LARABA (where love never ends) episode 8

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Chapter 8

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Ryan felt indifferent at his act of spurning the monk’s help to save his life from the danger. Even though he could now feel the truth glistering in his words, he could smell the danger reeking proudly, the atmosphere been corrupted with loud stench of eeriness– still, he believed in self-certitude and his firm picket to handle whatever harm trudging his way.

He had resumed his drinking bout and of course started pantomiming to another song when another odd sound piqued his eardrum. He could have sworn it was the same friendly sound like the other time but when the good dosage of it hit his eardrum, Ryan knew it was something else that scented nothing but death!

Immediately he stood prompted, ready for any attack that might want to trespass into his cabin. His maulers had grown visible claws that were ready to pounce and snag anything at all. His eyes had started glowing greenish-gray while his molars and canine had sprouted out to form long dangerous fangs prepare to chaw. Thic hair started finding there way out his cheek plastering his face a lycanthrope–Veins also shot out from all over his body, veins that stood like thick worms ran from his neck down to his wrist.

Undoubtedly, Ryan had envisaged it was something that entailed fisticuffs hence his transformation but nevertheless he was totally wrong. He was still in his lycanthrope form when a fiercely cesspool of wind that emanated from the woods blew towards his cabin, swept him off his feet and pelted him on the ground. Ryan tried to stand up to defend himself but he could not–because he felt some invisible force had trapped him to the ground he was.

He was still in his sprawling posture when he noticed two figures standing at the doorway of his cabin. Ryan recognized the two figures. One was an alpha; Luciana–while the other was the witch; Alzarius. The one that transformed him into a hybrid through magic.

Alzarius’ retina was crystal white like a living specter. She raised her hands aloft spewing spells on Ryan Jericho while the latter groaned in pain. On certain occasions, she would raise her hands upward, a feat to tilt Ryan up in the air, defiling gravity–then slamming him on the ground by controlling her hand.

Ryan was powerless. Alzarius’ maudlin magic had rendered him feeble. He wished he had harkened to his friend and collected the talisman from him.

“Wh-a-a-t are you doing th-is to me” He grunted lividly.

“We are killing you slooowww–ly?” Alzarius said, feeling stoical as she emphasised ‘slowly’ in a rather mockery way.

“But why”

“To alter the future no one thought we could” Luciana quickly replied, hijacking the response from Alzarius “You’ve been pronounced the man to birth the seed that will be our doom. The seed that will end our race, something I can’t accept.”

“That’s a lie! I can’t even have a woman not to talk of fathering a child”

“I will rather not take any chances.” Luciana hooted “I will not embark on a silly risk that will jeopardize everything. Our race is at stake here Ryan. I will not jeopardize the fate of Laraba on a flimsy confession by you. So you have to die! Die Ryan and let our race live”

Ryan felt betrayed. He looked at Alzarius face for pity but her face didn’t carry any. Empathy wasn’t registered on it. She looked emotionless like some who had switched off her humanity. Her face looked rigid and determined to see him dead. He rued over surrendering himself to be transmuted into a vampire to be able to to kill the timber wolf. He felt the people of Locksley had betrayed him including Alzarius. They all had stabbed with a steak knife laced with ingredient of ingratitude. It was totally unfair.

He groaned again as he was hoisted up in the mid-air and slammed on the ground with magic. His head bashed the table unleashing throes of pain that was cooccured with puddle of blood seeping out from his nostrils, eyes and ears.

Initially, Ryan had expected his body to heal. As an hybrid, his body was immune to lesion or any laceration. But unfortunately, it seemed to have lost his ability to heal because the blood had not stinted. It continued draining out of him forming a streamlet around him. He tried to struggle and break free but his strength was not matched to the magic being used on him.

“Dont fight it Ryan, the spell is stronger than you. You can’t break free.”Alzarius said with a fairly moue face”I understand the pain you are going through but trust me this is the only way to stop your heart beat. I should like to grant you a quick death but there isn’t any one. So just hold on to the pain till death take you away. It wouldn’t take more than a day or two. Goodbye Ryan” Alzarius said. Then walked away with her sister

Leaving Ryan to bask in the effluvium of most excruciating pain ever. At that particular time, Ryan prayed for death to clasp him away from the bitter pain. But death is deafened just as how it is dumb.

Lazarus’s countenance was sudsed in dismay. Discomfiture and concern flapped all over him as he trotted back to Ryan’s cabin. The sky was breezy in the wood and it looked like it just wanted to rain. However, the monk practically knew more than that–he knew it was a presage to a demise of a certain powerful creature –and no other creature could be herculean to the point of announcing his demise if not; Ryan Jericho. Being a werewolf creature and an Original vampire, he was indued with varities of abilities. Ability to heal from lascreation, ability to mind-control and coerce anybody to bid to his wish without even lifting the thinest limb, ability to compel anybody even his fellow vampires, also abilty to announce his death through forboding and presage were few of of his abilities. But despite these brawny abilities, Ryan could still thaw and tremble sporadically like docile pet under a very powerful magic from a powerful witch like Alzarius Arcoven.

The monk finally reached Ryan’s abode after tearing pass sea of shrubs. Ryan was still trapped on the ground sprawlingly, enjoying the comfortlessness and chafed throbbing through him.

“Ryaaanaaaaaan!! Hang on I’m coming to help you” His friend yelled as he lurched to enter the cabin but was jostled back by an invisible barrier at the doorway. He tried harder still he was not making progress. He wasn’t able to go in to help his friend.

“Ryan you need to invite me in before I can enter. Just say it” he cried out to Ryan who couldn’t look more than how a trapped mice would.

Alzarius was subtle in her effort. She had laced the Ryan’s doorway with an invisible barrier to debar anybody from going to help him. She knew Ryan could mind-control any animal to feed on. And variably, if Ryan could feed on any animal at that particular time, the spell would be broken. Hence the reason she had taken enough measure to seal her victory by casting an invisible groyne to disallow anybody or any animal from entering the cabin.

The discomfiture hanging on the monk’s face had turned to frustration. His face was wet with tears as he tried all his best to enter Ryan’s cabin but couldn’t.He banged harder on the groyne. Pelting the whole of his body unto it till his body ached and his limbs scoured–but still the way was not paved for him. He watched as his friend groaned his last breath in tortureous ail.

But fortunately an idea later perched on him as he remembered the talisman. He quickly delved out the talisman from him and placed it the ground. Assembling four pebble stone and also placing them juxtaposing the talisman. He also brought out a knife, he used the knife to slash his wrist bringing out blood. The monk let the blood oozed out inside the middle of assembled pebble stone.

Immediately Ryan scented the blood, he groaned harder. He struggled to break free to quench the excruciating hunger but he couldn’t.

The monk allowed reasonable amount to seep into the stone before stinting the blood. “Relax friend, the blood will surely get to you” he muttered. As he hunkered in front of the talisman, his blood and the pebbled stones and summoned the four elements of nature inside the talisman to come to his aide.”Water, fire, air and earth” Instantaneously, his request was blessed with a tidal waves. The tidal waves carried the four pebbles stones containing his blood and maneuvered them towards the doorway of Ryan’s cabin. A sweet motley of happiness and anxiousness frolicked inside him but he tried well to smothered them with prayers. Ryan’s also had started smiling. But unfortunately the smiles later furloughed as the pebble stones carrying blood inside the cabin stopped abruptly while the blood splashed out.

They were all stultified at the outcome.

Frustration crept back on Lazarus face. But the frustration deepened to wad of swivet and fear as Lazarus watched Alzarius; the powerful witch take smouldering strides towards him. Behind her was a very beauteous and resplendent lined wolf. But as beautiful the the wolf was, it countenance was totally beautiless, unfriendly, scary and repulsive. It look carried a placard of death!

To be continued..

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