LARABA (where love never ends) episode 29

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Episode 29

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One of those severe smirk curled up on Xavier’s lips as he sat and waited for his boss to say something. He knew how impatient how his boss was, but him, however was relaxed and of course happy. He wasn’t ready to rush whatever thing he was there for. His happiness had burped out from the good tidings in his possession, something he knew worth more than anything to him.

“Xavier, I hope you didn’t just call me here to stare at me ?” Rominick said with a voice that seemed to drain the littlest courage residing inside of him.

“Yes boss. I’m done with the assignment you gave me. I’m here to give you the report with proof.” Xavier said, dastardly. He seemed to have lost the courage that was left of him afore with just Rominick’s brusque utterance.

Nel Rominick was one of those who was bestowed with high-ptiched voice and angelic face. Even as old as he was, he was angelic and what people failed to know was that his angelic face had been a good facade of the demon inside of him. He had the kind of nature that makes snakes cross the street to the other lane when they see him. Xavier who had been his tool for long feared his demonic side especially when fully activated just as it was at the moment.

“Fine. Let me see what you got for me ?”

Xavier brought out some photographs from under the jacket he wore and gave it to Rominick. Rominick collected and stared at it.

“What is this ?”

“I have confirmed the girl to be a werewolf. I captured her tonight when she transformed to save Jamal. I had him followed after Hilton debarred him from entering the house, just as we envisaged, the girl surfaced to pick him up. She transformed and then backed him up to her apartment. ”

An unfriendly grimace lit up his lips as he stared at the photographs. His mission was bobbing to be accomplished and that was enough reason for him to smile like a viper.

“But I need the strongest of the werewolf kind for this mission. Hope she would fit in?”

“Well sir, considering how mighty this wolf is, I’m very sure she is the alpha. Only an alpha could possibly posses such a herculean height. But trust me I will make sure I conduct more and proper findings to about that.”

“Alright Xavy. So where is Jamal at the moment ?”

“Adarian took him to her apartment.”

Rominick heaved. He was going to find him immediately before he absconded. He realised Jamal must have been hurt with what Hilton had said to him. Rominick had collided with his son to pull the feat of not allowing him to enter the house just to enhance Xavier’s plan on him and Adarian. At first when Xavier brough the suggestion, Rominick had refused bluntly and tossed the idea. But when Xavier was finding it rather difficult to stalk on Adarian, perhaps due to her lycanthropic status, Xavier was unable to tail her to her abode and even confirm her supernaturalism–Rominick then consented to use Jamal as the pawn. They knew Adarian would come for Jamal if they debarred him from entering the house and had Xavier prepared to make good use of that. Rominick had first of all lied about him travelling for a business trip so Jamal wouldn’t feel disappointed he was around while Hilton was being hash on him. Rominick was right inside the house when Hilton pelted such cruel lines on Jamal and to be candid he was massively depressed on earing Hilton lashed him out. Hilton had taken vantage of the fact he needed to give a pound of his flesh to feed Jamal such horrid words. And now that Xavier’s mission had been accomplished, he needed to find him and bring him back home.

“I need to go and pick him before he absconds. With the way Hilton dropped the lines, Jamal have decided not to come back home.” Rominick stood up, grope for his car keys.

“Wait sir. Have checked the talisman too.”

The statement halted Rominick’s movements that he stood statuette mummified. “What did you find ?”

“The talisman is a very powerful product of black magic or a powerful witchery. And it’s only potent for repressing a very powerful theurgy. And I’m afraid sir, Jamal may not only be a mere supernatural being as we thought, but a very very puissant one for him to have such talisman round his neck. Jamal may be an hybrid but he hasn’t gotten his way around that cuz of the talisman.”

“Well maybe it’s high time I asked him to remove the talisman then.” Rominick smirked again and lurched out of the room.


“Puffy thing? Wait, did you just call her puffy thing ?” Jamal reiterated.

“Yes, she isn’t supposed to be human in the first place considering her mother’s
strumpet adventure.”

Jamal had started feeling apoplexy towards the way Adarian was treating the tot. To Jamal, she looked innocent and that gotten him wondering what could such an innocent naive baby have done to peeve Adarian. Perhaps, her mother who she claimed to be her maid was the culprit who nettled her to the point Adarian had to share the hatred between mother and daughter.

“She is a a b—–d. A sacrilege of the highest order.” Adarian continued, “This rotten swine was result of out of many one night stands her sluttery mother had. Her mother got screwed by dude who died the same day of their promiscuity.” Adarian bemocked.

She was gingerly trying to imprint an ill-streak hatred on Jamal towards Tamara’s baby. However, as much as she wanted that to happen, Jamal’s affection for the baby grew more. He wasn’t not breaded by the dirty impression.

“Her father’s dead ?”

“So the sluttery mother claimed.”

Jamal was overwhelmed by a strange feeling. He was nostalgic and felt connected to the story somehow. But he quickly discharged the spiral of thoughts –there was no how he was connected. If he was thinking about Tamara to be the maid he must propably be going bonkers. Tamara is dead and gone.

“Da-da.” The tot cackled again, touching Jamal’s face.

Jamal couldn’t deny the toddler was beautiful. So beautiful that even a blind man would see. Her smile was the most beguiling features on her. She smiled so seraphically that Jamal couldn’t help but doubt about claiming her paternity. Jamal recalled what his mother had told him sometimes ago after he found the truth about his father. His mother had drilled a stared on him that day and when he had questioned her about her epicure stare on him, his mother had first applauded him on how he looked like his father. She told him she was happy that apart from growing handsome like his father, he also possessed the cherubim smile his father had– The smile that actually enchanted her into falling in love with him. That day, Jamal was touched, and he detected another reason to primp himself with that smile. It was hereditary.

“What’s her name?” Jamal asked Adarian.


“I mean the name of your maid. Her mother ?”

“Why do you care so much about this thing ?Adarian was piqued.

“Don’t call her a thing Adarian. Can’t you see how beautiful she is. The baby is beautiful even for the blind to see that.”

Adarian felt a deep pang of jealousy as Jamal gushed about Tamara’s baby. She was supposed to be the one he called beautiful not some kaleidoscope trying to rub her of the man she loved.

Jamal noticed how chopfallen Adarian was and decided to make amendment. He had promised not to see her get hurt by him. He rose up from the bed they where sited and stooped in front of Adarian with Amanda on his shoulder.

“You see Adarian, I don’t know why you hate this girl but I like her. I like her to be my daughter. And if you really love me like you claim I want you to treat her well and love her as well. She is innocent and shouldn’t be a victim of the rancour you may have with her mother. Adarian, I’m sorry I can’t love you back the way you love me but I promise to be your friend as from today and to always be by your side. But that’s only if you let go of any resentment you have for this baby.”

Happiness crawled back on her face as Jamal talked to her. She loved him and would trade anything just for him to by her side. She could forfeit anything just to have him.

“I love you Jamal and I will always love what you love. Since you promised to stay by my side I promise to love Amanda.” She said with a happy face.

“I promise.” Jamal nodded with his talcum smile and rose up to sit on the bed.

“But you’ve not told me her name?”

“You mean my maid ?”


“Her name is ..”

A faint knock on the door halted her mouth.

“Who is that ?”

“I-I came to check on Amanda.” A sweet-embedded voice heralded Tamara’s present at the doorway. Jamal felt himself swirling in deja vu. He had heard the voice before and he undoubtedly belonged to one person–Tama!

“Your baby is fine unless you want me to bring her for you ?” Adarian replied.

“I want to see my baby.” The sweet-embedded voice said sternly.

“Ok. I’m coming.”

Jamal quickly strutted to the door to see the maid himself and give her Amanda but Adarian stopped him.

“I’ve promised you I will treat her right, so let me carry her for the first time.”

Jamal was speechless like a nincompoop. He had to surrender the baby to Adarian and watched Adarian as she talked to someone at the doorway before releasing the baby. Even though he fought hard to take just a sneak peek at the maid to confirm who she was, but she couldn’t.

Jamal slapped himself on the forehead to wake himself up from the reverie. He was definitely going balmy. The maid could never be Tamara. Tamara is dead! Jamal assured himself. But he needed one more thing to reassert his self acclaimed assurance.

As Adarian walked back to him on the bed. Jamal quickly rose up to her and held her two shoulders vigorously. His breathing rate had crested while his face frizzed in despair–his eyes announced how desperate he was. He just wanted to know.

“Tha- tha- that maid,” Jamal pointed at the door.”Please tell me her name.”

Story continues..


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