LARABA (where love never ends) episode 32

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Episode 32

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[unedited episode. I’m sorry for any typographical error. Thanks thanks]

Xtiana’s face scrunched into a frown as she looked how desperate her daughter was. Her daughter had just arrived from the city looking so disconcerted like someone in shortage of heartsease. Furthermore, she noticed the first person she asked for when she arrived was Tamara and her daughter. What could be happening? She had quizzed her about why she needed to see the half-wit girl and her daughter at so urgent pace but what Adriana had kept mumbling was she assumed to be hundred percent gibberish.

“Adriana, what the hell is happening to you and why in hell are you bent on seeing that Tamara and daughter? Why are you these messed up ?”

Adriana was devastated, hurt and as well maddened with herself, her life, her emotion and of course the crazy-cupid things called love. Jamal had walked to her few days ago to let her know he’d decided to relocate to Laraba. That should sound great. Jamal had thought because Adriana had once told him she was from there so the news would sound great to her. But Adriana wasn’t. What ought to make her happy had unfortunately pelted sadness at her.

“Mom, she is about to steal what belongs to me. Something I can’t allow to happen to happen.” Adriana fumed, eyes blazing irate.

Xtiana didn’t understand what her daughter was saying. For all she knew was that Tamara had been with her for the past eleven years and there was no way she could have attempted to steal what belonged to her daughter. Instead, they were the ones who stole from her, her position as the last sentinel. Adriana was going screwball.

“What’s she trying to steal from you ?” She asked her depressed daughter.

“My man. Mom if I don’t act fast she is going to steal my man away from me.” She nagged on. “Ever wondered why I ditch her back to town years ago ? It’s because of my man. The only man I loved mother. She is going to steal him all away if I don’t act fast.”

Xtiana sighed heavily. Now she’d confirmed Adriana had ported into lunacy or perhaps someone so daring had tampered with the screws fastening her sanity into place. Her daughter was in love with a man and worse still she thought Tamara, the twerp could steal him away.

“How is that going to steal your man when she has been here for the past years ?” Her mother etched a worried look.

But Adriana couldn’t locate an answer to that because she knew explaining to her mother entailed divulging the secrecy of the possibility of Jamal being their mortal enemy and the one prophesy talked about. She would have to explain to her that Jamal was the chap that got Tamara laid to conceive their daughter giving her mother’s ample knowledge to detect that the father of Amanda could possibly be the great son of Ryan. Their mortal enemy. She not ready to blow his cover in her desperation to have him to herself.

“Mom he is the reason I sent her back to Laraba the first place. Now that he is coming back here I can’t allow her to be here while he is here. She would definitely steal him away. I know she would.”

Xtiana watched as her daughter was up and grumpy–grousing over a man. People could be so erratic. Where was the little teenage girl she had raised and nurtured up to be a fierce and ferocious in features ? Something that earned her the sequin position of the last sentinel. She had become so tender and flaccid that she’d now allowed herself to be tricked by love.

According to her, love isn’t meant for the strong. Only the weaklings dwells in the closed arcade of love. Love was the silly mistake Ryan possessed that made her capture him till today. Same love caused the death of Regina; because if she hadn’t love Ryan, she wouldn’t had shared in the same fate of her lover. Love is wicked. And she wished her daughter was going to share the same fate of the past victims.

“Where is the b—–d mom ?” She yelled at her mother jotting her back from her thoughts.

“Tamara went to get something edible for her daughter. Her daughter has been seriously ill for sometime. I think she went to get something fo her, so she will soon be back.”

As soon as Xtiana stopped talking, Tamara stepped inside, looking frantically. She had gone to meet Mr Bells so that the old man could prescribe something to use for Amanda. The old man had indeed provided help by giving her a shrub-celery to cook for her daughter so it could lessen the poor girl’s illnesses before Tamara found a reasonable opportunity to take the child to hospital for proper medical treatment.

Amanda was suffering from chronic lymphopenia and it takes an intervention of a professional medical doctor to treat her back to recuperation.

“You fool where the hell are you just coming from ?” Adriana barked at her. Her stares had icicle as she lurched towards her imprinting an intense disdain look on her.

“I went to get something for my daughter. She is very sick.” Came the the cur reply from Tamara.

Adriana was back meant troubles had arrived. She had always freighted every where with oodles of troubles not far from her grasp. Tamara stays in Laraba for the past eleven years had been a relief to some point because she was footloose and fancy-free. But then, Xtiana had made sure she worked tirelessly and had also rested heavy chores on her head.

However, Tamara was still able to squelch out enough time to go for her training with Bells. Mr Bells had offered to help her tap into her powers. He had told her countless of times that he believed she was the original last sentinel and that she would soon recoup her position if he could tap into her abilities as a werewolf. Most times out of Xtiana ignorance, Tamara had snuck out on her to go for this training in the woods with Bells. She had always made sure the older wrench was oblivious of her movements. Because if the latter should get wind of it, Tamara was sure she was a dead.

“Cut the craps slum, I need you out of town now! I mean right now!.” Adriana blurted again while the statement stabbed Tamara’s ear and in deeply, it hurt her.

“You can’t do this to us at this time. my daughter can’t walk, she is in pain. If you throw us out now there would be no where to go and moreover, I wonder how Amanda is going to survive outside.. ?

A reverberating slap hit her cheek and it staunched her twaddling. Tamara’s eyes reddened immediately while Adriana’s fingerprint lustred on her face. Tears jumped out of her eyes vigorously.

“Don’t give me any flippant excuse fool! I want you and that your squab chick out of this town this minute or I will do what I don’t intend to do!” Adriana threatened as she strangled Tamara’s neck. She’d already half-transformed into a werewolf. Her head already was covered with thick-fur while her eyeballs had transposed into dark blue and her teeth had elongated into a tusk–ready to hog. That was a surly symptoms she was angry.

Adriana had cunningly travelled back to Laraba prior to the time Jamal was supposed to come just to ask Tamara to leave the town for her. She couldn’t afford to loose the man of her dreams to Tamara even though she knew there was only slim possibility of the two recognising each other again. Jamal had out grown that little teenage chap that humped a girl in a cave more than thirteen years ago. While Tamara also had grown mature to misplace that ingenuous adolescent face that could pinpoint her as Jamal’s lost friend or lover or whatever. Nothingness, Adriana wasn’t going to take any risk.

Tamara must evade the town for her or she dies!

“I’m so-oo–ry. We’ll get going in a bit.” Tamara coughed and stuttered cowardly with more tears rushing out of her eyes . She’d morphed into wimp as she saw Adriana half-transformed. She felt frustrated for still not being able to face Adriana even after ten years of grooming with Bells. She was still a coward. What a shame. A shame to her dead mother and the rest of werewolf kind.

“Better do now.” Adriana groaned as her head transformed back to human.

“But what should we tell them if the council asked after her ?” Xtiana asked her daughter with fear lurking around the corner of her eyes.

But Adriana wasn’t bothered. She had vowed to put away anything that wouldn’t make Jamal become her at long run. And she was even more bent on taking any available drastic measures just to achieve that– not even taking an inkling consideration on victims that might be on harm’s length. Not even the Laraba council would stop her. She was the most powerful werewolf they all looked up to win their war. Definitely, nobody dared challenge her.

Adriana hurled a gritty look at her mother. The look that spoke volume of how undeterred she was.

“No one dares mother. Remember, you are the alpha and I’m the last sentinel.”


Laraba had developed rapidly weird. Jamal thought. As he drove the vehicle conveying himself and Rominick through the tiled road. His eyes scanned and roamed the environment in total bewilderment. The town had successfully evolved into city as well. What a peak to commence his medical career.

As they drew closer to the depths of the city, the flashbacks of the horrid night came to his mind. It was this same town that pushed him to being a fosterling. Likewise turning him into a celibacy. Jamal had resolved that if the town hadn’t snatched Tamara away from him, they should have gotten married by now and probably have a kid or kids to spice up their union. It pained him more that he would have to stay all his life without having a woman to call his own just because he didn’t posses the power to love again. But then, Jamal was cocksure he still nursed his pound of flesh for the monsters– The werewolves Meshach told him were responsible for the death of Tamara, his father and also mother. Jamal was determined never to allow a glimpse of retaliation fade if it eventually surfaced. He was still definitely going to retaliate somehow, someday.

His phone beeped and that snapped him back from reverie. It was a message. Jamal punched on the read icon displaying on the screen to read the text.

“Time to fulfil your destiny Khalid. Welcome home. Now, you can remove the talisman from your neck.”

The facile text sent tons of petrifying terror down his innards. Jamal tried to view the sender but it was unknown.

Danger Alert! He warned himself.

“What’s it son ?” Rominick’s could detect his son’s mood and how recoiled he looked. Confusion and fear were leaping around his face.

“Nothing serious.” Jamal replied plainly.

But the old man seemed never satiated with the response. He wanted more so he’d to probe further.

“Is it about the text you receive now ?”


“Let me see.” He collected the phone and fed his eyes with the text message.

“Who could have sent this message to you ?”

“I don’t know.” Jamal replied truthfully.

Rominick smirked. Even as he was oblivion of the sender of such message to his foster son, he’d now gotten more ideas that someone else was in Jamal’s tail. Someone in need of him as well much as he does.

Jamal continued driving absentmindedly. His thought going vogue while his concentration was fast dissipating. But all these were restored to normalcy when he sighted a young teenage girl of about fifteen years old wobbling along the side of the road. The lass looked sick to him with the way she careened aimlessly on road with no one beside her. Jamal was touched. Jamal halted the vehicle and made to treat the young girl. On getting closer to her, Jamal was astounded when she found out, the girl however, with visibly core possessed the exact bodily features of his long time friend–Tamara.

Story continues..

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