LARABA (where love never ends) episode 4

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Chapter 4

After he finished gloating over his temporary victory over Ryan, he kindled attention back on Regina who still had rivulet of tears gushing from her eyes. Love they say could happen at first sight–that was situation that arrested Regina at the moment. But unfortunately, the short-termed love tale would grace an elegiac page of how she found love at an eleventh hour of her time while he was trying to plant an escape for her was killed by an indurate monster who besides happened to be her ex. Ryan was not just a saviour to her but he was also her hero.

“Sweet lovey don’t cry for that mutt-mongrel yet, or why do I need risking to sing it to you ears that it wouldn’t take more than a blink of an eye for you to join him ? Jake spewed in his usual snarky tone while prancing towards Regina like a triumphant elephant that had succeeded in extirpating a forest with is snout. “You see, I killed an almighty hybrid in a fleet please tell me how much time I need to turn you to a plate of grub ? He said lapping his lips.

“Do you dam worst you monster! Kill me and satisfy your bloody gut! Kill me! Rip out my heart and tear my flesh like a bloody beast you are!!” Regina spat, baptizing Jake with spittle enough to form an ocean that sink the great titanic. She knew death was staring at her anyways with eyes as big Nigerian Segun Arinze, and it was dawned that no saviour was coming this time to save her, so, Regina had since abandoned the idea to trifle time of her death. As a matter of fact, she could award a medal for Jake to swiftly take her life so she could quickly join the last man she loved on earth.

Jake scoffed huffily, rubbing the saliva off his face “Death you want–death you get. But mind you it’s not that sweet-scented death you think, it’s the bitter-caustic one you never prayed to have. The one you wouldn’t even dare wish your greatest foe to witness” Jake said grunting lividly.

“Just do it you monster! Bloody stinking ripper!” Regina cursed upsetting Jake’s anger the more. He couldn’t take it anymore so he opened his mouth to reveal the fang begging to taste just a drop of blood. Within a blink he pounced on Regina to suck blood from her to death.

Regina waited for the excruciating death to clasp her away immediately Jake pounced on her, but was swooned in surprise as a very painful groan escaped Jake’s mouth while a very swift hand lifted him from her and hurled him to a nearby tree. She was still in her swooning mode when a super-fast figure sped to where Jake was still writhing in ail and raised him with his left hand. Even though her eyes hadn’t recovered from wooziness but the blurry figure that glinted her eyes was a silhouette of who she thought was dead.

It was her saviour. Her hero.

Regina was mesmerized. She was sure her eyes were not playing pranks on her. Smile ascended her lips while immeasurable happiness climbed heart. Savior was not dead. As a matter of fact he was hale, healthy and unscathed.

Ryan lifted Jake up exactly same way a Godzilla would pick up a dead reptile from the ground. No muscle needed. It was evident Ryan imbibed the strength and legerity a thousand of Goliath could have had.

“I bet you thought I was dead right ?” Ryan asked Jake.

“You mutt I bet the worst thing you can do to me is now kill me. So do it!” Jake shot back deliberating hurtling petard at Ryan just to anger him more so he could earn from him in a swift death instead of experiencing a painful death.

“No I’m not a monster like you. I won’t kill you. We are supernatural doesn’t mean we should be monster and moreover this town belong to humans not someone like you. So you are leaving this town ” Ryan replied as calm as his vocal cord could allow.

“I’m a vampire and I must feed. I must feed on human’s blood just like how they also feed for their survival too. I need to survive so I need to feed. I’m not a lazy mutt like you who is afraid to feed on what we are supposed to feed on” Jake spluttered–while trying hard to free himself from Ryan grasp. His struggling could be likened to how Jonah would have struggled while he was snared inside the big whale. Yet no rescue responded.

“Well you can think it’s laziness but I think the best way to survive is not to feed on humans” Ryan said, bringing a loud thundering jape to crawled out from Jake’s mouth.

“So how do you survive the vampirism?”

“You will know” Ryan said with a rapid nods accompanied by a crisp smile. He let Jake down on his feet and cast a stare on him. Intensifying the gawp between them, Ryan was ready to compel Jake.

“As from today you will never feed on human’s blood. Human’s blood will become sour to you. You will only feed on animals and in them you will find your satisfaction. Also you will leave this town and never look back. You will forget everything about Locksley and never look back” Ryan compelled him while he nodded like agama lizard. Totally subdued by the compulsion. He casted a long stare on Regina who stood drooling over what was going on between him and saviour[/b]. Poor pretty girl was just confused. Jake riveted his attention back on Ryan for the last time, while he only got nods as response from Ryan, then he disappeared into the thing air.

Now that Jake was gone, the atmosphere was now occupied with two newfangled lovers who circumstances had brought together. Even though Regina was blustered with joyce of seeing saviour again still her happiness was still a little bit dented with the thought of him also being a monster. Oh! How much he loved him but she wouldn’t want him to be monster who fed on human just like Jake.

Smile played back on her lips as saviour pranced towards her lovingly and also dashing her dulcet smiles like a groom who was just asked to kiss the bride. His smile was also mesmerizing though and could sure bushel a broken heart without medical intervention. Regina was in love and she was pretty sure about it. This was true love free from any prurient or any form of infatuation. It was pure pretty love she had and she wished the love was reciprocated by saviour.

“Hi” saviour greeted maintaining the dulcet smile that was enough to entice the entire army of angels to planet earth.

“Hi” She greeted back.

“Are you okay.. I mean are you alright ?”

“Yes I am” she responded flashing her crystal white and well arranged dentition to saviour who was totally bedazzled by the beauty smiling at her. Regina’s beauty had successfully made all the girls with sincere resplendent he had met since his thiry-nine years on earth wither. Regina was a beauty to behold. To her, Regina could be a replica of goddess of somewhere because her beauty had really surpassed human comprehension. Regina was a type of girl she wanted to live with and spend the rest of her life with but unfortunately, that wasn’t possible. His nature wouldn’t accept that. There ought not to be any form of relationship between an immortal and mortal. And so shall it be!

“What’s the name ? He asked.

“I’m Regina”

“Okay Regina I want to tell you something”

“What’s that ?”

“You are pretty and I like you” the word made Regina’s heart goad with joy but unfortunately it was a short-termed one.

“Thanks and I like you too”She stuttered. Ryan smiled. However behind the smile laid a very big gruesome sadness and hurt. And it was all because he couldn’t be with Regina.

“Regina I’m about to do something to you please forgive me” The statement dropped like a grenade exploding Regina’s happiness away. What could that statement mean ? Regina was still in her reverie when Ryan moved closer to her, held both her shoulders and rested her archangelic dark-blue eyes on her. She saw tears forming beeline on his cheek and instantly she knew what was about to happen. He wanted to compel her just as he compelled Jake.

“You don’t have to do this please” she snivelled with tears gushing out from her eyes.

“I have to Regina.”He said calmly trying to restrain the more tears

“You will forget all what that happened tonight. Forget all that ever happened between you and Jake also forget about meeting me. You never liked me. No one tried to feed on you. You will leave this Locksley town and go to Laraba. There you will find peace of mind and settle down” Ryan compelled her with rivulet of tears sluicing from his eyes.

Regina nodded. “No one tried to feed on me tonight. I never met you. I never met Jake and i never liked you. I will leave Locksley town and go to Laraba. I will find peace there and settle down” Regina reiterated all what Ryan compelled her to do. Then smiled sheepishly. Ryan knew he he had lost her for life–even though it was painful and very hurtful. For the second time he wished he never got transmuted into an immortal. Acerbically the scathe he felt was more poignant than what a sharp blade could do to body. He wished he was human with mortality, then he would screamed to the whole world how she had felt hopelessly in love with a goddess.

Tears spurted out from him in large quantity as Regina turned to leave for good.

“Good bye” he muttered whisperingly.

“Bye” She waved him and immediately left him. She went back home, picked her younger brother and informed him about their impromptu migration. They both trekked like sojourner in search for solace. They trekked till they reached a signboard beside the roadway screaming to their eyes with seven words that said: “WELCOME TO LARABA TOWN; where love never ends”

To be continued…

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