LARABA (where love never ends) episode 6

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Chapter 6

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Alzarius Arcoven dragged her face around before resting it on her sister; Luciana. She definitely knew after their acrimonious separation the last time, the entire wolf kind would still come back to look for her.

Being a child, Alzarius had been bestowed with extreme sleight in the use of magic. Her dexterity in the use of magic was incomprehensible — and that had been something her father who was then the Alpha to the werewolves in Laraba detested. His father so hated witchery more than anything. But Alzarius who was as helpless as a little retard who leapt off the cliff without a chute or any life saver would always neighed to his father’s eardrum, that she didn’t choose magic but instead magic chose her. Unlike her sister; Luciana, who werewolfism had started to spring forth out of her right from her pubescent–Alzarius’ adeptness in usage of different genus of magic was sailing high and blooming.

Alzarius was still a nipper when her father died from an unknown adversary that envenomed his food with a wolf’s bane–but little did it occur to her that her father’s death was the beginning of her slough of despond. Apart from the fact that she wasn’t allowed to visit her father’s funeral pyre, the entire contrivance of werewolves in Laraba rose against her and demanded she should be sacrificed because she was symptoms of sacrilege they couldn’t brook anymore.

Alzarius magic was gnawed away from her before was she arrested and hagrid to the point of almost dying before her sister who by then had mounted the berth of an Alpha to the Larabas interfered. Luciana had to devise a tempestuous-hoax method to escape her sister from the onslaught of her fellow werewolves. Nothingness the escape didn’t just come gratuitously because it was accompanied with a stern warning.

“Don’t ever come back to this town. You must forget you have a relation here. You don’t have a sister and I dont have any too. If you come back here who knows I may not be able to help you just the way I am doing now. So go in peace sister and never look back.” Luciana left the austere warning with her sister as she scrammed off Laraba and found another life in Locksley town.

“Please say something sister don’t just stare at me” Luciana begged her sister whose face carried a misted askance look.

“Now what do you want me to do ? To kill Ryan for you ? That’s impossible you know that” Alzarius smirked feeling a less lenity on her sister who still stood in sulkiness. “And moreover I thought the sisters bond between us has been long cut into pieces the moment I left your kind”

“I’m sorry for everything I said in the past, I said it because I dont want you to come back and face the werewolves who were on bent hurting you”

“And so did your act of saving entail you to saber our bond ?” Alzarius reposted angrily “We f—–g sisters Lucy! Bond by same blood, but you severed that when you turned your back against me”

‘But I didn’t”

“Of course you did!

“No! I didn’t turn against you”

“You did Luciana! You did!. You did when you abandoned me to survive all alone in the shadows” Alzarius bleated, intensifying the bickering dominating the atmosphere. Her face crimsoned already with glaring sparkling waterfalls rushing out of her eyes.

“I didn’t! Trust me I didn’t! I was only trying to save you. I couldn’t just have severed our bond. Wasn’t I the person that returned your power to you after it has been confiscated? Wasn’t I the one who released you from gaol ? Fine it was a dumbness of my tongue that asked you to forget about me but that was the best I could say to make you not to come back to Laraba. You know how much they detest you ? You know how much my kind loath you ? And you can’t even blame
them because father was the one that instilled the poison in them. But now father is gone and here we are. You and I are still here, sister don’t you think it’s high time we stopped loathing ourselves ? Now here I am begging you to please forgive us and help us kill Ryan. Help us stop him before he produce the hybrid–the seed that will annihilate us all. You wouldn’t want to see me dead now. I trust you on that. So please, help us stop Ryan. He is dangerous to us now, please!” She exclaimed spluttering perspiration out from the bondage of her pores while megrims stood obvious on her face. Arcoven was in despair and desperate mood. As the Alpha, she needed at least to tan a bit solute of hope in the air, lest she lost her mantle of leadership. Something she was so afraid of

Alzarius looked at her now with pity. The leniency that left her before had returned. She moved to where her sister was and grasped her with her left hand while her right wiped off the perspirations and tears roaming around Luciana’s face.

“I still love you, you know that. Don’t you ? And I loved father too. All this while father was hating on me I never for once stopped loving him.”Alzarius snivelled softly.

“I know you do, and I never stopped loving you too.” Luciana muttered as the two sister interlocked themselves in a fresh, rancour-free embrace that solidified their new found bond.

“Alright Lucy, I will help you. I will help you stop Ryan” she finally muttered, accompany every syllables with nods and terse smile. However, as simple as the sentence screamed, Alzarius knew it carried a very grievous meaning. It meant she had to betray Reyan. She had to choose her sister and her kind over Ryan Jericho; the man who sacrificed his mortality to save slew of lifes in Locksley.

“Thanks Alzarius, so how do we stop him” Luciana asked, raptus glimmered out from her face. “Are we going to make use of wolf’s bane cus I’ve got about bundles with me or is it the vervain I have more than enough with me also”

“No! that will be useless” Alzarius shook his head. “Ryan Jericho is an Original. He acquired his supernaturalism through the spell of Eden. A very powerful spell, definitely, neither vervain nor wolf’s bane could have any effect on him”

“So what are we going to do ? Perhaps you need to undue the spell from him ?”

“As much as that seemed to be the best way to stop him but unfortunately it’s too late. The undoing could have killed him but not now”

“So what are we going to sister. This man is our doom. We need to stop him. Please help us” Luciana said with with palpable evidence jitteriness had crept into her voice.

“I know Luciana”, Alzarius said with a gesture. “The only possible way to stop him is to trap him inside his house then I cast a spell to drain out all his blood. In as much he wouldn’t be able to go out to feed definitely he would die of exhaustions of his blood”

Luciana sighed.She was happy. Her mind was at peace knowing her shrewd plans of conniving with her sister had fallen just into perfect place and of course that had been her bone of intention. With the manhunt for the hexed stranger who had been ill-starred to produce the seed that will head the vampires, and the taking down of the powerful hybrid to be responsible for the unlucky seed–Luciana was cocksure victory was underway. And as a matter of fact she had successfully altered the event of the future.

Luciana smiled with self-complacent but Alzarius did not. Grimnace frisked around her face. As a matter of fact she was sad. Because she knew what she was about to do was an high degree of wickedness. It meant she would sledge Ryan on the most excruciating death ever. Even if Ryan had to die then it should be painless and achy-free. Not this type was she subjecting him to. He didn’t worth any pain or whatsoever. What more could be more harrowing and painful for a vampire than to watch his blood seep out from him without being able to stop it while the hunger to feed kept gouging but he wouldn’t be able to replete it.

To be continued..

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