispered as he opened his fanged mouth to bite.

“jake, are you ? you dont kill me!” his victim’s voice yawled more like a command to a whimper which of course halted his move.

That voice sounded familiar again. First it was a ringtone from his girlfriend, second it was a deodorant- ‘Charlie Enchant’ and now a voice. His thought was becoming grounded

“Who are you” he grunted lividly, head still bent to his victim’s nutcha, with mouth salivating like a dog. He couldn’t wait to devour.

“its me Regina, your girlfriend” His victim answered wearily. “So you are a monster” she slurred. Making him feel more ire with the slurry remark.

Jake felt perplexed. His longtime girlfriend whom he had tried to hide his vampirish side from happened to be his next victim.

To be continued..


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