LARABA (where love never ends) episode 20

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Chapter 20

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Sleep wouldn’t come–it seemed it had absconded from his eyelid. Insomnia. Why would he sleep, when the images of Tamara kept slinking into his imagination. All what transpired between them in the afternoon kept spieling on his head. He tossed on his bed hugging the bolsters to his hairy chest while the woody bed didn’t relent to squeal and quack it displeasure.

Is it really coincidental he and Tamara shared same destiny ? Born at the same date, same year and shared the same loss of their fathers. Both their fathers were killed at the same place. The only differences was that her father was killed by the Lamiae according to her while his father according to Meshach and mother’s confession disappeared and was later assumed dead. If this was fate at work then it isn’t really a bunce to bring him and Tamara together. Myriads of thought kept trudging in when Khalid noticed Meshach walk into his room.

“Khalid” his basso voice stained the tranquillity of cabin. Khalid perched a glance on him and wondered what type of man he really was.

For fifteen years, he had looked up to him as a biological father–even loved him and adored him as expected of son to do to his father. Meshach’s behaviour to him also had not in anyway be less from a father. Khalid loved him and adored him still–but he still couldn’t rebuff the bunch of secrets tailing Meshach around. He had noticed Meshach wasn’t a fan of eating any type of food. He had never tasted anything edible in his presence. Even a gnaw of any meals prepared by mom would convince him. But no! Meshach would not eat. And when as a toddler he accused him then, Meshach always countered his accusation with a flimsy excuse.

“Daddy” Khalid called back, maintaining his glance on his foster father. He could see his mouth wet with red liquid. That he had always seen on his mouth at every dead of the nights.

Meshach strutted towards his bed, his jodhpur boot slamming the woody floor of the cabin. He got to Khalid’s bed, sat beside him and posed a face that contained a grin.–A grin that only incurred on loving fathers.

“Son” he called again as he caressed Khalid’s blonde hair.”You are not sleep”

“I can’t sleep. I’m confused of so many things”

“Why are you confused son ?” His bedimmed to a frown.

“Who are the Lamiae ?” His eyes flittered rapidly begging Meshach to spill nothing but truth. For 15 years he had lied, maybe just spilling this truth for once could acquit him.

Meshach’s face bedimmed from a frown to a surprise. He peered his eyes at him, with a the them hauling a freight curiosity.

“The Lamiae?” He reiterated, now feigning to be confused. “Where did you get that from ?”

Meshach being the oldest vampires of the Lamiae had won his position as the head through his experience and maturity. He had instructed the rest of the Lamiae to remain dormant after they failed to rescue Ryan 16 years ago. Reason being that they wanted the Laraba to relax and believe they had gone to extinction before they strike again and avenge him. However after he saved Regina, he had made her learnt all what she didn’t know about Ryan–Ryan being hybrid and a powerful supernatural had been unveiled to her and when Regina eventually gave birth to Khalid, she had implored Meshach the kind of life his father wanted for her baby. She told him that it was his father’s wish for him not to taste any form of supernaturalism. Hearing that, Meshach decided to honour the request by keeping him oblivious of the Lamiae and most importantly, his true nature as a vampire–at least for the main time before he mature into his destiny.

“I met someone today. She also lost her father inside the same cave you claimed my father was attacked. She said her father was killed by the Lamiae. Dad, the girl also happened to share the same birthday with me. Dad I’m confused.” Khalid poured out while another lines of furrow escaped on Meshach’s face.

That could be Salmad’s daughter, which is invariably Luciana’s seed. The prophecy. The last sentinel. The girl destined to end the Lamiae’s race. Furthermore her parent were the ones responsible for the death of Ryan. As all these imaginations kept running through his mind his mind tacked back to anger–in rage. He felt like telling all this to Khalid but he didn’t.

“You’re not saying anything dad?”

“Son, the Lamiae are not what you think they are.” Meshach said.

“But they killed her father. They killed Tamara’s father”

“No they didn’t! The Lamiae wouldn’t do that.” Meshach countered incessantly. “Son look at me, the Lamiae don’t use weapons, they are violence, don’t kill any how and trust me on this if I say they didn’t kill Salmad”

Khalid heft his eyebrows in surprise. “You even know his name? And how come you know this much about the Lamiae”

Because you are of them. Same thing with you biological dad. He was attacked, captured, tortured by this same Salmad. So son, your own destiny is to avenge your fathers death. All these were the words threatening to topple out of Meshach’s mouth but he pushed them back. He didn’t want to betray Ryan’s wish for his son. He didn’t want to hurt his mother–Regina. He just didn’t.

“Khalid you need to believe me. There are alot of things you need to know but its better concealed from you for now for your father’s best interest. That’s was his last wish for you. But trust me, when the time ripens, I will let you know everything you want to know. Okay ?”

Khalid nodded.

“Now listen to son, I’m sure your mother must have told you this” Meshach stoeped and pointed at small talisman hung round his neck.” Khalid, you are a very powerful creature. You will grow to become the most powerful human alive but always remember you need to keep this round your neck. So that when the times comes, you won’t be perverted with this power in you”

Khalid nodded again and touched the talisman on his neck.

Meshach simpered while his mind opened to a piquant idea. An idea that guaranteed the Lamiae an inestimable victory over the Larabas. Fifteen years they had stayed abeyant and now that the opportunity to strike was gazing, he’d better take a good use of it.

“But son I don’t mind meeting this your new friend”

“Really dad ?”

“Yes son. Let me meet her.” He said and his simper grew wider to form a laughter. And the laughter was deadly.

Luciana stared at the faces of the people in the room with confidence. The others four five members returned the stare on her and what they found in glistening in eyes was certitude. Well, except Xtiana who knew feat. She knew her feat was to take back the position she lost to her 16 years ago. She should have known Luciana wasn’t only a quitter but also obstreperous woman.

“Are you sure of what you just said.” Derek, one of the Laraba’s council asked.

“She can’t so be sure. I want you guys to remember how she failed repeatedly in the past ? How she lost so many soldiers just to find a single soul?” Xtiana quickly said to dissuade everyone present at impromptu meeting Luciana called.

“This is not just a bluff guys. I said I can produce the little boy. I know and you know that have failed you in the past but trust me on this I found a way to capture Ryan’s son. The boy destined to end our race. Why can’t you hearken to me and work on the information I give you. Or better still, you confide in me with enough soldiers just to attack him once and for all and eliminate him.” Luciana begged, her voice hove desperation.

“No way!” Xtiana slammed the table. Her eyes bulged out. “You’re not getting a single soldier to waste in your mindless mission.”

“We can settle this amicably.”Derik said

“No! We can settle this in anyway amicable. Can’t you all see what Luciana is trying to do ? She is trying to win her way back to our heart and most importantly to manipulate us again like she did in the past.”

“Well If producing the dead body of Ryan’s son is snaking her way back to our heart then I preferably don’t have anything against it. All we want is our future and race free from any danger.” One of the members said. While another added;

“And you Xtiana, I think since the day you’ve also mounted the position of being our alpha for some years now you’ve neither produced Ryan’s dead body nor have you given any tiniest hope to do so. So what’s the essence of retaining you here when your stay is idle and useless?

Everywhere became silent. And even though the statement pierced through her heart bringing out a stinging pain. Luciana endured it with a smirk forming in her mouth. She believed that should spur her more to attempting daring steps to retain the post now that everyone was backsliding from her side.

“Okay we will release the soldiers for you to capture the boy. You just have to be careful with them this time.” She finally said with a smile. A poisonous smile.


“Why did you keep me waiting Khal ? Have been waiting for hell a long time” Tamara breathed as she rushed to hug Khalid. She rested her whole self on his chest to savour good portion of his fragrance.

She had snuck away from her mom to meet Khalid in the cave. Something she enjoyed doing– And she would do all over without any petite regret. It was one of the pertness attached to being a teenager–and what comes along with falling in love with pretty blonde dude like Khalid.

“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting Tamar.” Khalid said as they broke the snuggle, held each other hand and padded inside the cave.

Images of Tamara had refused to blot away from his head. And now it had started affecting his heart. However mom had told him recently in one of her unfairly romance tale about her and her real father that whenever the heart felt what the head was feeling, it means love. The heart is in love. Now, judging by mom’s mindset— it meant he was in love. Just like mom and his late dad who theirs never had an happy ending. He really hankered an happy ending.

“Mom said she wana meet you” Tamara said.

“Mine also.” Khalid retorted, “Dad actually. Em mm my foster dad” he corrected.

“But I don’t trust my mom” Tamara said, Luciana had told her she had a very brawny mission to accomplish in the future. Mission ranging from avenging her father’s death to being the last sentinel to the werewolves kind. She mustn’t be vulnerable and she must always snap out of weakness called love. But how on hell would she be able to follow mum’s word when Khalid was involved?

“I don’t trust my dad either.” Khalid replied.

“So what do we do.”

Khalid held Tamara’s cheek and pried his eyes into hers. Both enjoying the stuffiness in the atmosphere –while slurping each others breath like comestible. Eyes for eyes–breath for breath.

“Nobody can take you away from me. You are my friend Tamara, and knowing you has been the best thing that happened to me recently.” Khalid muttered with a smile.

Just like Ryan, Kahlid’s smile was providential– Miraculous. That is, it possessed the special grace of melting an average woman’s earwax —Tamara included. Her earwax was melting already.

“But there is something really bothering me” The miraculous smile blurred from his face.

“What’s it Khal ?”

Instead of Khalid replying Tamara, he removed the talisman around his neck and picked up a stone from the ground. With one hit on the pendant, it split into two pieces.

“You need to always keep this with you.” He gave one of the pieces to Tamarah. “I was told this was the only thing my real father left for me before he vanished. So you should know how precious this is to me. But I’m giving you a part of it now to always be with you. Please keep it save.”

“Khal why this ? Please talk to me.”

” I just have this feeling something is about to happen to us. Something I can’t guarantee we can handle.” His face reeking fear. “It’s something bad!.”

Story continues.

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